• WordNet 3.6
    • v kvetch express complaints, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness "My mother complains all day","She has a lot to kick about"
    • n kvetch (Yiddish) a nagging complaint
    • n kvetch (Yiddish) a constant complainer
    • ***


In news:

OK, WE'VE BEEN kvetching for 3 weeks about Eagles turnovers in the red zone.
More than a week later, the kvetching continues: The election was fixed.
Maybe it's summer's recent knack for hosting market disasters, from 2001 and 2002?s tech wrecks to 2008?s mortgage meltdown and last year's renewed kvetching over Europe and the US credit rating.
Lawmakers kvetch about ruined spring break.
A woman kept a week's diary of her kvetching and was surprised to see how frequently it occurred.
Kvetching , an expression of frustration, leads to a pessimistic view of the world that ultimately damages you and all those whose lives you touch.
During the Nov 8 mayoral race, incumbent Jeff Graham kvetched privately about how his opponent, Councilman Jeff Smith, was going to annihilate him in the fundraising game.
NATIONAL NEWS (CNN) — Have you been listening to all the kvetching and tooth-gnashing about America paying Russia $65-to-$70 million for each astronaut to ride to the space station.
Hang Tight College grads eventually stop kvetching about workforce drudgery, study shows istockphoto.com.
Republicans thus sit around and kvetch.
NEW YORK – From this person's kvetching, you'd think Chelsea was Times Square.
Should I even bore you with my incessant kvetching about every episode anymore.