• The Queen Shakes the Sistrum While The King Offers The Sacrifice
    The Queen Shakes the Sistrum While The King Offers The Sacrifice
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n king (chess) the weakest but the most important piece
    • n king one of the four playing cards in a deck bearing the picture of a king
    • n king a checker that has been moved to the opponent's first row where it is promoted to a piece that is free to move either forward or backward
    • n king a very wealthy or powerful businessman "an oil baron"
    • n king a male sovereign; ruler of a kingdom
    • n king a competitor who holds a preeminent position
    • n King United States charismatic civil rights leader and Baptist minister who campaigned against the segregation of Blacks (1929-1968)
    • n King United States guitar player and singer of the blues (born in 1925)
    • n King United States woman tennis player (born in 1943)
    • n king preeminence in a particular category or group or field "the lion is the king of beasts"
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

132th (131K) Collosal Statue of a King 132th (131K) Collosal Statue of a King
The King and the Cardinal——204 The King and the Cardinal——204
The King and Richelieu at La Rochelle——250 The King and Richelieu at La Rochelle——250
The King's Press——323 The King's Press——323
King with princes King with princes

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Burger King restaurants serve over 400 million ounces of orange juice annually
    • King A chief ruler; a sovereign; one invested with supreme authority over a nation, country, or tribe, usually by hereditary succession; a monarch; a prince. "Ay, every inch a king .""Kings will be tyrants from policy, when subjects are rebels from principle.""There was a State without king or nobles.""But yonder comes the powerful King of Day,
      Rejoicing in the east"
    • n King kĭng A Chinese musical instrument, consisting of resonant stones or metal plates, arranged according to their tones in a frame of wood, and struck with a hammer.
    • King A crowned man in the game of draughts.
    • King A playing card having the picture of a king{1; as, the king of diamonds.
    • King One who, or that which, holds a supreme position or rank; a chief among competitors; as, a railroad king; a money king; the king of the lobby; the king of beasts.
    • King The chief piece in the game of chess.
    • King The title of two historical books in the Old Testament.
    • v. i King To supply with a king; to make a king of; to raise to royalty. "Those traitorous captains of Israel who kinged themselves by slaying their masters and reigning in their stead."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Mangos are known throughout the world as the "King of Fruits."
    • n king A chief ruler; a reigning sovereign or monarch; a man who holds by life tenure the chief authority over a country and people. The word is used both as a generic designation or any sovereign ruler and as the specific title of the rulers of certain states distinctively called kingdoms. It is applicable by extension to an infant who has become heir to the sovereign power, and reigns through a regent. King, originally applied to any tribal chief, whether such by hereditary, elective, or military right, took on a more imposing sense with the rise of the modern European states; but it is still used historically. or with a modern imputation or suggestion of royal splendor, with reference to many ancient and modern barbarian or savage tribes, as the ancient Canaanite kings, the Mongol kings of Asia, the ancient kings of Ireland, the kings of central Africa, the American Indian King Powhatan and King Philip, etc. The autocratic or despotic power formerly implied by the title king has been almost ost in Europe, where a king is now merely a chief magistrate for life, bound by constitutional and statutory limitations equally with his subjects. The office of king is now, as a rule, hereditary in principle; but in former times it was often elective, or in some manner the subject of choice or selection. In the generic sense, God is often called King, as the supreme ruler of the universe. Abbreviated K.
    • n king One who or that which is chief or greatest in any respect; a holder of preëminent rank or power of any kind: as, a king of good fellows; the lion is called the king of beasts.
    • n king In games: A playing-card bearing a picture of a king: as, the king of diamonds.
    • n king The chief piece in the game of chess. See chess
    • n king A crowned man in the game of draughts.
    • n king See the quotation.
    • n king plural [capitalized] The eleventh and twelfth books of the Bible. In Hebrew manuscripts they are undivided, and form a continuous narrative of the Hebrew people from the later days of King David to the captivity of Judah in Babylon. The division into two books was first made in the Septuagint and retained in the Vulgate, in both of which they are named the third and fourth books of Kings (the two books of Samuel being the first and second); hence, in the English Bible, the double title “The first book of the Kings, commonly called the third book of the Kings,” etc. The period embraces the reigns of all the kings of Israel and Judah, except Saul's and most of David's. The work was probably composed substantially before the end of the captivity. The authorship is uncertain.
    • n king A red-finned herring.
    • n king The Chimæramonstrosa. [Local, Scotch (Shetland).]
    • king To supply with a king.
    • king To make royal; raise to royalty.
    • king To perform the part of king; act the king: with an indefinite it.
    • n king The collective name in China for the books edited or compiled by Confucius, and forming with the Four Books (see analect) the classics of the country.
    • n king In Chinese translations of Buddhist Scriptures, the equivalent of sutra (which see).
    • n king A Chinese musical instrument, of very ancient origin, consisting of sixteen suspended stones or metallic plates of graduated size, which are sounded by blows of a metal or wooden hammer.
    • n king The male of a termite or white ant.
    • n king The perfect female bee. The queen bee was formerly known by this name. Also king bee.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The model of King Kong used in the original movie was only 18 inches tall.
    • n King king the chief ruler of a nation: a monarch: a playing-card having the picture of a king: the most important piece in chess: a crowned man in draughts: one who is pre-eminent among his fellows
    • v.t King to play king
    • ***


