• WordNet 3.6
    • n kos (in India) a unit of length having different values in different localities
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n kos A Jewish measure of capacity, equal to about 4 cubic inches.
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In literature:

My horse lies dead one kos from Hanadra here!
"Told in the East" by Talbot Mundy
For further particulars respecting the modes of catching the eu-kod-kos, vide vol.
"Journals Of Expeditions Of Discovery Into Central Australia And Overland" by Edward John Eyre
Cossacks (kos'aks), a military people inhabiting the steppes of Russia.
"Elson Grammar School Literature, Book Four." by William H. Elson
The supreme Baal was the Sun-god Hadad; another god worshipped by them was Qaus or Kos.
"Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations" by Archibald Sayce
The 'kos' varies much in value, but in most parts of the United Provinces it is reckoned as equal to two miles.
"Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official" by William Sleeman
I told the man, in my best Norse, to have two `Kos' killed without delay.
"Chasing the Sun" by R.M. Ballantyne
At ten we went to the aviation field at Svedi Kos, south of Smyrna.
"An Aviator's Field Book" by Oswald Bölcke
To tread the Panch-kos road is one of the great ambitions of a Hindu's life.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Slice 5" by Various
That day his horse ran twelve kos there and back three times within an hour.
"Santal Folk Tales" by A. Campbell
N.E., near the modern Kos Bunar.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 6" by Various
We have come hundreds upon hundreds of kos already, and, till now, I have scarcely been alone with thee an instant.
"Kim" by Rudyard Kipling
Nails Wos kos sia Os-kenge.
"Voyages from Montreal Through the Continent of North America to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans in 1789 and 1793" by Alexander Mackenzie
DOL'ICHOS (-kos), a genus of leguminous plants, sub-ord.
"The New Gresham Encyclopedia" by Various
One day he was a swarein' kos he didn't hev better corn.
"Letters of Major Jack Downing, of the Downingville Militia" by Seba Smith
One of these brave souls was a Pole, whose name was Kos-ci-us-ko.
"The Life of George Washington" by Josephine Pollard
Near Kaivalyam, at a distance of five kos from it, was a great forest called Khandavam.
"Tales of the Sun" by Mrs. Howard Kingscote
Ei) ga\r me\ e)=n to\ nei=kos e)n toi=s pra/gmasi, e(\n a)\n e)=n a(/panta, o(s phesi/n] (Empedokles).
"Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates, 3rd ed. Volume I (of 4)" by George Grote
She assented, with a proviso that he would not go to see "old Mose-en-kos-ket's" daughter any more.
"Wigwam and War-path; Or the Royal Chief in Chains" by A. B. (Alfred Benjamin) Meacham

In news:

Big offensive effort KOs the Clippers.
Kos speaks with Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line".
Svidler KOs Grischuk, wins World Cup crown.
Heat KOs Belmont's June 9 Card.
Howard Dean was the darling of Daily Kos before his ill-advised scream.
Western KOs Jones County for Juco crown.
Boston Mayor Thomas Menino KOs Soda, OKs Alcohol.
Daily Kos Starts Running Radio Ads.
Jonathan Kos -Read has forged an acting career in China.
Jose Aldo KOs Manny Gamburyan.
Daily Kos Claims its Polls Were Bogus.
Injury KOs Endorsement from Derby.
He still calls himself a newbie in the political activism world, but after seven years, even Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas Zúniga knows it's time to update his hugely popular progressive site.
In the monomaniacal world of moveon.org and the Daily Kos , Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have committed an unforgivable sin.
Kos Is Just Plain Stupid.

In science:

In the case when {ck } are independent standard Gaussian random variables, the correlation functions are SO(d + 1)-invariant, and the average number of the common real zeros is the square root of the total number of common complex zeros (see [EK], [Kos], [ShSm]).
Correlations between zeros of non-Gaussian random polynomials
For some special families of finite groups this has been done by Kovacs and Sim [KoS].
On the number of generators needed for free profinite products of finite groups
Kenyon, Okounkov and Sheffield [KOS] showed that these random surfaces converge a.s. to a solution of (1.4) with F and the polygon N (called the Newton polygon) depending on G.
Minimizers of Convex Functionals Arising in Random Surfaces
Klivans, O’Donnel and Servedio ([KOS]), show that any convex body can be agnostically learned with respect to the gaussian distribution using 2O(√n) labelled gaussian samples.
A Polynomial Number of Random Points does not Determine the Volume of a Convex Body
Kos] (we reproduce it in sec. 3.1), but the mechanism producing it remained unclear.
Deformations of the Lie algebra o(5) in characteristics 3 and 2
The 3-parameter family of deformations of o(5), denoted here by L(ε, δ, ρ), was constructed by Kostrikin (see [Kos]) as follows.
Deformations of the Lie algebra o(5) in characteristics 3 and 2
Under the identification (6) and (11), the induced map RV cri (g) → RWcri (g,f ) is identified the restriction map C[g∗ ]G → C[S], and hence is injective [Kos, P1].
W-algebras at the critical level
In the case of the hexagon it was established in [BKMM] and [G] (see also [K1], [KOS] and [J1], [J2], [JN]) that locally near every point of the limit shape, the asymptotics of the random surface are directed by (uniquely defined [Sh]) ergodic translation invariant Gibbs measure on tilings of the whole plane.
Asymptotics of Random Lozenge Tilings via Gelfand-Tsetlin Schemes
Our work on EMRI science and measurement has benefitted enorm ously from discussions and collaborations with Stas Babak, Nathan Collins, Steve Drasco, Hua Fang, Éanna Flanagan, Sam Finn, Joel Franklin, Jonathan Gair, Kos tas Glampedakis, Daniel Kennefick, Eric Poisson, Saul Teukolsky, and Kip Thorne.
(Sort of) Testing relativity with extreme mass ratio inspirals
There are several combinatorial definitions of the Kos tka polynomials.
Fermionic Formulas For Unrestricted Kostka Polynomials And Superconformal Characters
The set of all Koszul morphisms is denoted by Kos(C, A).
Higher Koszul duality for associative algebras
Lemma 3.6. [Kos, LP] For every alcove A ∈ A, there is exactly one point of the lattice Λ∨ /h∨ inside of A.
Alcoved Polytopes II