• WordNet 3.6
    • n Ki goddess personifying earth; counterpart of Akkadian Aruru
    • n ki the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things; in traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n ki A liliaceous plant, Cordyline terminalis, which is distributed through the Pacific islands, the Malay archipelago, and in China. In the Hawaiian islands its root is baked and eaten. It also affords an intoxicating drink by fermentation or distillation. The natives regard the plant as sacred, and place it around graves. Elsewhere in Polynesia the name is ti.
    • n ki An abbreviation of Kings.
    • ***


In literature:

She went to the office of the exclusive Kennel Club and entered the Chow Ki-Yi for the next Bench Show.
"Ade's Fables" by George Ade
Ke'gi \ Ki'-hu Ki-a'-ni House.
"Eighth Annual Report" by Various
Potassium iodide (KI) is the most familiar of the iodides and is largely used in medicine.
"An Elementary Study of Chemistry" by William McPherson
One day, unexpectedly, out of Hemlock Canon they came, and descended to Kya-ki-me.
"The Journal of Negro History, Volume 6, 1921" by Various
Chimaera (ki-mee'-rah), 257, 162.
"Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome" by E.M. Berens
Do you know Ki-Swahili?
"The Priest's Tale - Père Etienne" by Robert Keable
Of course Richard Dewey was overjoyed to meet friends of his own race who could provide for him better than his faithful attendant, Ki Sing.
"Ben's Nugget" by Horatio, Jr. Alger
With this stick, which is called a "Ta-ki-cap-si-cha," the ball is manipulated.
"The History of Minnesota and Tales of the Frontier" by Charles E. Flandrau
Suddenly, from the rear, there came the ki-yi of dogs.
"Panther Eye" by Roy J. Snell
Eu ki, kina, that, this, he, she, it; Dak ki, his, her, its, etc.
"The Dakotan Languages, and Their Relations to Other Languages" by Andrew Woods Williamson
Nemo ki-yied up the beach on three legs.
"Jim Spurling, Fisherman" by Albert Walter Tolman
SEU-KI-YU, Governor of Fuh-Kien, China.
"Salem Witchcraft and Cotton Mather" by Charles W. Upham
Flat Mouth is a descendant of Aish-ki-bug-e-koszh, the most famous of all the Chippewa chiefs.
"Sword and Pen" by John Algernon Owens
It goes something in this way, "Ki-yuah-yuah, yoo-o," with a prolonged howl at the end.
"Harper's Young People, March 2, 1880" by Various
The seeds were planted near the well of Sik-yat-ki, and grew there.
"The Flute of the Gods" by Marah Ellis Ryan
Sing-song, Kitty, can't you ki-me-o?
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves." by Work Projects Administration
They called themselves Saukees, from their word O-sa-ki-wug, or Yellow Earth People.
"Boys' Book of Indian Warriors" by Edwin L. Sabin
Hill Ki, my Indian driver, grunts and points at it with his whip.
"Through Our Unknown Southwest" by Agnes C. Laut
This is the same as the second name found in Maui Ki'i-ki'i.
"Legends of Ma-ui--a demi god of Polynesia, and of his mother Hina" by W. D. Westervelt
Samdadchiemba, for example, belonged to the Ki-Tou-Sse tribe of Dchiahours.
"Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China During the years 1844-5-6. Volume 1 [of 2]" by Evariste Regis Huc

In poetry:

"Whang fun li,
Tang hua ki,
Hong Kong do ra me!
Ah sin lo,
Pan to fo,
Tsing up chin leute!"
"Chingery Wangery Chan" by Louisa May Alcott
Give me the low of cattle,
The cayotes lone "ki-oo!"
The sightings of the Norther,
The owl's "whit-tu-woo!"
"Texas" by William Lawrence Chittenden
"Miss Ki Hi was short and squat,
She had money and he had not
So off to her he resolved to go,
And play her a tune on his little banjo."
"Chingery Wangery Chan" by Louisa May Alcott
"Miss Ki Hi heard his notes of love,
And held her wash-bowl up above
It fell upon the little man,
And this was the end of Chingery Chan,"
"Chingery Wangery Chan" by Louisa May Alcott
ye kahaaN ki dostee hai ke bane haiN dost naaseh
koee chaarasaaz hota, koee Ghamgusaar hota
rag-e-sang se Tapakta wo lahoo ki fir na thamta
jise GHam samajh rahe ho, ye agar sharaar hota
"Ye Na Thee Hamaree Qismat" by Ghalib Mirza Asadullah Khan
I love the broad prairie, the nother's sad sighting,
The whispering stars, the owl's lone hoo,
The mocking-bird's song when the twilight is dying,
The cayote's weird call as it echoes "ki-oo."
"The Ranchman's Song" by William Lawrence Chittenden

In news:

