kiss of death


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n kiss of death something that is ruinous "if this were known it would be the kiss of death for my political career"
    • ***


Kiss of death - The kiss of death is an action that means failure or ruin for someone, a scheme, a plan, etc.


In literature:

Buckingham tried to smile a last time; but death checked his thought, which remained engraved on his brow like a last kiss of love.
"The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas, Pere
Yet with death she gives immortality by her kiss, and Paris and Menelaus live, because they have touched the lips of Helen.
"Adventures among Books" by Andrew Lang
The angel of death had kissed her lovingly, and unnoticed of any she had passed with him away.
"The Golden Dog" by William Kirby
She saw it was the death-bed of their love, and she kissed his eyes, and clung to him.
"Foul Play" by Charles Reade
Was it a beacon of hope, or did the rays fall on features cold under the kiss of death?
"At the Mercy of Tiberius" by August Evans Wilson
I have shown at every call I fear nothing, kiss hand of welcome or adieu to Death.
"Lord Ormont and his Aminta, Complete" by George Meredith
To mock death with a loving kiss of intense gratitude for forgiveness!
"Woman Triumphant" by Vicente Blasco Ibañez
He could never recall it; and those kisses, taken in the very face of death, those were hers until the end of time.
"A Mating in the Wilds" by Ottwell Binns
He dropped on one knee, kissed her hand, and then went on to tell her of the late King's death.
"The Greville Memoirs (Second Part)" by Charles C. F. Greville
Death from thine hand I would receive as a kiss of love!
"Saronia" by Richard Short
Behind the broad fragrant leaves lurks the goddess of Death, and her welcome kiss shall breathe fever into thy blood.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
She even kissed my knees, and assured me that she would bless my memory to the very day of her death.
"Eyes Like the Sea" by Mór Jókai
I receive the kiss of eternity from death.
"On the Heights" by Berthold Auerbach
She bent and kissed the cold, white face, awful with the dread majesty of death.
"Norine's Revenge; Sir Noel's Heir" by May Agnes Fleming
Sire, they have silently kissed the blessing of death upon our brows.
"Morituri: Three One-Act Plays" by Hermann Sudermann
It was the season when the cold wrinkled lips of winter meet the first kiss of spring, and death is passing into resurrection.
"Ghetto Tragedies" by Israel Zangwill
She bent and kissed the cold, white face, awful with the dread majesty of death.
"Sir Noel's Heir" by May Agnes Fleming
Upon her lips is the shadowy kiss of death: in her eyes is the shadow of birth.
"The Divine Adventure Volume IV" by Fiona Macleod
Is it so that they will set their lips, as if for a kiss, against the mouth of war itself with its ten thousand deaths?
"The Story of Louie" by Oliver Onions
Could I forget that kiss in the hour of death?
"At the Age of Eve" by Kate Trimble Sharber

In poetry:

No look of love a smile can bring,
No kiss wile back the breath
To cold lips: I no answer wring
From this great face of death.
"The Disciple" by George MacDonald
Now she 'wakes! steal a kiss and begone;
Life is precious; away, little fly!
Should your rudeness provoke her to scorn,
You'll meet death from the glance of her eye.
"To A Fly: On The Bosom of Chloe, While Sleeping" by Thomas Gent
Three waves of the sea came up on the wind to me.
One bore--
And swept on the shore--
His pale, pale face I shall kiss no more!
Ah, woe to women death passes o'er!
(Woe's me!)
"Sea-Mad" by Cale Young Rice
"So shall with purer joy my spirit move,
When the last trumpet thrills the caves of Death,
Catch the first whispers of my waking love,
And drink with holy kiss her kindling breath.
"The Botanic Garden( Part III)" by Erasmus Darwin
Light songs we breathe that perish with our breath
Out of our lips that have not kissed the rod.
They shall not live who have not tasted death.
They only sing who are struck dumb by God.
"Poets" by Alfred Joyce Kilmer
The fond companion of thy pilgrim feet,
Who watch'd thee in thy sleep, who moan'd if miss'd,
And sprung with such delight his Lord to greet,
Imbu'd with death the hand he oft had kiss'd.
"Sonnet II" by Sir John Carr

In news:

Kentucky Republicans, believing Sen Clinton is the kiss of death for Democrats in the state, think her arrival here is an early visit from Santa.
Tender moment a kiss of death .
'Rising star' -- high praise or political kiss of death .
Raising Taxes No ' Kiss of Death ' for Job Growth, History Shows.
The current special election ploy to force a compromise has backfired precisely because of Schwarzenegger's waning popularity—his support for props 1-A through 1-E was ultimately the kiss of death .
The holidays don't have to be the kiss of death for singles.
An insect known as the Kissing Bug may be carrying the kiss of death and some researchers are worried it may make it's way into the Valley.
Kate Hudson's smile is the kiss of death.
But what works one year might be the kiss of death the next.
This open-source office suite proves that forking isn't always the kiss of death.
From E*Trade's talking babies to Dr Pepper's "Kiss of death," ad experts' picks and pans.
Be it your first kiss, the birth of a child, meeting your best friend for the first time, even the death of someone special can linger in our memories for as long as we allow.
A well-executed design (Chrysler PT Cruiser) can propel vehicle sales to record heights, but one that's widely panned by the public and the automotive press (Pontiac Aztec) can be the kiss of death.
Many pop music watchers thought Dev getting pregnant right before her debut album's release — 'The Night the Sun Came Up' was pushed back at least three times since 2011 — was the death knell and kiss of death for her career.
Today marks the 21st anniversary of the death of former Kiss dummer Eric Carr.