• WordNet 3.6
    • v jackknife dive into the water bending the body at the waist at a right angle, like a jackknife
    • n jackknife a dive in which the diver bends to touch the ankles before straightening out
    • n jackknife a large knife with one or more folding blades
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Jackknife A large, strong clasp knife for the pocket; a pocket knife.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n jackknife A pocket-knife larger than a penknife.
    • n jackknife A horn-handled clasp-knife with a laniard, worn by seamen.
    • n jackknife A form of terminal used for making connections in central telephone-stations. See jack, 11 .
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In literature:

JOHNNIE GREEN couldn't find his new jackknife anywhere.
"The Tale of Daddy Longlegs" by Arthur Scott Bailey
A workman's steel tools were treasures, and a good jackknife was a valuable article.
"Diggers in the Earth" by Eva March Tappan
Polter squatted down beside me, folding his long form like a jackknife.
"Valley of the Croen" by Lee Tarbell
The jackknife-like figure in the bed shuddered its repugnance.
"No Clue" by James Hay
He never rested and talked but what he got out his jackknife and started to cut on a bit of wood.
"The Rover Boys in Alaska" by Arthur M. Winfield
In vain Philemon offered three fish-hooks and a jackknife by way of solace.
"Harper's Young People, March 23, 1880" by Various
Next Hank drew himself aboard, after passing the jackknife to Joe Dawson.
"The Motor Boat Club and The Wireless" by H. Irving Hancock
Neither of them had ever undertaken to butcher a beef before, and a good-sized jackknife was all they had to work with.
"War from the Inside" by Frederick L. (Frederick Lyman) Hitchcock
The catch on the pantry window was loose, however, and Morrow managed to pry it open with his jackknife.
"The Crevice" by William John Burns and Isabel Ostrander
Scotty took out his jackknife and probed with the largest blade.
"The Blue Ghost Mystery" by Harold Leland Goodwin
Then, with his jackknife, he pried one of the no-draft windows open just far enough to slip the wire in.
"The Egyptian Cat Mystery" by Harold Leland Goodwin
I prune with a jackknife, a two-inch thin-bladed chisel, and mallet.
"The Apple" by Various
With his jackknife he cleaned the fish as best he could, and then broiled it on a green twig.
"Boys of The Fort" by Ralph Bonehill
Zircon got out a jackknife and began to probe into cracks.
"The Caves of Fear" by John Blaine
Making sure that he had his matches, he got out his jackknife and cut off the driest branch that he could find.
"First at the North Pole" by Edward Stratemeyer
What simple machines are represented in a jackknife, a sewing-machine, a screw-driver, a plane, a saw, a table fork?
"Physics" by Willis Eugene Tower
The jackknife brought to murderous sharpness, the mistress of the bakery declared that the others could wait.
"Pippin; A Wandering Flame" by Laura E. Richards
With all his force, he drove his knee into Mat's stomach and doubled the fellow up like a jackknife.
"Frank Merriwell's Triumph" by Burt L. Standish
His muscled frame jackknifed with acute cramps.
"The Wolf Cub" by Patrick Casey
His only compensation for the trip was a large jackknife, which proved the germ of a subsequent fortune.
"Makers and Romance of Alabama History" by B. F. Riley

In poetry:

Many things thou askest, jackknife-bearing stranger,
Much-conjecturing mortal, pork-and-treacle-waster!
Pretermit thy whittling, wheel thine ear-flap toward me,
Thou shall hear them answered.
"De Sauty" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

