• WordNet 3.6
    • adj judicial expressing careful judgment "discriminative censure","a biography ...appreciative and yet judicial in purpose"-Tyler Dennett"
    • adj judicial decreed by or proceeding from a court of justice "a judicial decision"
    • adj judicial relating to the administration of justice or the function of a judge "judicial system"
    • adj judicial belonging or appropriate to the office of a judge "judicial robes"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: South Africa is the only country to have three capital cities: one for each branch of its government (Administrative, Legislative, and Judicial).
    • Judicial Belonging to the judiciary, as distinguished from legislative administrative, or executive. See Executive.
    • Judicial Fitted or apt for judging or deciding; as, a judicial mind; judicial temperament.
    • Judicial Judicious.
    • Judicial Pertaining or appropriate to courts of justice, or to a judge; practiced or conformed to in the administration of justice; sanctioned or ordered by a court; as, judicial power; judicial proceedings; a judicial sale. "Judicial massacres.""Not a moral but a judicial law, and so was abrogated."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • judicial Of or pertaining to a judge; proper to the character of a judge; judge-like; hence, critical; discriminating; impartial; formerly, judicious.
    • judicial Pertaining to the administration of justice; proper to a court of law; consisting of or resulting from legal inquiry or judgment: as, judicial power or proceedings; a judicial decision, writ, sale, or punishment.
    • judicial Enacted by statute, or established by constituted authority.
    • judicial Determinative; giving judgment; deciding, as about a point in contest or about future events: as, judicial astrology.
    • judicial Having the nature of a judgment or punishment.
    • judicial An act of any public officer involving the exercise of his Judgment or discretion on a question affecting the right of any party. Thus, the act of the fiscal officer of a municipality in auditing a claim is usually judicial, but his paying a lawful warrant or order for payment is ministerial. (See ministerial.) A judicial act implies deliberation, and therefore, if to be done by several jointly, those who are to do it must be together (or under modern statutes a majority after notice to all); while a ministerial act may ordinarily, unless otherwise required by law, be the concurrent act of each separately.
    • judicial The power conferred upon and exercised by the judiciary or a court as such.
    • judicial A power conferred upon a public officer involving the exercise of judgment and discretion in the determination of questions of right in specific cases affecting the interests of persons or property, as distinguished from ministerial power, or authority to carry out the mandates of judicial power or of the law.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Judicial jōō-dish′al pertaining to a judge or court of justice: established by statute
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  • William Shakespeare
    “Though it make the unskillful laugh, cannot but make the judicious grieve.”
  • Alexis De Tocqueville
    “Scarcely any political question arises in the United States that is not resolved, sooner or later, into a judicial question.”
  • King Jr. Martin Luther
    “Morality cannot be legislated, but behavior can be regulated. Judicial decrees may not change the heart, but they can restrain the heartless.”
  • Voltaire
    “Originality is nothing but judicious plagiarism.”
  • Felix Frankfurter
    Felix Frankfurter
    “Judicial judgment must take deep account of the day before yesterday in order that yesterday may not paralyze today.”
  • William Shenstone
    William Shenstone
    “Zealous men are ever displaying to you the strength of their belief. while judicious men are showing you the grounds of it.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. judicialis, fr. judicium, judgment, fr. judex, judge: cf. OF. judicial,. See Judge
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. judicialisjudicium.


In literature:

