knock over


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v knock over cause to overturn from an upright or normal position "The cat knocked over the flower vase","the clumsy customer turned over the vase","he tumped over his beer"
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  • Arnold Toynbee
    Arnold Toynbee
    “America is a large, friendly dog in a very small room. Every time it wags its tail, it knocks over a chair.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “An idea ran back and forward in his head like a blind man, knocking over the solid furniture.”


In literature:

What do you mean by knocking a fellow over the first time you see him?
"The Two Sides of the Shield" by Charlotte M. Yonge
Mr. Percival is knocking down that horrible thing over there.
"West Wind Drift" by George Barr McCutcheon
She knocked the boys over down to Lumley's.
"Northern Lights, Complete" by Gilbert Parker
But the beans kept on falling about the porch, and one struck a Tin Soldier and knocked him over.
"The Story of a Bold Tin Soldier" by Laura Lee Hope
Say, old man, you must have knocked the devil out of her coming over alone in twenty-nine days!
"Sailing Alone Around The World" by Joshua Slocum
When the man knocked he desired him to mount a horse and ride over to Dr Middleton, and request his immediate attendance.
"Mr. Midshipman Easy" by Frederick Marryat
Cracky, it nearly knocked me over!
"Tom Slade" by Percy K. Fitzhugh
He was only just in time, for Broad had so suddenly inflated himself that he very nearly knocked over the prince and his horse too.
"The Grey Fairy Book" by Various
But all the while his mind, knocked head over heels, was lying in a limp heap, wondering what had struck it.
"The Man Upstairs" by P. G. Wodehouse
How did you get knocked over, anyway?
"The Battle Ground" by Ellen Glasgow
He was not thirty yards from the tree when I saw him knocked over.
"Bonnie Prince Charlie" by G. A. Henty
Taking off the few things that were lying on it, Bob turned it over and began to knock the top off.
"While the Billy Boils" by Henry Lawson
Knocked me off in half a dozen overs.
"Mike" by P. G. Wodehouse
That knocked over the whole thing.
"Keith of the Border" by Randall Parrish
The woman, who came out in answer to his knock, looked him all over from head to foot, while he explained himself in his best French.
"The History of David Grieve" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
Mind how you stretch out your own lovely little slippers, madam, lest you knock over a rib or two.
"The Virginians" by William Makepeace Thackeray
Every evening, when his work was over, he came knocking gently at the door of the parlor, and never left until Tom was settled for the night.
"Mary Marston" by George MacDonald
He stopped on the third landing, lighted a match, scanned the numbers over the row of dingy doors, and knocked at No.
"The King in Yellow" by Robert W. Chambers
In the first place, you were nearly knocked over yourself, and now there is this man lying insensible.
"The Queen's Cup" by G. A. Henty
Both noble ladies squealed when a large breaker knocked them over.
"Marjorie at Seacote" by Carolyn Wells

In poetry:

Back over the sill
I bade a "Come in"
To whoever the knock
At the door may have been.
"The Lockless Door" by Robert Frost
There stood they all, with spindle and rok,
Each over the shinbone gave him a knock:
Svend turn'd his steed, in fury, round;
The witches he there has hew'd to the ground.
Look out, look out, Svend Vonved.
"Svend Vonved" by George Borrow
Foo's furniture is scattered any'ow,
Artisic like, in bits about the floor.
An' 'arf a dozen blokes, drawn by the row,
Nosey but nervis, 'overs near the door.
I ain't no pitcher orf no chocklit box.
I've took some knocks.
"'Ave a 'eart!" by C J Dennis
Chorus: Tramp, tramp, tramp, etc.
The squatters thought us done when they fenced in all their run,
But a prettier mistake they never made;
You've only to sport your dover and knock a monkey over —
There's cheap mutton for the Wallaby Brigade.
"The Wallaby Brigade" by Anonymous Oceania
A rush of wings upon the air, while here you sit and spin–
Give over wailing, O sad heart, and let the Summer in!
Love knocks without your guarded gate, your fire is burning red–
"I cannot let him in," she wept, "because of Love that's dead."
"Amor Vincit" by Anna Johnston MacManus

In news:

Traffic cones knocked over by wind and storm surge rest among beach sand at the inlet parking lot while waves of the.
The Gateway Grizzlies knocked around newly-acquired Brad Schnitzer for six runs and went on to win 8-5 over the Rockford RiverHawks in the series opener at GCS Ballpark.
While Monday night's wind event was no derecho , it still knocked over a few trees into power lines and driveways.
Clerk tells Flint police suspect knocks over powder to distract her before taking $200.
Large dogs obviously present more of a danger as they can easily knock people over.
County crews in Silver Spring were busy re-installing two speed cameras Monday that had been knocked down by vandals over the weekend.
Mayfield was knocked to the pavement, driven over and dragged six feet.
Three Things to consider now that the Miami Dolphins' turn on " Hard Knocks " is over.
It's even harder to believe that after all that effort, the only thing that happens to it, is that it get knocked over.
Falcons go 5-0, knock RG3 out in win over Redskins.
NIU player pleads not guilty to knocking over UT band member.
Wind knocked over a light pole in the parking lot of a West Allis Kohl 's Department Store on Friday, damaging five vehicles that were parked there.
A strong earthquake Monday was felt over a 175-mile swath of Alaska, including the state's largest city, but there were no immediate reports of damage beyond items knocked off shelves.
NIU player pleads not guilty to knocking over UT band member .
Police on Long Island say a tree trimmer from South Carolina was killed when he was struck by a branch while trying to remove a tree that had been knocked over during Superstorm Sandy.

In science:

We ran Monte Carlo simulations with random host graphs G which is fixed over the experiment, where each vertex is knocked off with probability p.
On index expectation and curvature for networks
Figure 15: MEC effects over the transferred polarization asymmetries P ′l and P ′t for proton knock-out from the p shells in 16O, and q = 460 MeV/c, ω = 100 MeV.
Meson Exchange Currents in (e,e'p) recoil polarization observables
In a future experiment the ratio of (p − n)-pairs to (p − p)-pairs knocked out from 4He will be studied with high statistics over a large pm -range to further investigate the validity of the tensor-correlation dominance (see right hand part of fig. 8).
Recent Experimental Results from JLab
Px and Pz denote the polarization component perpendicular and parallel to (cid:126)q . A similar result is obtained with an unpolarized deuteron target when one measures the polarization of the knocked-out neutron as a function of the angle over which the neutron spin is precessed with a dipole magnet.
Recent Experimental Results from JLab