keep to oneself


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v keep to oneself withhold information "I kept your little secret to myself all these years"
    • v keep to oneself shun the company of others "The new student keeps to herself"
    • ***


  • Seneca
    “To keep oneself safe does not mean to bury oneself.”


In literature:

It wasn't a thing one could very well keep to oneself.
"The Market-Place" by Harold Frederic
I only knew how to love; how can one keep oneself in mind when one loves?
"The Deserted Woman" by Honore de Balzac
It is a trifle; all one has to do is to keep a tight rein on oneself, and keep one's head clear.
"The Sea-Gull" by Anton Checkov
And often is it greater bravery to keep quiet and pass by, that THEREBY one may reserve oneself for a worthier foe!
"Thus Spake Zarathustra A Book for All and None" by Friedrich Nietzsche
It was by no means hard, he thought, to keep oneself spruce when one had so many little pots and phials at one's disposal.
"The Fortune of the Rougons" by Emile Zola
Secondly, to take a modest condition, and to keep oneself in it without wishing to appear in any way rich.
"Droll Stories, Complete" by Honore de Balzac
To keep a manuscript to oneself for personal enjoyment seemed churlish.
"The Age of Erasmus" by P. S. Allen
There are times in life when it is well to keep some things to oneself.
"Kitty Canary" by Kate Langley Bosher
That kind of worry comes of keeping things to oneself, till molehills look mountains.
"The Disentanglers" by Andrew Lang
In the concert of nature it is hard to keep in tune with oneself if one is out of tune with everything.
"Winds Of Doctrine" by George Santayana