life preserver


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n life preserver rescue equipment consisting of a buoyant belt or jacket to keep a person from drowning
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  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    “He who lives by fighting with an enemy has an interest in the preservation of the enemy's life.”
  • Reinhold Niebuhr
    “Family life is too intimate to be preserved by the spirit of justice. It can be sustained by a spirit of love which goes beyond justice.”
  • Ambrose Bierce
    “Life. A spiritual pickle preserving the body from decay.”
  • Smiley Blanton
    Smiley Blanton
    “Love is the immortal flow of energy that nourishes, extends and preserves. Its eternal goal is life.”
  • Bible
    “Hear my voice, O God, in my prayer; preserve my life from fear of the enemy. [Psalms 64:1]”


In literature:

Harry dashed to the rail and seized the ring life preserver from its beckets.
"Boy Scouts in Southern Waters" by G. Harvey Ralphson
They neither preserved the data of his life, nor over his grave placed a headstone.
"Little Journeys To the Homes of the Great, Volume 3 (of 14)" by Elbert Hubbard
It pleased God, Jack, to preserve my life and health, while I was in that prison.
"Political Pamphlets" by George Saintsbury
He began to think of the life preservers.
"Nedra" by George Barr McCutcheon
He, knowing no other way to preserve his life, has confounded peace with war.
"The Works of Horace" by Horace
We have during the last year labored faithfully and against unfavorable conditions to secure better preservation of seal life in the Bering Sea.
"Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents" by Grover Cleveland
It preserves your scent, and when I kiss it, when I bury my face in it like this, I drink in your very life.
"Abbe Mouret's Transgression La Faute De L'abbe Mouret" by Emile Zola
This is but developing the principle of self-preservation in the child, and fitting him for a proper adherence to it in after life.
"The Christian Home" by Samuel Philips
Yet what was life worth now that he should struggle like this to preserve it?
"The Shadow of a Crime A Cumbrian Romance" by Hall Caine
The rock-bound coast and mountainous interior helped to preserve the essential features of primitive life.
"The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)" by John Holland Rose
If my beauty has given you any pleasure, preserve it for me by preserving the life of the prisoner, for with it mine ends too.
"The Exemplary Novels of Cervantes" by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Not I, in sooth: but healer of my pain, And sole preserver from a life of woe.
"The Seven Plays in English Verse" by Sophocles
He caught at a life-preserver of a most delightful description.
"The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him" by Paul Leicester Ford
Every man on board strapped on a life preserver, and waited for he knew not what.
"The Boy Allies with the Victorious Fleets" by Robert L. Drake
Knowledge is employed in the service of the necessity of life and primarily in the service of the instinct of personal preservation.
"Tragic Sense Of Life" by Miguel de Unamuno
But her uncle did not forget her; with his own hands he fastened a life preserver about her.
"Elsie's children" by Martha Finley
So far as he could, Gen. Garfield tried to preserve in the Executive Mansion the domestic life which he so highly prized.
"From Canal Boy to President" by Horatio Alger, Jr.
"Valere Aude" by Louis Dechmann
We put on our life-preservers, and prepared for the worst.
"Across India" by Oliver Optic
Isis preserve her dear life!
"A Friend of Caesar" by William Stearns Davis

In poetry:

They are your only friends;
For where this foul life ends,
Alone beginneth truth, and love, and faith;
All which sweet blossoms are preserved by death.
"Lines Written At Sea (II)" by Frances Anne Kemble
My Creator, Preserver, Redeemer and King,
I would tax all my powers to obey;
But to Him let me look for the help that I need,
Who is the life, the light, and the way.
"Lines" by Mary Ann H T Bigelow
If in thy faith there does no life appear,
If it no grace, in word and work, does bear,
'Tis but the name of faith upon the whole — A faith, that never can preserve thy soul!
"Advice To Believe In Christ, And An Exhibition Or Display Of The Wonderful Change That Is Wrought In" by Rees Prichard
O'er the pale corse we saw him gently bend:
Heart-chill'd with grief—"My thread," he cried, "is spun!
If Heaven had meant I should my life extend,
Heaven had preserved my life's support, my son.
"Elegy XV. In Memory of a Private Family in Worcestershire" by William Shenstone
O Memory! Celestial maid!
Who glean'st the flowerets cropt by time;
And, suffering not a leaf to fade,
Preserv'st the blossoms of our prime;
Bring, bring those moments to my mind
When life was new and Lesbia kind.
"Ode to Memory" by William Shenstone
Now it is all over and I will thank all my life,
Who has preserved me and my mate, McEachern, in the midst of danger and strife;
And I hope that all landsmen of low and high degree,
Will think of the hardships of poor mariners while at sea.
"A Tale of the Sea" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

Highlighting the brand's tagline, "For the Life of Your Skin," First Aid Beauty's (FAB) new skincare line features a life preserver symbol in the logo.
It was also the chance to plant the seeds of preserving a way of life.
As pink slips rain all around them, workers left on the job should find a way to throw themselves a life preserver to avoid drowning in the next round of layoffs.
As we celebrate and reflect on the life, music and legacy of the King of Pop Michael Jackson on his 54th Birthday, Clark Atlanta University created a way to honor and preserve the cultural legacy.
The Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve near Oahu 's eastern end is dedicated to saving fragile marine life.
'Rosie the Riveters' speak Oct 6 on preserving life stories.
Famed fashionista Todd Oldham got tossed a life preserver this morning in his breach-of-contract case against Old Navy.
This remarkable woman, Dr Birute M F. Galdikas, has devoted her life to the preservation of these great apes and the tropical rain forest habitat that supports them.
The West Virginia State Farm Museum is "dedicated to the preservation of our farm life heritage," according to the museum's slogan.
Preserved under the volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius are the everyday goings-on of ancient Roman life.
Naturally Occurring Preservative Could Give Fresh Meats a Three-Year Shelf Life.
Report warns San Diegans to preserve quality of life .
Bay District seeks life preservers in face of plummeting budget.
Background Facts and Related Links Learn more about Norway and the Sami people and ongoing efforts to preserve their nomadic way of life.
Furnished and preserved by the Oklahoma Historical Society, features include authentic artifacts of early farm life, outbuildings, cellar, equipment and farm machinery.

In science:

Metaphysics, philosophy, epistemology, questions about the meaning and value of human life must all be ruthlessly excluded from science, according to SE, to preserve its rationality, its intellectual integrity.
Do We Need a Scientific Revolution?
On the Origin of Species or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.
Analysis of first prototype universal intelligence tests: evaluating and comparing AI algorithms and humans
Furthermore, the granular character is preserved also for the charge transfer by fluctuation Cooper pairs when their Ginzburg – Landau life-time, τGL ∼ (T − Tc )−1 is much shorter than the escape time Γ−1 (we use units with  = kB = 1).
Fluctuation spectroscopy of granularity in superconducting structures
Maria devoted her life to the preservation of the Nazca desert and the lines.
Maria Reiche's Line to Archaeoastronomy