• WordNet 3.6
    • adj lightly-armed armed with light weapons
    • ***


In literature:

She gathered the three little ones in her arms and the candle and the fire light shone over them.
"The Children's Book of Christmas Stories" by Various
Half in the light, haff in the shadow, stand armed angels.
"The Countess Cathleen" by William Butler Yeats
I don't think anybody spoke; the thing was beyond words, but we tried to bind the poor fellow's arm up by the light of matches.
"Allan and the Holy Flower" by H. Rider Haggard
Dick by the light saw many men on horseback and others on foot, bridle rein over arm.
"The Guns of Shiloh" by Joseph A. Altsheler
Leaning forward, he laid his hand lightly on her arm.
"The Masquerader" by Katherine Cecil Thurston
Margaret listened to him with her cheek resting against his arm, and a warm light nestled down deep under her eyelids.
"The Stillwater Tragedy" by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
She wore a white robe with wide, open sleeves, and her arms shone in the dim light as white as her garment.
"Homo Sum, Complete" by Georg Ebers
And if I do not condescend to the struggle, it is because you are too light for such an arm as this.
"A Thorny Path [Per Aspera], Complete" by Georg Ebers
Her arm gleamed whitely in the faint light.
"Tales of Chinatown" by Sax Rohmer
O shining light of arms!
"The History of Don Quixote, Volume II., Complete" by Miguel de Cervantes

In poetry:

And beautiful maidens moved down in the dance,
With the magic of motion and sunshine of glance
And white arms wreathed lightly, and tresses fell free
As the plumage of birds in some tropical tree.
"The Cities Of The Plain" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Three summers have come and gone by with their charms,
And a cherub of purity smiles in my arms,
With lips like the rosebud and locks softly light
As the flax which my Mary was spinning that night.
"Mulberry Hill" by Alice Cary
God's armies of Heaven, with pinions extended,
Spread wide their white arms to the standard of Light;
And bending far down to the great Heart of Nature,
With kisses of Love drew us up from the Night.
"Pro Patria: America, 1861" by Adah Isaacs Menken
Shade of the hapless stranger, lost L'Angelier,
Whose life's young light was quenched in guilt and shame,
Say haunts thou still the lane, the fatal gate,
Where to thy arms the fair, false syren came?
"Lines On The Trial of Madeline Smith For The Murder of L'Angelier" by Janet Hamilton
No bridge arched thy waters save that where the trees
Stretched their long arms above thee and kissed in the breeze:
No sound save the lapse of the waves on thy shores,
The plunging of otters, the light dip of oars.
"The Bridal of Pennacook" by John Greenleaf Whittier
"Chieftain! quit the joyous feast!
Stay not till the song hath ceas'd:
Though the mead be foaming bright,
Though the fires give ruddy light,
Leave the hearth and leave the hall—
Arm thee! Britain's foes must fall."
"The Bended Bow" by Felicia Dorothea Hemans

In news:

Strange that so few ever come to the woods to see how the pine lives and grows and spires, lifting its evergreen arms to the light,—to see its perfect success.
Investigators said the M72 light anti-tank weapon (LAW) was armed with a live rocket.
Lightly armed Syrian rebels fight without coordination.
Participants stood with either a light or heavy clipboard cradled in their arm, filling out surveys.
Chris Donald, a re-enactor serving in the third Iowa Light Artillery, now armed with a video camera, records the interactions that took place during the stop on Tuesday afternoon at Union Pacific Depot in Jefferson City.
In 2010, The United States imported almost $1 billion dollars worth of small and light arms and ammunition.
US imports of light, sweet crude oil - mostly West African - will fall to virtually zero by 2014 as rising domestic shale oil production and refinery closures sap demand, according to an executive of Total's trading arm.
Lights & Sirens » Uncategorized » UPDATED: Lakewood police shoot, critically wound armed hostage- taker at credit union.
The modern siege by land and sea of this medieval fortress city entered its 39th day today, with Croatian defenders and Yugoslav Army units exchanging fire from cannons, mortars and light arms until after sunset.
But he failed to shed much light on the future of the new processor which will face competition from a half dozen 64-bit ARM server SoCs in 2014.
Making good on its vow to seek out other, more lucrative markets in light of dwindling PC sales, AMD is placing its bets on servers, and is using technologies from rival chip maker ARM to pave the way.
Finally, SHUTDOWN lowers the temperature, arms the security system, keeps the outdoor lights off, and cuts power to many of the electronics to help the owners save energy.
So a couple of people, armed with flash lights and love decided to venture out to find the young orphaned deer, and what they found was worse than imagined, it was a matter of a few days old.
As you straighten your arms, your feet will lift lightly off floor, not by raw strength but by carefully shifting your center of gravity.

In science:

The induced change in the length of the interferometer arms results in a small change in the intensity of the light observed at the interferometer output .
Relic gravitational waves in the expanding Universe
The light beam is split up in two separate arms.
Coronal emission from the shocked circumstellar ring of SN 1987A
Billions of year ago, a star not yet a point of light in Earth’s sky—because there was no sky, because there was no Earth—surrendered in a nuclear arms race with gravity.
Single barium ion spectroscopy: light shifts, hyperfine structure, and progress on an optical frequency standard and atomic parity violation
The length control serv o electronics are con figured to lock this setup on a dark fringe, i.e. with destructive interference of the light from each arm at the anti-symmetric port where the photodetector is located.
Accurate calibration of test mass displacement in the LIGO interferometers
By modulating the frequency of the laser light in a single-arm con figuration, we create an effective length modulation detected by the PDH sensor.
Accurate calibration of test mass displacement in the LIGO interferometers