jump off


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v jump off set off quickly, usually with success "The freshman jumped off to a good start in his math class"
    • v jump off jump down from an elevated point "the parachutist didn't want to jump","every year, hundreds of people jump off the Golden Gate bridge","the widow leapt into the funeral pyre"
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  • Ray Bradbury
    Ray Bradbury
    “You've got to jump off cliffs and build your wings on the way down.”
  • Ray Bradbury
    Ray Bradbury
    “First you jump off the cliff and you build wings on the way down.”
  • David H. Scott
    David H. Scott
    “Someone said that inflation is like jumping off the top of the Empire State Building. The sensation is great as long as you keep on going.”
  • Ray Bradbury
    Ray Bradbury
    “Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down”


In literature:

Then, with delivery day only six weeks off, it jumped overnight to 10, and closed firm at 12-1/4.
"Old Gorgon Graham" by George Horace Lorimer
But when a loud hallo brought no sign, even from Tige, he jumped off and went to investigate the silence.
"The Gringos" by B. M. Bower
Billy, to make good his threat, jumped off the bar.
"The Long Shadow" by B. M. Bower
Before we had a moment to speak, much less form a plan of attack, the lion rose, spat at us defiantly, and deliberately jumped off the crag.
"Tales of lonely trails" by Zane Grey
Three minutes later, the inmates of the cabins began to go forward and pick favorable positions for jumping off on the other side.
"Round the Block" by John Bell Bouton
So saying, he jumped off the sled, and examined the track.
"Jonas on a Farm in Winter" by Jacob Abbott
I jump up hastily, flinging off the plaid, and advance toward the interlocutors.
"Nancy" by Rhoda Broughton
S'pose they'll jump off, or turn and try to come back?
"Two Little Knights of Kentucky" by Annie Fellows Johnston
Later it came out that he had jumped off a penny steamboat into the Thames and saved a little girl's life.
"The Story of My Life" by Ellen Terry
Having taken that much care for my life, I jumped into the boat, and we pushed off.
"Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation" by Frances Anne Kemble
When you see a train coming throw down your tools and jump off the track.
"Toaster's Handbook" by Peggy Edmund and Harold W. Williams, compilers
That was the jumping-off place.
"The Moon Rock" by Arthur J. Rees
George jumped up, and as he did so the water swished in his boots, and a stream poured off his cap.
"The Roll-Call" by Arnold Bennett
Jumping off, I gave him a smart slap with the butt of my revolver which sent him down the valley.
"An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill (Colonel W. F. Cody)" by Buffalo Bill (William Frederick Cody)
Grettir rode to meet them, and both sides jumped off their horses.
"The Story of Grettir The Strong" by Translated by Eirikr Magnusson and William Morris
When one sheep jumps off the cliff and breaks his neck, all the rest jump off and break their necks.
"Wells Brothers" by Andy Adams
In her great hurry she forgot to look for the towel and the comb, but jumped astride a broom and was off.
"Folk Tales from the Russian" by Various
In "Bluff King Hal" and "Morris Off," there is no Jump at all.
"The Morris Book" by Cecil J. Sharp
He jumped off his pony, and left Jack standing in the middle of the road.
"Macleod of Dare" by William Black
He told his brother he must jump off, but the frightened boy begged to be allowed to stay and die on the bare rock.
"Stories of American Life and Adventure" by Edward Eggleston

In poetry:

What could he do? He done his best!
"Lost! Lost! Alas!" he cried;
And, kicking off his rubber boots,
Jumped overboard—and died!
"The Tearful Tale Of Captain Dan" by Ellis Parker Butler
He took a good aim at the bastion
Then said 'Right-o, Duke, let her fly.'
The cannon nigh jumped off her trunnions,
And up went the bastion, sky high.
"Sam's Christmas Pudding" by Marriott Edgar
With a ping and a pong the fiddle-strings broke!
the cow jumped over the Moon,
And the little dog laughed to see such fun,
And the Saturday dish went off at a run
with the silver Sunday spoon.
"There Is An Inn, A Merry Old Inn" by J R R Tolkien
Take horse and follow, and you'll hurt no feelings;
He can fly down waterfalls and jump through ceilings,
He can shoot off hats, for to have a bit of fun,
With a bulldog bigger than a buffalo-gun
"A Bushranger" by Kenneth Slessor
She jumped him high as huntsmen go
Across the gate; she jumped him low,
To coax him to begin and feel
His infant steps returning, peel
His mortal pride, exposing fruit,
And off with hat and apron suit.
"Jump-To-Glory Jane" by George Meredith
Tak thi booits off that fender! Tha's made it fair black;
Just see ha tha's scratched it! Aw'm sewer it's a sin!
Jump into theas clooas an fly hooam in a crack,
Or aw'll braik ivvery booan 'at tha has i' thi skin!
"Come Thi Ways In" by John Hartley

