keep out


  • Keep a look-out for the carriages
    Keep a look-out for the carriages
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v keep out remain outside
    • v keep out prevent from entering; shut out "The trees were shutting out all sunlight","This policy excludes people who have a criminal record from entering the country"
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  • Thomas Tusser
    Thomas Tusser
    “Fear God, and offend not the Prince nor his laws, and keep thyself out of the magistrate's claws.”
  • Jewish Proverb
    Jewish Proverb
    “Locks keep out only the honest.”
  • E. K. Piper
    E. K. Piper
    “Keep out of the suction caused by those who drift backwards.”
  • Jim Rohn
    “The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Junk is something you keep for years and then throw out two weeks before you need it.”
  • Edward F. Halifax
    “Ignorance makes most men go into a political party, and shame keeps them from getting out of it.”


Keep an eye out - If you keeep an eye out for something, you are watching carefully to see if it happens.


In literature:

Well, another time I will keep out of the way of the steam-launches.
"Littlebourne Lock" by F. Bayford Harrison
First Caro Bickersteth, and Caro once let in, it was impossible to keep out the rest.
"The Creators" by May Sinclair
A notice given to those below to keep out of the way of anything being lowered down, or let fall from above.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
Why is each weed hard to keep out of fields?
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study" by Ontario Ministry of Education
Maybe I can keep out of trouble up there.
"The Huntress" by Hulbert Footner
And if it knocks them out, it will keep them out of trouble.
"The Star Hyacinths" by James H. Schmitz
Better keep out of sight from the front window of his house, though.
"Jerry's Charge Account" by Hazel Hutchins Wilson
Willing to keep out of mischief, I drew aside to let him pass, hoping he would not recognise me.
"My Sword's My Fortune" by Herbert Hayens
But she's a timid woman and so she's safe if you keep out of her range.
"Winning the Wilderness" by Margaret Hill McCarter
Here, you William, keep out o' that!
"Reels and Spindles" by Evelyn Raymond

In poetry:

SPEAK to us out of midnight's heart,
Thou who forever sleepless art!
The thoughts of Night are still and deep;
She cloth Thy holiest secrets keep.
"Winter Midnight" by Lucy Larcom
Then shall Love keep the ashes, and torn parts,
Of both our broken hearts:
Shall out of both one new one make,
From hers, th' allay; from mine, the metal take.
"The Given Heart" by Abraham Cowley
Just a teeny, weeny little bushfire;
It's easily controlled.
We can sit around and watch it;
If it spreads we'll simply scotch it.
But we must keep out the cold.
"The Bush Fire" by C J Dennis
I cannot keep from thinking
Of poor Marie Antoinette,
She lost her head completely,
But this is what I'll get--
They'll knock the stuffin' out o' me
Without the least regret.
"My Life And Death" by Edwin Carty Ranck
"Lei-gha—Lei-gha"—he then cried out,
"Lei-gha—Lei-gha"—with eager shout;
Thus did he cry, and thus did pray,
And what he meant was, "Keep away,
And leave me to myself!"
"Memorials Of A Tour In Scotland, 1803" by William Wordsworth
Is it well that he keeps well out of my way?
If we met, he and I — we alone — we two —
Would I give him one moment's grace to pray?
Not I, for the sake of the soul he slew.
"No Name" by Adam Lindsay Gordon

In news:

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Silicon Valley cities remain anxious over pending state rulings on land transfers they had hoped would keep millions of dollars worth of municipal property out of the Capital's clutches and under local control.
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I ventured out of the Big 12 this week, but couldn't keep my mind off the conference's games.
Come check out our awesome line-up at the grandstand stage for picnic day, and keep an eye out for our float in the parade.
Change should keep threatened smelt out of pink shrimp nets.
I write in response to Gail Smith's Thursday letter about coming out of the shadows of immigration, to respond to her questions and to keep the conversation going.
Water-repellent material is better at keeping raindrops out of the fibers.
Whether you need new gutters or just want to keep leaves and debris out, GutterShutter is the solution.
Can This Refining Stock Keep Pumping Out Gains.
Known for high-octane offenses, these Cougars prioritize keeping opponents out of end zone.
And the resort food at Convict Lake near Mammoth Lakes will keep you there as long as you can hold out.
However, with all of the activities she does, both in and out of school, she keeps her parents very busy.
To keep you up-to-date on what's out there, City Paper's Cassie Owens is spearheading a weeklong series that highlights locally based natural product manufacturers.

In science:

As our experimental devices become more complex and expensive, and as the time required to realize them stretches out, it becomes harder and harder to keep the faith.
Theoretical Summary Lecture for EPS HEP99
We propose to experimentally test these new FTs in a driven single orbital quantum dot where the various entropy probability distributions can be measured by the full electron counting statistics which keeps track of the four possible types of electron transfer (in and out of the dot through either lead).
Entropy fluctuation theorems in driven open systems: application to electron counting statistics
It turns out that the variances of the Mij ’s and Nij ’s (expressed in units of the mean-level spacing ∆) keep a dependence on the size of the system.
Many-Body Physics and Quantum Chaos
And in order to keep the Compton-Y parameter, Y ∼ τ γiγc , less ∼ 10 — otherwise most of the energy will come out in IC-scattered photons at ν ≫ 1 MeV — we must have large Rγ for the source.
A general scheme for modeling gamma-ray burst prompt emission
And in order to keep the Compton-Y parameter (Y ∼ τ γiγc ) less than ∼ 10 — otherwise most of the energy will come out in IC-scattered photons at ν ≫ 1 GeV — the source must have small τ or large Rγ .
A general scheme for modeling gamma-ray burst prompt emission