  • Marquis De Sade
    “One weeps not save when one is afraid, and that is why kings are tyrants.”
  • Thomas Carlyle
    “He that can work is born to be king of something.”
  • Spanish Proverb
    Spanish Proverb
    “The king goes as far as he may, not as far as he could.”
  • Louis XVIII
    Louis XVIII
    “Punctuality is the politeness of kings.”
  • William Pitt The Elder Chatham
    William Pitt The Elder Chatham
    “There is something behind the throne greater than the King himself.”
  • Jordan Grooms
    Jordan Grooms
    “If God calls you to be a missionary, don't stoop to be a king.”


Fit for a king - If something is fit for a king, it is of the very highest quality or standard.
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king - If surrounded by people less capable or able, someone who would not normally be considered special can shine.
King of the castle - The king of the castle is the person who is in charge of something or in a very comfortable position compared to their companions.
King's ransom - If something costs or is worth a king's ransom, it costs or is worth a lot of money.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. cyng, cyning,; akin to OS. kuning, D. koning, OHG. kuning, G. könig, Icel. konungr, Sw. konung, Dan. konge,; formed with a patronymic ending, and fr. the root of E. kin,; cf. Icel. konr, a man of noble birth. √44. See Kin


In literature:

Do not go to the door of the King's house, for the King is angry today and he might repulse you.
"The Children of Odin" by Padraic Colum
So now King Halfdan was dead and buried, and Harald was to be king.
"Viking Tales" by Jennie Hall
Now Merlin was a very wise man, and when King Uther died several years later the noblemen asked his advice in choosing a new king.
"Famous Tales of Fact and Fancy" by Various
One honest King is worth a million revolutionaries, and God, who made Alec a King, also made him honest.
"A Son of the Immortals" by Louis Tracy
The king, so the court party said, would be king; the prerogative was to shine out.
"The Political History of England - Vol. X." by William Hunt
And King Arthur and the two kings let depart the seven hundred knights into two parties.
"Children's Literature" by Charles Madison Curry
My husband is the Water-King; everything under water obeys him.
"Fairy Tales of the Slav Peasants and Herdsmen" by Alexander Chodsko
Among the guards of the king was Darius, the future king of Persia, but then a soldier of little note.
"Historic Tales, vol 10 (of 15)" by Charles Morris
Now the French king had previously arrived in Sicily, and the forces of both kings were encamped about Messina.
"With Spurs of Gold" by Frances Nimmo Greene
They put about that he has been pressed to stay here by the King, which is not true; the King would much rather he went away.
"The Greville Memoirs" by Charles C. F. Greville
But though the maiden's father was dead, she was well guarded by her three royal brothers, King Gunther, King Gernot, and King Giselher.
"Stories of Siegfried" by Mary MacGregor
The nation was disposed to choose for its king the child, Ladislaus, son of King Albert, the predecessor of Vladislaus.
"Great Men and Famous Women. Vol. 1 of 8" by Various
Soon they spied a hart before them, which the King claimed as his game, and he spurred his horse and rode after him.
"The Book of Romance" by Various
It was the king's prerogative to make peace or war, and Buckingham ruled the king.
"Charles I" by Jacob Abbott
The king himself also took up his abode in the palace.
"Louis XIV., Makers of History Series" by John S. C. Abbott
The King was come with all his many to Newcastle; but no Scots King was there to meet him.
"The Fifth Queen Crowned" by Ford Madox Ford
The danger that he dreaded was no longer the power of the king, but the weakness of the king.
"Lectures on the French Revolution" by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton
Can the King of France prevent us from treating with the King of England?
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 07" by Various
The mightiest of all the river-kings is the Golden Dragon-King.
"The Chinese Fairy Book" by Various
Understand me: It was the King's to give; it is the King's still.
"The Fifth Queen" by Ford Madox Ford

In poetry:

X was King Xerxes, whom
Papa much wished to know;
But this he could not do, because
Xerxes died long ago.
"Nonsense Alphabet" by Edward Lear
"We are His lilies, lilies,
Whose praises aye we sing!
We are the lilies, lilies
Of Christ our Lord and King!"
"The Message Of The Lilies" by Madison Julius Cawein
A king should die from length of years,
A conqueror in the field,
A king amid his people's tears,
A conqueror on his shield.
"The Burial of William - the Conqueror" by Robert Fuller Murray
Angels are his servants here;
Spread for him their golden wings;
To his throne of glory bear,
Seat him by the King of kings.
"True Greatness" by Charles Wesley
This King, who only man became,
Is both the Lion and the Lamb;
A King of kings, and kingdoms broad;
A servant both to man and God.
"The Believer's Riddle; or, the Mystery of Faith" by Ralph Erskine
Blest! who in thy bosom seeks
Rest that nothing earthly breaks,
Dead to self and worldly things,
Lost in thee, thou King of kings!
"Repose In God" by William Cowper

