• WordNet 3.6
    • v licence authorize officially "I am licensed to practice law in this state"
    • n licence a legal document giving official permission to do something
    • n licence freedom to deviate deliberately from normally applicable rules or practices (especially in behavior or speech)
    • n licence excessive freedom; lack of due restraint "when liberty becomes license dictatorship is near"- Will Durant","the intolerable license with which the newspapers break...the rules of decorum"- Edmund Burke"
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Licence a being allowed: leave: grant of permission, as for manufacturing a patented article or for the sale of intoxicants: the document by which authority is conferred: excess or abuse of freedom: a departure from rules or standards in art or literature
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. licentialicet.


In literature:

I went and bought a special marriage licence.
"The Swindler and Other Stories" by Ethel M. Dell
In the eighteenth century very grave people, even bishops, allowed themselves, in their relaxed moments, great licence in jesting.
"Some Diversions of a Man of Letters" by Edmund William Gosse
Had a licence been handy?
"Lore of Proserpine" by Maurice Hewlett
For no one could go without his licence.
"Prince Henry the Navigator, the Hero of Portugal and of Modern Discovery, 1394-1460 A.D." by C. Raymond Beazley
He enjoyed a rag, but saw the difference between liberty and licence.
"The Loom of Youth" by Alec Waugh
The Tuscan rhymester, again, allows himself the utmost licence.
"Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Complete" by John Symonds
Indeed it would be a hard blow to the bad party licence too common hitherto amongst us.
"The War and Unity" by Various
The inward and private commodities are taken away, and dare not be used without the licence of these monopolitans.
"Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 440" by Various
Six years later she was wedded privately and without licence to Sir Eustace Dabridgecourt, Knight.
"The Customs of Old England" by F. J. Snell
A day of general licence used to end in masquerading.
"Christmas in Ritual and Tradition, Christian and Pagan" by Clement A. Miles

In poetry:

Who said the
number was unlucky?
It was a man, who,
trying to pass us,
had his licence endorsed
thirteen times.
"Thirteen Blackbirds Looking at a Man" by R S Thomas
All is possible
Whoso list believe.
Trust therefore first, and after preve,
As men wed ladies by licence and leave.
All is possible.
"Is It Possible" by Thomas Wyatt
Freeman! thy neighbour also has liberties;
This may subtract his rights from thy heritage,--
But Freedom without moderations
Were but the licence of pirate nations.
"Freedom (In Alcaics.)" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
I speak not, chosen friends, for such as you —
But licence may of freedom choke the breath;
Man needs restraint; that each should rashly do In his own eyes what seemeth good, is death.
"The Toils Of The Voyager" by George Jehoshaphat Mountain
When a stale lover nothing wants,
Because he's all the sex e'er grants,
Would he call his a happier lot
After the priest had tied the knot?
For all that ever law has made
Only a licence is to trade.
"A.B.C." by William Hutton

In news:

The most pressing of these is the Adventurers ' Licence.
The news that media companies are showing a keen interest in acquiring licences to run local TV services in 21 towns and cities across the UK could not come at a more significant moment for the PR industry.
Battered and boring England need to find licence to thrill.
Microsoft says it has sold 40 million Windows 8 licences.
Windows 8 licence sales booming , outpacing Window 7 at similar stage after launch.
'Vince Neil Escapes' will chronicle his efforts to obtain a pilot's licence.
Rocker Vince Neil is returning to the world of reality TV for a show chronicling his efforts to obtain a pilot's licence.
Toronto has nearly 5,000 licenced cabs , but only a few that stick out like Batada's.
Meanwhile, the Olympic group has watched licences handed out to several other channels that applied after it did.
This Code of Conduct constitutes the BBC's commitment to licence fee payers for all publicly funded services in the UK.
But the company needs a licence to dispatch, says Richard Mucha, acting manager of licensing enforcement for the city.
Firearms licences should be valid for at least 10 years "or longer," said the committee, and "if a licence expires, it should go into suspension until renewed, removing the criminalization of the firearm possessor.
Licences ending in a letter are eligible to buy gas on odd-numbered days, he said.
Flikr User kittischoen/Creative Commons Licence.
The legend on the province's licence plates reads "Friendly Manitoba".

In science:

Copyright owned by the author(s) under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence.
Light hadron spectroscopy and pseudoscalar decay constants
Copyright owned by the author(s) under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence.
The Resolved NIR Extragalactic Background
That section provides practical examples obtained with an SDP code distributed under a free, open source licence, proving that tackling our optimization problem is not just possible, but also quite affordable.
Output Filter Aware Optimization of the Noise Shaping Properties of {\Delta}{\Sigma} Modulators via Semi-Definite Programming
Copyright owned by the author(s) under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence.
First results from dynamical chirally improved fermions
Copyright owned by the author(s) under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence.
The deconfining phase transition for SU(N) theories in 2+1 dimensions