kiss of life


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n kiss of life an emergency procedure consisting of external cardiac massage and artificial respiration; the first treatment for a person who has collapsed and has no pulse and has stopped breathing; attempts to restore circulation of the blood and prevent death or brain damage due to lack of oxygen
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In literature:

His kiss was as pure as the perfume of lilies, pressed close to breathe; it but made sweeter your love and mine, your life and mine.
"The Best Short Stories of 1915" by Various
Ah, people seemed to associate her life with his, to presume all sorts of things ... though he had never even kissed her!
"The Bill-Toppers" by Andre Castaigne
For the life of her she could not kiss this man.
"The Slave of Silence" by Fred M. White
One of those sun-kissed, snow-capped peaks that rise here and there in the monotonous range of life.
"The Belovéd Vagabond" by William J. Locke
He kissed her lips and her cheeks and her eyes, and crushed the life out of her with his powerful arms.
"Coquette" by Frank Swinnerton
May I then," he added, as he kissed her, "remain with you till the end of my life!
"Tales from the German" by Various
When she was brought near him he kissed her pale face, and at the touch of his lips her cheeks flamed out with red, and life came back to her.
"Historic Tales, Vol 14 (of 15)" by Charles Morris
Valentine lifted up his son and kissed him: it was the first time in his life that he gave him this token of love.
"Black Forest Village Stories" by Berthold Auerbach
Sweetness, the sweetness of lips kissed by breezes, a sweetness complete and overwhelming ... a delicious life.
"Woman" by Magdeleine Marx
For the first time in his life Mowbray felt the tremor of a woman's kiss.
"The Great Mogul" by Louis Tracy

In poetry:

Sitting did he breathe against the blade,
Standing kiss it for that proof of life:
Strode, as netters wade,
Straightway to his wife.
"King Harald's Trance" by George Meredith
"My mouth it is full cold, Margaret,
It has the smell, now, of the ground;
And if I kiss thy comely mouth,
Thy days of life will not be lang.
"Clerk Saunders" by Andrew Lang
Of the tranquil bliss of a true love kiss;
And painted the picture, too,
Of the wedded life, and the patient wife,
And the husband fond and true;
"Job Work" by James Whitcomb Riley
And now for the kiss of the wind,
And the touch of the air's soft hands,
With the rest from strife and the heat of life,
With the freedom of lakes and lands.
"In Summer" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Fill a glass with golden wine,
And the while your lips are wet
Set your perfume unto mine,
And forget.
Every kiss we take and give
Leaves us less of life to live.
"Fill A Glass With Golden Wine" by William Ernest Henley
Here, in my room, when full of happy dreams,
With no life heard beyond that merry sound
Of moths that on my lighted ceiling kiss
Their shadows as they dance and dance around;
"Oh, Sweet Content" by William H Davies

In news:

You've met the love of your life -- the person you want to cuddle with on the couch, snuggle up with under the blanket, share kisses with and enjoy all the wonderful moments that couples share when they're in love.
YES, PLEASE: Doc Watson Tribute, Future Islands, Willy Joy, TRKfest, Hog, Sons of Tonatiuh, Cusses, Octopus Jones, Orquesta Gardel, Brand New LIfe, Kiss, Motley Crüe, Eleni Mandell.
Suffering through Never Been Kissed and The Out-of-Towners on the same day (or any day) is like eating bad clams–upsetting but not life-threatening, and eventually the pain goes away.
NEW YORK — Fairy tales offer children a fantasy world of magic, romance and adventure, where pumpkins are transformed into crystal coaches and a kiss from a handsome prince can bring a young girl back to life.
Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon a Project, Read Samuel Johnson , and My Other Experiments in the Practice of Everyday Life.
So it is with a glad heart that I direct your attention to this life-affirming video of Hanks and Wilson smooching on a Kiss Cam at a recent L.A. Kings hockey game.
His is a warm, calming, west-Texas warble, the kind of gentle tremolo that can take away the pain of life with just the briefest kiss upon your eardrum.
Peter Criss , 'Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of KISS'.
'Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of KISS' by Peter Criss .
T </span & he sun-kissed climate and azure seas of the Mediterranean contribute to a certain exuberance and zest for life among many of the region's residents, and helps make the region one of my favorite areas of the world.
Peter Criss, 'Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of KISS'.
'Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of KISS' by Peter Criss.
Giving consumers all the tools they need to select the best deal for their needs is also good and will give competition the kiss of life that it needs.
Excellent memoir, 'Reading Lips,' reveals a life, one kiss at a time A funny thing happened to former Santa Cruz Sentinel columnist Claudia Sternbach when she was making the dreary rounds of agents trying to get her novel published.
While one major central Lenox business expansion project has received the kiss of life from the town's zoning board , another remains mired in legal limbo for now.