In news:

Each year many people decide to end their lives by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
The final result came down to an intense jump-off between the home team and the Netherlands.
Hakeem Nicks jumped off the trailer of a huge Stop & Shop truck that had been filled with 1,500 turkeys donated to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey.
The defending state champion Falcons jumped out to a 2-0 lead but had to hold on in knocking off New Hanover .
Crosby a jumping off point for Haitian health care .
Unemployment falls to 7.7 percent, Jim DeMint to lead Heritage , jumping off the 'fiscal cliff.
Suicidal Buck Leaps To Death He just jumped off in the creek.
Surely we cannot let Russia defeat us in the race to jump off of buildings into huge piles of things, can we.
Coming off 'toughest year,' Berto looks to jump-start career.
A passing motorist witnessed the suspect stop his truck, exit the vehicle and jump off the bridge, the sheriff said.
'Top Gun' director dies after jumping off bridge.
Authorities say 'Top Gun' director Tony Scott dies after jumping off Los Angeles County bridge.
To which your mother logically replied, "If Billy jumps off a bridge, does that mean you have to jump off it with him".
Bungee jumping off the 'fiscal cliff.
Davis jumped off a 30 foot bridge to avoid being hit by a car.

In science:

It starts off exactly the same as in the previous case but in the final step the particle jumps over the long-range link between e and f and scatters out at f .
Diffusion Processes on Small-World Networks with Distance-Dependent Random-Links
As a result, these experimental results serve as a jumping off point for a quantitative investigation of whether DNA at length scales shorter than the persistence length behaves more flexibly than expected on the basis of the wormlike chain model.
Concentration and Length Dependence of DNA Looping in Transcriptional Regulation
The function R(z , u) given in Corollary 4.3 will be our jumping-off point for asymptotic results on cycle structure.
The cycle structure of compositions of random involutions
As shown in figure 1, the probability of obtaining oscillations from a random initial condition jumps rapidly from 0 to 1 at a lower threshold coupling strength Dl = 0.1, and falls off more gradually for D ' 0.6.
Self-Sustaining Oscillations in Complex Networks of Excitable Elements
Since the time the process stays at location x before jumping off is of order τx , some slow down effect might take place.
On the dynamics of trap models in Z^d
If a jump ξ takes place at a time r ∈ [0, t], then the expectation of the pay-off S at (t − r, y + ξ ) will be represented by the integral RRd S (t − r, y + ξ )µu (dξ ),where 0 < r < t, r = t − γ .
Controlled Continuous Time Random Walks and fractional Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equations
The first term represents the expectation of the pay-off if a jump has not occurred within time t to the end of the process, and the second term represents the expectation of the pay-off if a jump has occurred within that time.
Controlled Continuous Time Random Walks and fractional Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equations
Jumping robot (a) schematic diagram. (b,c) Actuator position xa and video tracked position of the thrust rod xp , and the sensor voltage for A = 0.19 mm in which robot does not lift-off and A = 0.30 mm in which the robot lifts off.
Lift-off dynamics in a simple jumping robot
Time to lift-off from the onset of actuator activation and time of flight were determined to 1 msec and jump height was calculated from time of flight.
Lift-off dynamics in a simple jumping robot
Lift off and jump height – In all experimental runs, at t = 0 the actuator was commanded to move from rest (Fig. 1b,c).
Lift-off dynamics in a simple jumping robot
The time to lift-off (Fig. 3c) was smaller for single jumps than stutter jumps.
Lift-off dynamics in a simple jumping robot
We are particularly interested in why optimal jumps occur only off resonance.
Lift-off dynamics in a simple jumping robot
It would be interesting to investigate how other factors, intrinsic and environmental, affect optimal performance. A non-sinusoidal actuation could improve jump height, take off time, or efficiency.
Lift-off dynamics in a simple jumping robot
Given that the evolutions of the two queues are independent, it is plausible that the total number of steps in the jump chain for which both queues are backed off together increases to infinity in a backoff, starting at time 0 and ending at time u > 0 on the fluid scale, in (cid:0)QR (t), IR (t)(cid:1).
Queue-Based Random-Access Algorithms: Fluid Limits and Stability Issues
In the classical treatment, since the fluctuating force on the resonator is due to the electrons jumping on and off the island, in principle the time history of this force can be known by detecting the electrons flowing in the circuit.
Feedback cooling of a nanomechanical resonator