• Killing the buffalo. Cheyenne drawing
    Killing the buffalo. Cheyenne drawing
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v kill end or extinguish by forceful means "Stamp out poverty!"
    • v kill destroy a vitally essential quality of or in "Eating artichokes kills the taste of all other foods"
    • v kill cause to cease operating "kill the engine"
    • v kill tire out completely "The daily stress of her work is killing her"
    • v kill mark for deletion, rub off, or erase "kill these lines in the President's speech"
    • v kill drink down entirely "He downed three martinis before dinner","She killed a bottle of brandy that night","They popped a few beer after work"
    • v kill cause to die; put to death, usually intentionally or knowingly "This man killed several people when he tried to rob a bank","The farmer killed a pig for the holidays"
    • v kill cause the death of, without intention "She was killed in the collision of three cars"
    • v kill deprive of life "AIDS has killed thousands in Africa"
    • v kill hit with great force "He killed the ball"
    • v kill hit with so much force as to make a return impossible, in racket games "She killed the ball"
    • v kill overwhelm with hilarity, pleasure, or admiration "The comedian was so funny, he was killing me!"
    • v kill be the source of great pain for "These new shoes are killing me!"
    • v kill thwart the passage of "kill a motion","he shot down the student's proposal"
    • v kill be fatal "cigarettes kill","drunken driving kills"
    • n kill the destruction of an enemy plane or ship or tank or missile "the pilot reported two kills during the mission"
    • n kill the act of terminating a life
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

To kill. Dakota To kill. Dakota
Pictograph, including "kill." Wyoming Ter Pictograph, including "kill." Wyoming Ter
Kill. N.A. Indian Kill. N.A. Indian
Kill. Mandan and Hidatsa Kill. Mandan and Hidatsa
Stood Around and Let Richard Kill Those Princes 098 Stood Around and Let Richard Kill Those Princes 098
Pay, Or They Would Kill Him 316 Pay, Or They Would Kill Him 316

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Annually a thousand people are killed by scorpions in Mexico
    • n Kill A channel or arm of the sea; a river; a stream; as, the channel between Staten Island and Bergen Neck is the Kill van Kull, or the Kills ; -- used also in composition; as, Schuylkill, Catskill, etc.
    • n Kill kĭl A kiln.
    • Kill To cancel or forbid publication of (a report, article, etc.), after it has been written; as, they killed the article after getting threats of a lawsuit.
    • Kill To cause to cease; to quell; to calm; to still; as, in seamen's language, a shower of rain kills the wind; new sound insultation killed the loud noises from outside. "Be comforted, good madam; the great rage,
      You see, is killed in him."
    • Kill To deprive of life, animal or vegetable, in any manner or by any means; to render inanimate; to put to death; to slay. "Ah, kill me with thy weapon, not with words !"
    • Kill To destroy the effect of; to counteract; to neutralize; as, alkali kills acid.
    • Kill To destroy; to ruin; as, to kill one's chances; to kill the sale of a book. "To kill thine honor.""Her lively color kill'd with deadly cares."
    • Kill To waste or spend unprofitably; -- usually used of time; as, he killed an hour waiting for the doctor to see him.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Every year, 100 million sharks are killed by people
    • kill To strike, beat, cut, or stab; strike down.
    • kill To deprive (a human being or any animal, or, in more recent use, a vegetable) of life, by any means; put to death; slay.
    • kill To destroy; render wholly inactive, inefficient, etc.; deaden; quell; overpower; subdue; suppress; cancel: as, sudden showers kill the wind; a thick carpet kills the sound of footsteps.
    • kill To nullify or neutralize the active qualities of; deprive (a thing) of its characteristic active or useful qualities; weaken; dilute: as, to kill grain (by overheating it in the process of grinding); to kill fire-damp (to mix or dilute it with atmospheric air); to kill wire (by stretching it so as to destroy its ductility).
    • kill To reject; discard: as, to kill a paragraph in a report; to kill an article in type
    • kill Synonyms Kill, Slay, Murder, Assassinate, Slaughter, Massacre, Despatch. Kill is the general word, meaning simply to deprive of life, whether wrongfully (Ex. xx. 13), accidentally, in self-defense, in war, or by process of law. Slay is a less commonplace word with the same meaning as kill. Murder is the general word for killing wrongfully, especially with premeditation. Assassinate means to kill wrongfully by surprise, suddenly, or by secret assault. To slaughter is to kill brutally or in great numbers; massacre is more intense than slaughter, meaning to kill indiscriminately, without need or without warrant, rapidly or in great numbers. To despatch is to kill with promptness or quickness, and generally in a quiet way. Kill, slay, slaughter, and despatch may apply to ordinary and proper taking of the life of an animal. Kill and slaughter are the ordinary words used to describe the work of a butcher.
    • n kill The act of killing, as game.
    • kill See kiln.
    • n kill A channel, creek, stream, or bed of a river: used especially as an element of American names in the parts originally settled by the Dutch: as, Kill van Kull (the strait between Staten Island and New Jersey), Catskill, Sehuylkill.
    • kill In leather manufacturing, to remove the natural grease from (the skin) in making furs or robes from hair skins.
    • kill In tennis, to strike (the ball) with such force as to make it impossible for the opponent to return it.
    • n kill An animal that has been killed, as by a beast of prey or by a sportsman; a bag of game.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Coconuts kill more people in the world than sharks do
    • v.t Kill kil to put to death, to slay: to nullify or neutralise, to weaken or dilute, to render inactive: to reject, discard: to fascinate, overcome
    • n Kill the act of killing, as game
    • ***


