lateral pass


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n lateral pass a pass to a receiver upfield from the passer
    • ***


In literature:

At 11:15, we passed the bridge over the stream on which Chilon is built, and a moment later drew up at the town-house.
"In Indian Mexico (1908)" by Frederick Starr
A later stage introduces the use of passing notes.
"Music As A Language" by Ethel Home
Some days later Bez came along, passed my tent for a mile, and then came back.
"The Book of the Bush" by George Dunderdale
Later we passed through the country which had been flooded as a further measure of defense.
"The New York Times Current History of the European War, Vol 1, Issue 4, January 23, 1915" by Various
A little later Tommy Jackson passed by.
"The Gay Cockade" by Temple Bailey
But an hour later, as he passed through the hall, he found the general waiting.
"The Voice of the People" by Ellen Glasgow
Three months later, a passing preacher read the funeral service above the grave.
"American Men of Action" by Burton E. Stevenson
The years pass and in the later teens and early twenties another world forces itself upon the girl.
"The Girl and Her Religion" by Margaret Slattery
Ricketts returned to Ludhiana early the next morning, and later in the day the mutineers passed through the city.
"Forty-one years in India" by Frederick Sleigh Roberts
Liba entered a convent, and a few years later she herself passed away, and was buried by the side of her husband.
"Hero Tales and Legends of the Rhine" by Lewis Spence

In poetry:

We stood where we later would live.
Nothing had yet passed between us.
This is how it remained for a time
and after this your first name came up.
"Dream-Fate" by Gerrit Achterberg
on some autumn afternoon.
Now each of them, with lips all pale,
stooping, kisses his bonds.
Later they shall bend completely down
and will pass into the ground.
"A Story " by Kostas Karyotakis
Later shall rise a people, sane and great,
Forged in strong fires, by equal war made one;
Telling old battles over without hate —
Not least his name shall pass from sire to son.
"General Joubert" by Rudyard Kipling
Swiftly he struck, her lord; the body lay
With hacked-off breasts, dishonoured, in the Pass.
Months later, riding lonely through the gorge,
I saw it still, among the long-grown grass.
"Sher Afzul" by Laurence Hope
Then wander up Glen Crootyen, past the old village churchyard,
And as you pass, for the dead have some regard;
For it is the road we've all to go,
Sooner or later, both the high and the low!
"Oban" by William Topaz McGonagall
And on your left you passed the spot
Where eight days later you were to lie,
And be spoken of as one who was not;
Beholding it with a cursory eye
As alien from you, though under its tree
You soon would halt everlastingly.
"Your Last Drive" by Thomas Hardy

In news:

Two years later, he passed away after a ...
Who passed away Thursday, September 27, 2012, will be held at a later date.
Decades later when my mom had passed away, and my career was progressing, my dad would be sitting all alone in the house once crowded with kids watching me on TV.
Two plays later , Monterey defensive back Jesse Perez broke up a pass in the end zone to help the Plainsmen keep their 14-3 lead at the half.
Just nine minutes later the Argentina star passed the German's 1972 milestone.
The agreement is subject to Napoli passing a physical, which will take place later this week, the person said Monday.
The deal is subject to Napoli passing a physical, which will take place later this week, the person said Monday.
Eight days later, after McLouth passed his physical, the signing became official .
Reporter Brett Shipp and producer Mark Smith found that despite a statewide "No Pass , No Play" rule, prize athletes never attended class, while some even flunked classes only to later have their grades changed to passing scores.
Polly passed away three years later, and Bonnie was raised by an aunt and uncle, Gladys and Reed Wight, in Ogden.
2 to pass this week, with the plan slated for implementation no later than July 1, 2013.
WASHINGTON — The next significant event for monetary policy is not the Federal Reserve 's meeting Tuesday and Wednesday, which is likely to pass quietly, but the presidential election two weeks later.
Several years later, the homeowners association passed a rule that a unit could be sold only to an owner/occupant.
The rookie quarterback was intercepted by DeAngelo Hall on his second pass attempt, and the Redskins were on the board moments later.
Ten minutes later, when I passed them again in the hallway, they were still discussing the logistics of getting start-up companies into the project stage.

In science:

For later convenience, let us label the vertices so that m is the origin, and 0 is the vertex at distance m that the path on the MST passes through.
Theory of minimum spanning trees I: Mean-field theory and strongly disordered spin-glass model
With the slow moving ‘1866’ ejecta having broken up into knots of relatively small surface area, most of the later ejecta will pass by.
The Nova Shell and Evolution of the Recurrent Nova T Pyxidis
This is necessary in the case where the referencing environment needs to be saved as a closure to be retrieved later. It is used in the creation of co-routines or when passing functions as parameters to other functions.
Comparative Studies of 10 Programming Languages within 10 Diverse Criteria - a Team 10 COMP6411-S10 Term Report
At a later stage, if the measure of Vn crosses another integer multiple of pnq, we recall that part of Vn which has been passed to Um for m ¡ n, and copy it to Un .
Strong jump traceability and Demuth randomness
We will show later that both of them can pass all of the performed tests.
Evaluating Quality of Chaotic Pseudo-Random Generators: Application to Information Hiding