In news:

The King family has now told the Martin Luther King, Jr National Memorial Project Foundation that their licensing agreement has expired and the family will not extend it.
We can walk among presidents and kings all week, but it is only as we ground ourselves on Friday and enter the Sabbath do we approach the True King.
With king salmon subsistence and sport fishing closed in most areas of the state, Julie Smith started an online petition to bring attention to and to stop king salmon and.
This undated photo provided by the King County Sheriff's office in King County, Wash.
Drummer Dave King (he of the Bad Plus) is also a pianist, and he leads the Dave King Trucking Company, his "Americana project".
On October 28, the 20th annual King Classic Martial Arts Tournament was held at the Martin Luther King Community Center located at 1531 W Vliet Street.
BYU and Sacramento Kings fans expected Jimmer to bring his gritty, aggressive playing style and his extraordinary shooting skills with him to the Kings.
Will and Sandy King of Paducah announce the engagement of their daughter, Kelsey Rae King, to Ryan Blake Johnston , son of Danny and Marcia Johnston of Paducah.
0 Carole King , right, joined by Alicia Keys at a recent salute in Hollywood to King 's music, will receive the Library of Congress' 2013 Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.
King had some great things to say about you the first time he heard you sing after your opening set for him at BB King 's NYC.
Newsday / Karen Wiles Stabile Rep Petee King (R-Seaford) called anti-tax activist Grover Norquist a "low life" for accusing him of "weaseling out" of a no-tax pledge that Norquist compared to King 's marriage vows to his wife.
Michael Loren King was born on November 14, 1946, in Paducah, Kentucky, to Richard and Alberta King.
Dave King can't believe another NHL season could be lost Dave King says the NHL can't afford to lose another season.
King Dave King says the NHL can't afford to lose another season.
Todd County residents marched in remembrance of King and held a program with area speakers commemorating King's ideals.

In science:

It has been proposed that they may be the dense cores of tidally truncated, or at least modified, ordinary elliptical galaxies (King 1962; Faber 1973; Nieto & Prugniel 1987; Choi, Guhathakurta, & Johnston 2002, and references therein).
Evidence for an outer disk in the Prototype `Compact Elliptical' Galaxy M32
Our initial model is a King model (King 1966), specified by its total mass, M , and scaled central potential, W0 .
A Simple Dynamical Model for Omega Cen
King, Rafa l Lata la, Qiman Shao, Ronald Speicher and Richard P.
Spectral measure of large random Hankel, Markov and Toeplitz matrices
King for discussions and for pointing out and demonstrating that the matching algorithm of the supplementary online material of does not uniformly generate simple graphs.
On the uniform generation of random graphs with prescribed degree sequences
King & Schuler 2005), the lifetime of a progenitor star can be estimated from the difference between this age and the cooling time of the resulting white dwarf.
New Praesepe white dwarfs and the initial mass-final mass relation
Finally, an application of Glasner and King’s techniques give a zero-one law for “well-behaved” dynamical properties.
Genericity in Topological Dynamics
Theorem 3.8. (Glasner and King, ) Suppose a group Γ acts by homeomorphisms on a Polish space X .
Genericity in Topological Dynamics
King. A zero-one law for dynamical properties.
Genericity in Topological Dynamics
It turned out that the Kantor series is a subseries of finite-dimensional Jordan superalgebras of a family of simple Jordan superalgebras, obtained via the Kantor-King-McCrimmon (KKM) double, defined as follows.
Classification of linearly compact simple Jordan and generalized Poisson superalgebras
Let the king always moves forward and straight (never goes back or diagonal).
The velocity translation in the game of "Life"
King, Moduli of representations of finite-dimensional algebras, Quart. J.
Quiver varieties, category O for rational Cherednik algebras, and Hecke algebras
We verified that all 6 stars are indeed cluster members by chec king their position in the HR diagram and their radial velocities.
Planets around evolved intermediate-mass stars. I. Two substellar companions in the open clusters NGC 2423 and NGC 4349
Further details of the data reduction will be given by King et al. (2007, in prep).
K-H_2 Quasi-molecular absorption detected in the T-dwarf epsilon Indi Ba
It is natural to wonder what king of stochastic process it gives rise to.
Repeated Quantum Interactions and Unitary Random Walks
King and Ruskai13 , who attribute this conjecture to Shor.
Additivity and Distinguishability of Random Unitary Channels