  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    “What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Fear is what kills us.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “If you shoot at a king you must kill him.”
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    “Not by wrath does one kill, but by laughter.”
  • Bertrand Russell
    “Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.”


Curiosity killed the cat - As cats are naturally curious animals, we use this expression to suggest to people that excessive curiosity is not necessarily a good thing, especially where it is not their business.
Dress to kill - When someone is dressed to kill, they are dressed very smartly.
Kill the fatted calf - If you kill the fatted calf, you have a celebration, usually to welcome someone who's been away a long time.
Kill the goose that lays the golden egg - If you kill the goose that lays the golden egg, you ruin something that is very profitable.
Kill two birds with one stone - When you kill two birds with one stone, you resolve two difficulties or matters with a single action.
Kill with kindness - If you kill someone with kindness, you are very kind, possibly excessively kind, to them.
Make a killing - If you make a killing, you do something that makes you a lot of money.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. killen, kellen, cullen, to kill, strike; perh. the same word as cwellen, quellen, to kill (cf. Quell), or perh. rather akin to Icel. kolla, to hit in the head, harm, kollr, top, summit, head, Sw. kulle, D. kollen, to kill with the ax


In literature:

It was not grief that killed Hugot, though he bore the loss of his kind master sadly enough.
"Popular Adventure Tales" by Mayne Reid
Do you sure reckon he'd kill you, if he knowed?
"The Range Boss" by Charles Alden Seltzer
The royalists lost seventy killed and wounded, while the patriots had but two wounded, one of whom recovered.
"An Historical Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America" by J. P. MacLean
Her blackguard of a father killed Daisy and afterwards intended to kill his brother George and thus get possession of the money.
"A Coin of Edward VII" by Fergus Hume
The loss on the "Argus" amounted to six killed and seventeen wounded.
"The Naval History of the United States" by Willis J. Abbot
I know the Indians are killing white folks, and are being killed by white folks.
"A Virginia Scout" by Hugh Pendexter
All alike are killed for the crime of being born in America.
"A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year" by Edwin Emerson
Countless thousands were killed merely for their hides, and other thousands were killed for sport.
"Conservation Reader" by Harold W. Fairbanks
They have half killed me, killing all the legends and all the memories that were mine.
"Woman on Her Own, False Gods & The Red Robe" by Eugène Brieux
This was rough fare, and I could not say whether the men slept or killed mosquitoes.
"A Soldier in the Philippines" by Needom N. Freeman
A tiger never kills for the mere fun of killing.
"The Wonders of the Jungle, Book Two" by Prince Sarath Ghosh
Kill big slabe boy, and kill poor ole Caesar; and dat drefful bad job, eh, sah?
"Hunting the Skipper" by George Manville Fenn
Without taking the trouble to ascertain whether the fierce brute had been killed outright, they turned their attention to the carcass.
"The Giraffe Hunters" by Mayne Reid
I wanted to kill, to kill as many as I could, and pay off the old score.
"Ben Comee" by M. J. (Michael Joseph) Canavan
As the war still raged on, and many more were killed, vengeance threatened the miserable Trader.
"The Story of John G. Paton" by James Paton
They enjoy killing, thinking about killing, and planning for killing.
"Deathworld" by Harry Harrison
I will kill him, the other Franks will kill me, and both of us will be dead.
"The Saracen: The Holy War" by Robert Shea
This Rabirius was the nephew of him whom ten years before Cicero had defended when accused of having killed Saturninus.
"The Life of Cicero" by Anthony Trollope
If he had killed an Indian in the party, the party would have killed Simon.
"Boys' Book of Frontier Fighters" by Edwin L. Sabin
Sachuli kills a woman; his Russian counterpart kills a man.
"Indian Fairy Tales" by Anonymous

In poetry:

"Not in that there 'ooker,
Reid's Gulistan;
She's a lovely looker,
But she kills 'er man . . . "
"Hoodoo" by Cicely Fox Smith
Victor came to the river
Running so deep and so still:
Crying; 'O Father, what shall I do?'
And the river answered, 'Kill'.
"Victor" by W H Auden
Today I have so much to do:
I must kill memory once and for all,
I must turn my soul to stone,
I must learn to live again—
"The Sentence" by Anna Akhmatova
Young Sheepheard turne a-side, and move
Me not to follow thee:
For I will neither kill with love,
Nor love shall not kill me.
"Melisea Her Song, In Scorne of Her Sheepheard Narcissus" by Bartholomew Young
Oh! I have lov'd thee tenderly—
Too dearly love thee still!
I feel that thought can never die—
That wish no time can kill.
"Medjnoon in his Solitude" by Louisa Stuart Costello
There, Robert, you have killed that fly,
And should you thousand ages try
The life you've taken to supply,
You could not do it.
"Thoughtless Cruelty" by Charles Lamb

In news:

So, it's hot enough to kill the only thing I've never managed to kill with my black thumb - the lawn.
A "48 Hours" special: A predator kills two girls and admits he would kill again.
A predator kills two girls and admits he would kill again.
Last year, just three inmates were killed and this year's total is the highest since 1997, when 10 were killed according to the Austin American Statesman.
Suspect killed self after killing 2 at Portland mall.
28 killed, 20 of them children, killed in Conn. Oregon shooter's ex- girlfriend: 'Last thing I would have expected'.
Officers kill Aiken man who killed ex-wife .
A Stockton marriage and family counselor is suspected of killing his ex-wife and two members of her family before killing himself.
28 killed, 20 of them children, killed in Conn. Oregon shooter's ex-girlfriend: 'Last thing I would have expected '.
The man who served time for driving drunk and killing two people is accused of killing again behind the wheel.
Republican Mitt Romney says he praises rival President Barack Obama for ordering the raid that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, but adds that the United States "can't kill our way out of this mess" of religious extremism.
Former UMaine football player kills girlfriend, then kills self at stadium.
28 killed, 20 of them children, killed in Conn. Galaxy adds, subtracts in MLS reentry draft.
A gunman killed 26 people, 20 of them children ages 5 to 10, in a shooting on Friday morning, and then killed himself.
Man who killed self in traffic had tried to kill motel manager.

In science:

Let Xi be a basis of ˆg0 (sw ) ⊂ g with Grahm matrix K being restricted Killing form and let qm = Pi ν iXi , then (cid:8)ν i (x), ν j (y )(cid:9)m = (cid:0)K−1 (cid:1)ij δ ′ (x − y ) + f ij k ν k (x)δ (x − y ) , k are structure constants of ˆg0 (sw )∗ .
Solutions to WDVV from generalized Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies
This means that r × r submatrix K−1 is inverse of Killing metrics of rank r semisimple Lie algebra g0 restricted to Cartan subalgebra.
Solutions to WDVV from generalized Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies
The latter coincides with Killing form of algebra g.
Solutions to WDVV from generalized Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies
It is well known that a vector field ξ on a Sasakian manifold (S , (ξ , η , φ, g )) is a Killing vector field.
Locally Sasakian Manifolds
Notice that ∂y and ∂σ are spacelike Killing vectors.
A class of colliding waves in metric-affine gravity, nonmetricity and torsion shock waves
The colliding plane waves possess five symmetries, while the geometry resulting after the collision has two spacelike Killing vectors.
A class of colliding waves in metric-affine gravity, nonmetricity and torsion shock waves
In the case of the Nariai metric (1) we will consider the Killing vectors ∂t and ∂ϕ .
The Kerr-Schild ansatz for the Nariai spacetime and the generating conjecture
This means that the field is an electric type for the Killing vector ∂t and a magnetic type for the Killing vector ∂ϕ .
The Kerr-Schild ansatz for the Nariai spacetime and the generating conjecture
Each of these solutions already has three Killing vector fields, compared to two Killing vectors for the seed metric (1).
The Kerr-Schild ansatz for the Nariai spacetime and the generating conjecture
Let h·, ·i be the normalized killing form such that hα, αi = 2 for a long root α.
Generalized vertex algebras generated by parafermion-like vertex operators
For a Lie group G with a nondegenerate Killing metric on Lie subgroup H a transversal (quasireductant) Q can be constructed in such a way that h · Q · h−1 ⊂ Q (∀h ∈ H ).
Smooth Loops, Generalized Coherent States and Geometric Phases
Then ξ is analogous to the Killing vector of a stationary space-time.
Gravitational radiation, energy and reaction on quasi-spherical black holes
To show that B is non-degenerate it is sufficient to prove that B (·, ·) coincides up to a positive multiple with a restriction of a Killing form (·, ·) of g on g−1 ⊕ g1 .
Moore-Penrose inverse, parabolic subgroups, and Jordan pairs
Killing vectors) of the underline spacetime manifold.
Is Nature Generic?
Since we are only interested in the walk before it reaches the vertex z , let us introduce the notation Kz for the transition probabilities of the walk killed at z , that is Kz (x, y ) := K (x, y )1(x 6= z).
Fast graphs for the random walker