Dryden put faith in judicial astrology, and used to calculate the nativity of his children.
"The Mysteries of All Nations" by James Grant
His Latinity is eloquent, his manner is lively, his remarks are judicious.
"Notes and Queries, Number 184, May 7, 1853" by Various
The king's minister, now Lomenie de Brienne, devised a new judicial constitution.
"Critical Miscellanies (Vol. 1 of 3)" by John Morley
Judicial Powers: Impeachment and Attainder.
"The Governments of Europe" by Frederic Austin Ogg
There is no remedy but in a system of judicious clubbing.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 17, No. 102, April, 1866" by Various
By these means and a judicious liberality, the Society prevented a great amount of suffering in the families of soldiers.
"Woman's Work in the Civil War" by Linus Pierpont Brockett
It would never do to permit such matters to become the subject of judicial investigation.
"The Story of the Upper Canada Rebellion, Volume 1" by John Charles Dent
This is of the very essence of judicial duty.
"An Essay on Professional Ethics" by George Sharswood
In some of his important cases Marshall did not cite a single judicial decision.
"Union and Democracy" by Allen Johnson
But then, how much more judicious is the system!
"Olla Podrida" by Frederick Marryat (AKA Captain Marryat)
Secondly, exercise which is irregular or is used spasmodically, is not judicious.
"The Education of American Girls" by Anna Callender Brackett
In England, from the time of Elizabeth to that of William and Mary, judicial astrology was in high repute.
"Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay
They approved of his judicious and firm administration.
"The Rise of Canada, from Barbarism to Wealth and Civilisation" by Charles Roger
During the succeeding year I came to the bar, and resided and practiced in the same judicial circuit with our departed friend.
"A Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the Secret Sessions of the Conference Convention" by Lucius Eugene Chittenden
Under "Judicial" there are two subdivisions, civil and criminal.
"The Panjab, North-West Frontier Province, and Kashmir" by Sir James McCrone Douie
In reality their case was untenable before any calm and judicial tribunal.
"William Pitt and the Great War" by John Holland Rose
Not strictly judicial, I fear, but perhaps practical.
"From Sail to Steam, Recollections of Naval Life" by Captain A. T. Mahan
The productiveness of apple-trees depends very much upon pruning very sparingly and judiciously.
"Soil Culture" by J. H. Walden
In this emergency, Colonel Cluke conceived a determination at once bold, and exceedingly judicious.
"History of Morgan's Cavalry" by Basil W. Duke
In the course of my judicial duties, I have had occasion to consider and decide several of the above points.
"Report of the Decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, and the Opinions of the Judges Thereof, in the Case of Dred Scott versus John F.A. Sandford" by Benjamin C. Howard

In poetry:

Yet the swan that swims in rivers,
Pleases the judicious sight;
Who, of brighter colours heedless,
Trusts alone to simple white.
"Neatness In Apparel" by Charles Lamb
Ere shall they not, who resolute explore
Times gloomy backward with judicious eyes;
And scanning right the practice of yore,
Shall deem our hoar progenitors unwise.
"Parody of a Translation from the Medea of Euripides" by Samuel Johnson
Now, Jurymen, hear my advice -
All kinds of vulgar prejudice
I pray you set aside:
With stern judicial frame of mind -
From bias free of every kind,
This trial must be tried!
"The Usher's Charge" by William Schwenck Gilbert
Now, Jurymen, hear my advice—
All kinds of vulgar prejudice
I pray you set aside:
With stern, judicial frame of mind
From bias free of every kind,
This trial must be tried.
"Trial" by William Schwenck Gilbert
Then Elegance, with coy judicious hand,
Shall cull fresh flowerets for Ophelia's tomb;
And Beauty chide the Fate's severe command,
That show'd the frailty of so fair a bloom!
"Elegy IV. Ophilia's Urn. To Mr. Graves" by William Shenstone
They roused him with muffins—they roused him with ice—
They roused him with mustard and cress—
They roused him with jam and judicious advice—
They set him conundrums to guess.
"The Hunting Of The Snark " by Lewis Carroll

In news:

Memorial service set for judicial pioneer.
Get to work on judicial nominations.
Two incumbents, 1 newcomer in front in 3rd Judicial District.
Vote tallies appeared favorable to two veteran judges and one political newcomer late Tuesday, but it was unclear who would be sent to the state Supreme Court for New York State's 3rd Judicial District.
Three Republicans and one Democrat appear to have secured the four open seats in the Fourth Judicial District of the New York State Supreme Court.
Amador Leads in Judicial Race.
Zionsville — Boone County Superior Court I Judge Rebecca McClure and 17 other judges received Indiana Judicial College certificates recently, as more than 50 judges state-wide were recognized for their service.
Diaz, Levine win Broward judicial races.
McClure, others honored by judicial center.
1957—No case is too easy for a liberal judicial activist to mess up.
What Does Judicial Activism Mean For The 2012 Presidential Election.
What exactly is ' judicial activism '.
Judicial activism in Prop.
Last week, President Barack Obama warned the Supreme Court against the perils of judicial activism .
Lisa Knepper says comments by President Obama raise the issue of " judicial activism " with respect to the Supreme Court.

In science:

This judicious choice of trial functions fulfills our goal: The denominator in (79) is finite and the numerator turns out to be strictly negative! The first of these two points is simple.
Instability Proof for Einstein-Yang-Mills Solitons with Arbitrary Gauge Groups
Therefore, by judicious choice of the constraint (cid:12)eld, the Ho(cid:11)man{Ribak algorithm may be used to construct constrained realizations of E .
Constrained realizations and minimum variance reconstruction of non-Gaussian random fields
However, as argued by Fisher, a judicious optimization of the vortex loop location and conformation can do better energetically, and therefore it is essential to include in the stability analysis the energy minimization over the vortex position and conformation.
Smectic Liquid Crystals in Random Environments
Aleiner and Fal’ko (AF)4 used a judicious unitary transformation to show that despite appearances the spin-orbit interaction enters the hamiltonian only to order (L/λ)2 and beyond.
Large spin-orbit effects in small quantum dots
They are the same as for muonium, so it is possible to obtain them to an accuracy more than adequate for the present purpose using muonium hfs data and a judicious scaling [65, 66].
Two-Photon Physics in Hadronic Processes
For instance, using the distinct behavior under isospin of tree and penguin operators contributing in B → ππ , a judicious choice of observables permits a determination of γ or α (≡ φ2 ) = π − β − γ . 33 The same analysis applies in B decays to pairs of longitudinally polarized ρ mesons.
CP violation in beauty decays
The basic assumption in Sℓ2M is that the intrinsic constituent particle degrees of freedom can be implicitly treated through the judicious choice of both the active few-body degrees of freedom and the appropriate effective two-body interactions.
Two-proton radioactivity
Certainly, some of deficiencies of three-body cluster models can be hidden by a judicious choice of phenomenological potentials.
Two-proton radioactivity
Phase rotation in this case is generated by a judicious shifting of the RF phases of the bunching RF, again such as to decelerate the high-energy early arrivals, and accelerate the lowenergy late arrivals.
Accelerator design concept for future neutrino facilities
In relativistic heavy ion collisions, there are a huge number of sources for dileptons which need to be judiciously taken into account for confronting experiments.
Baryons and Vector Dominance in Holographic Dual QCD
As a starting point for numerical relativity we clearly need the continuum problem to be well-conditioned – in GR this is far from trivial, e.g. because this will rely on a judicious choice of coordinate gauge.
Numerical modeling of black holes as sources of gravitational waves in a nutshell
By judicious choice of ν1 and ν2 we can make them maximize the differences between fNL and gNL type non-Gaussianities.
Statistical nature of non-Gaussianity from cubic order primordial perturbations: CMB map simulations and genus statistic
The novelty factor, characterized in our sentence scoring method by a linear function Nf (H ), turns out to be a very important parameter requiring to be tuned in a more judicious manner.
Improving Update Summarization by Revisiting the MMR Criterion
This information facilitates an educated guess and a judicious choice of the test state for the next iteration.
Test-State Approach to the Quantum Search Problem
But there is a twist: While there is one “yes” answer, each “no” answer is slightly different and, with the help of the square-root measurement, this difference can be exploited systematically for a judicious choice of the test state for the next round.
Test-State Approach to the Quantum Search Problem