• Juggernautical
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n Juggernaut a crude idol of Krishna
    • n Juggernaut an avatar of Vishnu
    • n juggernaut a massive inexorable force that seems to crush everything in its way
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Juggernaut (Hinduism) A particular form of Vishnu, or of Krishna, whose chief idol and worship are at Puri, in Orissa. The idol is considered to contain the bones of Krishna and to possess a soul. The principal festivals are the Snanayatra, when the idol is bathed, and the Rathayatra, when the image is drawn upon a car adorned with obscene paintings. Formerly it was erroneously supposed that devotees allowed themselves to be crushed beneath the wheels of this car. It is now known that any death within the temple of Jagannath is considered to render the place unclean, and any spilling of blood in the presence of the idol is a pollution.
    • Juggernaut Any large, unstoppable force, power, or popular movement which defeats or destroys any person who gets in its way or attempts to stop it; as, for years the Notre Dame football team was an unstoppable juggernaut; after the early primaries, Johnson's campaign became a juggernaut, crushing all rivals.
    • Juggernaut One of the names under which Vishnu, in his incarnation as Krishna, is worshiped by the Hindus. See also Jagannath.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n juggernaut The popular form of Jagannatha, the name of the famous Hindu idol. See Jagannatha, 2.
    • n juggernaut Figuratively, something, as an idea, custom, fashion, requirement, etc., to which one either devotes himself or is blindly sacrificed.
    • juggernaut To crush as if by Juggernaut.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Juggernaut jug′er-nawt an idol of the Hindu god Vishnu, beneath whose car devotees were supposed to immolate themselves; hence the 'car of Juggernaut' stands metaphorically for any Moloch of self-sacrifice.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Hind. Jagan-nāth, lord of the world, Skr. jagannātha,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Sans. Jagannātha, lord of the world.


In literature:

I dare say the Car of Juggernaut was a motor.
"The Chauffeur and the Chaperon" by C. N. Williamson
And to be run down by one of those Juggernauts would have meant instant death.
"Army Boys on the Firing Line" by Homer Randall
One might as well expect to sleep in momentary expectation of the Juggernaut.
"Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 26, August, 1880" by Various
His Juggernaut's car must roll on its course over her body or Mary Lawrie's.
"An Old Man's Love" by Anthony Trollope
Then something screamed at them out there in the night and came at them like a juggernaut.
"Hunters Out of Space" by Joseph Everidge Kelleam
Jack half wished that some car of Juggernaut might roll over them, so as to flatten them still more.
"Footprints in the Forest" by Edward Sylvester Ellis
What, after all, was the old god of the river to the Juggernaut of the city?
"A Son of Hagar" by Sir Hall Caine
To compare the South's effort to preserve race integrity with India's Juggernaut of caste is absurd.
"Where Half The World Is Waking Up" by Clarence Poe
Crunched and crushed under the wheels of the monster Juggernaut America rolls round to crush its people under.
"Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife" by Marietta Holley
One would say the car of Juggernaut.
"The Casual Ward academic and other oddments" by A. D. Godley

In poetry:

Multitudes, self-immolating,
Deeming their salvation bought
By a death beneath the pond'rous
Wheels of gory Juggernaut.
"Caleb's Vision" by Alfred Gibbs Campbell
There they lie—the withered corses,
With not one regretful thought,
Trampled by thy fierce steam-horses,
England's mighty Juggernaut!
"The Factory Town" by Ernest Jones
He knows nor let nor bar:
With ever-nearing stress, Like Juggernaut his car,
I see him onward press; He waves a huge MS.; He puts evasion by,
He stands—as one on guard, And reads—how volubly!—
Defend us from The Bard!
"The Ballad[e] Of The Bore" by Henry Austin Dobson

In news:

Christina Aguilera never imagined The Voice would become the ratings juggernaut it is today.
The streaming-video market is getting streamier as Redbox Instant , the Redbox/Verizon mashup aimed squarely at the Netflix juggernaut, goes into the public beta phase by the end of December.
It doesn't get any more ultimate than the combined forces of rock juggernauts Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden , so when the two announced plans to tour North America together, it quickly became the most anticipated tour of the summer.
Something's Got to Give: Triop prepares to tangle with an Offensive Juggernaut .
The New Juggernaut in English Soccer.
Romney's Fundraising Juggernaut Tops Obama's for Third Straight Month (UPDATED).
Alliance has three juggernaut teams in the state finals.
Apple is a juggernaut .
The Juggernaut Google Inc. Sign in with your online account.
How can they stop the juggernaut Kings.
Will VM Pricing Topple VMware Juggernaut .
(Rowdy) Ronda Rousey to debut for MMA juggernaut .
Medicare's 'SGR' formula has snowballed to budget-busting juggernaut .
Stop the College Sports TV Juggernaut .
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