Jackknifed big rig snarls traffic on eastbound I-580 near Greenville Road.
Jackknifed big rig blocks 5 freeway in L.A.
A wayward big rig caused cleanup headaches — but no injuries — after jackknifing on a freeway transition ramp in Woodland, the California Highway Patrol reported Monday.
Big rig jackknifes on I-4's Fairbanks curve.
Jackknifed semi blocking northbound I-5 at South Yakima Avenue.
Big rig jackknifes and overturns in Pasadena.
It was closed this morning after an 18-wheeler jackknifed and began leaking Diesel fuel.
The California Highway Patrol has reopened State Route 84 to traffic following a two-vehicle crash involving a big rig that jackknifed, police said.
Southbound I-75 in Downtown Dayton is very slow because of a jackknifed semi at Monument Avenue.
ODOT says the semi jackknifed and an earlier fuel leak has stopped.
Traffic was moving slowly this morning on southbound Interstate 75 at the Monument Avenue bridge after a semi- tractor trailer jackknifed.
Another semi has jackknifed in almost the same area where another semi jackknifed not too long ago on Interstate 90 near the Three Forks interchange.
A jackknife just sharp enough to cut your finger and make it bleed.
A semi reportedly jackknifed about five miles to the east about two-and-a-half hour later.
Jackknifed tractor-trailer causes highway closure.

In science:

In this paper we show that it is possible to replace the jackknife estimators used by Lin and Mudholkar and Mudholkar et al. by estimators that are smooth functions of the sample skewness and sample kurtosis.
On two simple tests for normality with high power
Mudholkar et al. (2002) used the same jackknife approach to construct another test for normality.
On two simple tests for normality with high power
The good performance of the Z and Z ′ tests and the fact that the jackknife approach yields tests with essentially the same power as the ”exact” tests is encouraging.
On two simple tests for normality with high power
Application of the method for estimating the PMSE under the model (5.5) in an extensive simulation study outperforms the double-bootstrap and jackknife procedures, with good performance in estimating the MSE of the PMSE estimators.
New Important Developments in Small Area Estimation
The PMSE of the empirical predictor is estimated using the jackknife procedure of Jiang, Lahiri and Wan (2002), described in Section 6.1.
New Important Developments in Small Area Estimation
The PMSE of the EB predictor is estimated by a weighted jackknife procedure of Chen and Lahiri (2002).
New Important Developments in Small Area Estimation
The PMSE of the PEB is estimated by the jackknife procedures of Jiang, Lahiri and Wan (2002) described in Section 6.1 and the weighted jackknife procedure of Chen and Lahiri (2002).
New Important Developments in Small Area Estimation
Jiang, J., Lahiri, P. and Wan, S. M. (2002). A unified jackknife theory for empirical best prediction with M estimation.
New Important Developments in Small Area Estimation
Jackknife estimation of mean squared error of small area predictors in nonlinear mixed models.
New Important Developments in Small Area Estimation
Measurements were performed every fifth sweep and the errors were estimated by using the jackknife method.
Scaling with a modified Wilson action which suppresses Z_2 artifacts in SU(2) lattice gauge theories
Comparing the jackknife error with the canonical variance of the individual measurements we find that the integrated autocorrelation time for both the kinetic energy estimator and the virial estimator never exceeded a value of τ int/ne ≤ 2.
Test of variational approximation for $phi^4$ quantum chain by Monte Carlo simulation
Since c2 involves the difference of the pion energy at zero and nonzero momentum, a jackknife analysis was done to estimate the statistical error on c2 at β = 7.3 and 7.5.
Testing improved actions for dynamical Kogut-Susskind quarks
Errors estimated from the jackknife analysis were not significantly different than errors estimated naively from the statistical error in the nonzero momentum pion energies.
Testing improved actions for dynamical Kogut-Susskind quarks
The jackknife technique was used to define correlated error bars and the time range t = 10 − 12, where the nucleon propagator becomes single exponential, was fit for all ~q .
Disconnected Electromagnetic Form Factors
We show that that the jackknife variance estimator vjack and the the infinitesimal jackknife variance estimator are asymptotically equivalent if the functional of interest is a smooth function of the mean or a smooth trimmed L-statistic.
Asymptotic accuracy of the jackknife variance estimator for certain smooth statistics