jet engine


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n jet engine a gas turbine produces a stream of hot gas that propels a jet plane by reaction propulsion
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In literature:

I went onward by train-engine all along the coast to a region of iron-ore, alum, and jet-excavations round Whitby and Middlesborough.
"The Purple Cloud" by M.P. Shiel
From the exhaust of the mill's engine a jet of white steam shot up sparkling.
"The Rules of the Game" by Stewart Edward White
What is the result of too little steam jet atomizer when standing at stations or when the engine is working light?
"The Traveling Engineers' Association" by Anonymous
More jet engines bellowed.
"Space Tug" by Murray Leinster
The engine was trembling under a good head of steam, white jets gushing from her safety valves.
"The Border Boys Across the Frontier" by Fremont B. Deering
Furthermore, if he were using any sort of prop, or a jet engine, the noise would give him away.
"The Black Star Passes" by John W Campbell
What seemed strangest of all was the lazy puffing of the engines over the claims, throwing out their white jets of steam.
"A Boy's Voyage Round the World" by The Son of Samuel Smiles
They would thrust savagely up with their separate jet engines.
"Space Platform" by Murray Leinster
At the eighteenth and last trial this engine threw a good vertical jet.
"Fire Prevention and Fire Extinction" by James Braidwood
Since there is no rocket jet to worry about, all that is really necessary is to put the engine in reverse.
"Hanging by a Thread" by Gordon Randall Garrett

In news:

5 Neighbors Gone, and a Jet Engine Where a Child's Bike Might Have Been.
GE Aviation forms partnership on new jet engine .
Whether it's the honking of vehicles or the sound of jet engines roaring, it's hard to escape city noise in the DC area.
Alternate engine makers for F-35 jet offer price cut.
Engineers work on a model of the Mars rover Curiosity at the Spacecraft Assembly Facility at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif, Thursday, Aug 2, 2012.
Alternate engine makers for F-35 jet offer price cut .
The decision to open a jet engine production line at Pratt & Whitney in Palm Beach County means long-term employment for those workers hired, said United Technologies Corp.
A former Jackson Middle School student, now a NASA jet propulsion engineer, pays a high-tech.
Hudson, Mass.-based Test Devices has sold approximately $17 million worth of jet engine test equipment to Russia and China.
Ford Racing representatives wouldn't comment on the future of the twin- turbo Cobra Jet's powertrain in future CJ Mustangs, but several engineers pointed out that turbos are enjoying continued expansion throughout drag racing in general.
For one woman, it was a reality for 35 years, but she regained her voice, with help from jet engines.
The NLB 605 series of water jet pump units include eight operating pressures from 4,000 to 40,000 psi, with engines of up to 600 hp.
What kind of lunatic straps jet engines to his back and leaps out of an airplane.
Design, manufacture and aftermarket supportfor high-efficiency jet engines.

In science:

The type of object we see depends on the viewing angle, whether or not the AGN produces a significant jet emission, and how powerful the central engine is.
The AGN phenomenon: open issues
The jet from the central engine stalls after about 250 seconds, and the abundance distribution freezes out in the expanding envelope.
Asphericity Effects in Supernovae
This may originate in synchrotron radiation from discrete plasma components or from the ”base” of a continuous jet ejected from the central engine, which becomes optically thin on larger scales (Nagar, Wilson, & Falcke 2001).
The complex structure of low luminosity AGN : NGC 4579
If the emitting region in the jet lies beyond the distance of the torus from the central engine, then SSC will dominate and the results of Paper I should be used to calculate the evolution of the high-energy spectrum.
External Compton Radiation from Rapid Nonthermal Flares in Blazars
At this stage fading optically thin radio emission is only associated with a jet/shock which is now physically decoupled from the central engine.
Accretion modes and jet production in black hole X-ray binaries