• WordNet 3.6
    • n jobber someone who buys large quantities of goods and resells to merchants rather than to the ultimate customers
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Jobber A dealer in the public stocks or funds; a stockjobber.
    • Jobber One who buys goods from importers, wholesalers, or manufacturers, and sells to retailers.
    • Jobber One who turns official or public business to private advantage; hence, one who performs low or mercenary work in office, politics, or intrigue.
    • Jobber One who works by the job.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n jobber One who or that which jobs, pecks, or stabs: used in composition: as, tree-jobber or wood-jobber (a woodpecker); nut-jobber (a nuthatch).
    • n jobber One who does anything by the job; one who does small jobs or chance work.
    • n jobber One who lets out or furnishes horses or carriages by the week or month; a job-master.
    • n jobber One who purchases goods in bulk and resells them to smaller dealers; a middleman.
    • n jobber On the London stock-exchange, a dealer in stocks and bonds on his own account; a stock-exchange operator to whom brokers sell, and from whom they buy, it being; contrary to stock-exchange etiquette for brokers to negotiate with each other; a middleman or intermediary acting between brokers.
    • n jobber One who renders the discharge of a trust subservient to private ends; especially, an intriguer who turns public work to his own or his friends' advantage; hence, one who performs low or dirty work in office, politics, or intrigue.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Jobber one who jobs: one who buys and sells, as a broker or middleman: one who turns official actions to private advantage: one who engages in a mean lucrative affair
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Formerly gob—O. Fr. gob, a mouthful; from the same Celtic root as gobble.


In literature:

The day of the jobber and retailer is done.
"The Root of Evil" by Thomas Dixon
But the number of robberies and assassinations did not diminish; no sympathy was shewn for rich jobbers when they were plundered.
"Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay
The jobbers and wholesalers have first call.
"The Mission of Janice Day" by Helen Beecher Long
It's sure to land one in the hands of the mortgage jobber.
"Masters of the Wheat-Lands" by Harold Bindloss
Furthermore, he's a real forester, and not a political jobber or a corporation attorney.
"Cavanaugh: Forest Ranger" by Hamlin Garland
Then came the land-jobbers, a set of sharks who did great harm.
"Trade and Travel in the Far East" by G. F. Davidson
Stoffregen, both of New York, are importers and jobbers, or green-coffee men.
"All About Coffee" by William H. Ukers
These, in brief are the financial steps in the progress of cotton from the grower to the jobber.
"The Fabric of Civilization" by Anonymous
He was at the mercy of the jobber, the kerb-stone broker, the pedlar in fruit.
"The Spoilers of the Valley" by Robert Watson
Henceforth he must be circumspect with every male customer on his list except jobbers and wholesalers.
"Mixed Faces" by Roy Norton

In news:

I appreciate the Snoqualmie Valley Record (SVR) continuing a generous narrative on the struggle being played out regarding an element of King County's "rural character" that I prefer to call "cottage industries and rural jobbers".
Normally, a snail does not catch my attention, but this one was no ditch-bank jobber--it was the size of a half-dollar coin on the bottom.
Those associated with the millwork industry, including window and door manufacturers, will want to attend the upcoming National Sash and Door Jobbers (NSDJA) Convention.
Kasmir, the head of Kasmir Fabrics, a major decorative fabrics jobber , was 60.
AM COPELAND, a struggling Brooklyn blouse jobber and father of nine, was devout, shrewd and practical in equal measure.
IMTDA board member and independent tool jobber Brian Gallagher for Ironman tools runs multiple tool truck routes in Savannah Georgia.
Designed to operate on laptops and desktop computers of jobbers, mobile tool dealers, store-front and mobile retail business environments.