Initiative, has recognized KI corporate as a Gold Fit- Friendly Worksite.
Enlarge Alyssa Ki/The Jersey Journal The Kearny mayor cuts the ribbon at the Yo-Lish grand opening on Sept 15, 2012 in Kearny.
The United Nations Secretary- General , Ban Ki-moon, has called for Security Council member countries to unite in their stance on the Syrian crisis.
Enlarge Alyssa Ki/The Jersey Journal Alex Krch, from Long Island, helps bring in a trash bin in from the flood on Oct 30, 2012.
Alyssa Ki/The Jersey Journal Harrison vs Dwight Englewood Boys Soccer on Sept 27, 2012 gallery (21 photos).
Alyssa Ki/The Jersey Journal Golf Clinic on Dec 12, 2012 gallery (19 photos).
Alyssa Ki/The Jersey Journal Hoboken vs Roselle Park for the NJSIAA North 2, Group 1 title gallery (50 photos).
Viral sensation Psy and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon meet, heap praise on each other.
Enlarge Alyssa Ki/The Jersey Journal A car is covered with plastic on Grand Street on Nov 9, 2012.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned hostile remarks toward Israel and the denial of the Holocaust in Iran Thursday.
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned hostile remarks toward Israel and the denial of the Holocaust in Iran Thursday.
In an open letter Thursday to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the president of the African Union urged the UN to take immediate military action in northern Mali, which was seized by al-Qaida-linked rebels earlier this year.
Family of Ki-Suk Han mulls legal action after controversial photo.
An image from the Facebook memorial page "R. I.P Ki-Suk Han.".
Nonstop picks up Kim Ki-duk's 'Pieta'.

In science:

Let Ki be the function field of Bi and di the transcendence degree of Ki over k .
A note on polarizations of finitely generated fields
Thus, the relation xi = ι = xi ki (x) + πa+ei /e ∗ = xi (ki (x) + πa∗).
Ramification of local fields with imperfect residue fields
Since mkn+1 /mkn ≥ 4 we have that limn→+∞ |{i ∈ N : ki < n}|/mn = 0 (observe that if |{i ∈ N : ki < n}| = j then mn ≥ 4j ), then by equation (8) we obtain that B is also measurable and LF (B ) = 1/2.
Classification on the average of random walks
The degree of a provider does not change with the remaining probability (1−r)(1− ki /K ) + r(1 − ki /K )D(t) .
Growing dynamics of Internet providers
For each i there is a natural number ki , such that P ({ω ∈ Ω|ρ(xk (ω ), xl (ω )) ≥ ǫi}) < ǫi for k , l ≥ ki .
Selfsimilar random fractal measure using contraction method in probabilistic metric spaces
We see that if we define γ I 1 ≡ KI then KI = KI−a−b , so we have γ independent KI s.
Marginal Deformations of N=4 SYM and of its Supersymmetric Orbifold Descendants
We note that α is a shift in the maximum of the interference pattern, a fact that motivated Pancharatnam to define it as the relative phase between the internal states |ki and Ui |ki of the two beams.
Generalization of geometric phase to completely positive maps
Each pure component |ki of this mixture contributes an interference profile given by hk |Ui |ki = νk eiαk weighted by the its probability wk yielding I = Pk wk Ik ∝ 1 + Pk wk νk cos[χ − αk ].
Generalization of geometric phase to completely positive maps
Given η = Pi∈I kiαi ∈ Q+ , set ht η := Pi∈I ki . (i) Assume that r > 0.
Quantum loop modules
E1 the average with respect to the quenched clause variable, distributions the Gli i ’s and the Poissonian variables ki ’s, which will be i.i.d. with probabilities µ(J ), G (Gli i ) and π(ki , (1 − t)α) respectively.
Replica bounds for optimization problems and diluted spin systems
We consider the case of narrowbanded spectra, i.e. ∆ki /ki ≪ 1, with i = 1, 2, ∆ki being the characteristic width of spectra around each peak.
Instability of two interacting, quasi-monochromatic waves in shallow water
Hence Mω 6 Ki for all i , and so Mω 6 Ti Ki .
Transitive simple subgroups of wreath products in product action
Let ki be the i–th time the walk returns to z (i.e. k0 = 0, and ki+1 = τki (z )).
The speed of biased random walk on percolation clusters
Since the ki ’s become arbitrarily large we may assume that k ′ + ki ≥ N (u) for sufficiently large i, and so by Lemma 4.3(ii) there exists paths βi in E from w to u of length (k ′ + ki )d + su .
Some intrinsic properties of simple graph $C^*$-algebras
Define ψ(w) = Pr i=1 φ(a)−1φ(ki ) ⊗ mi (since S is domain and φ(mk ) ⊆ φ(a)S , we can speak about φ(a)−1φ(ki ) ∈ S ).
On linearity of finitely generated R-analytic groups