• WordNet 3.6
    • n isolation the act of isolating something; setting something apart from others
    • n isolation a country's withdrawal from international politics "he opposed a policy of American isolation"
    • n isolation a feeling of being disliked and alone
    • n isolation (psychiatry) a defense mechanism in which memory of an unacceptable act or impulse is separated from the emotion originally associated with it
    • n isolation a state of separation between persons or groups
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Joseph Priestley not only discovered oxygen, but he also discovered ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride, sulphur dioxide, and nitrous oxide. He was also the first person to isolate chlorine.
    • n Isolation The act of isolating, or the state of being isolated; insulation; separation; loneliness.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Joseph Priestly is credited with discovering oxygen, ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride, sulphur dioxide, and nitrous oxide. He was also the first to isolate chlorine.
    • n isolation The state of being isolated or alone.
    • n isolation Specifically, removal from communication or contact with others; also, the condition of being so removed. An isolation ward, hospital, or camp is a ward, hospital, or camp in which isolation of the sick or of those who have been exposed to infection is secured.
    • n isolation In psychology, the process whereby one selects a certain quality of an object for consideration, to the neglect of other qualities; selection by attention.
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  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “When all is said the greatest action is to limit and isolate one's self.”
  • Friedrich Schlegel
    “An aphorism ought to be entirely isolated from the surrounding world like a little work of art and complete in itself like a hedgehog.”
  • Henry Drummond
    Henry Drummond
    “Therefore keep in the midst of life. Do not isolate yourself. Be among men and things, and among troubles, and difficulties, and obstacles.”
  • Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
    “A creation of importance can only be produced when its author isolates himself, it is a child of solitude.”
  • Thomas Wentworth Higginson
    Thomas Wentworth Higginson
    “Great men are rarely isolated mountain-peaks; they are the summits of ranges.”
  • Steve Schmidt
    Steve Schmidt
    “The price for independence is often isolation and solitude.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. isolation,


In literature:

For in Egypt you get your phenomenon isolated, as it were, from all disturbing elements.
"Science in Arcady" by Grant Allen
It is as absolutely self-centred and isolated as if it were a fort in the sea or a log-hut in the forest.
"The Grey Wig: Stories and Novelettes" by Israel Zangwill
I was to be completely isolated from the rest of mankind.
"In the Shadow of Death" by P. H. Kritzinger and R. D. McDonald
Cleanliness and wholesome food ought to do much, and isolation should accomplish the rest.
"The Fat of the Land" by John Williams Streeter
Moping in that isolated cabin his mind took on a sort of abnormal activity.
"Burned Bridges" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
Meanwhile the garrisons were carefully isolated, and one by one signalled out for attack.
"The History of England" by T.F. Tout
The two richly carved isolated columns were brought from Acre in 1256.
"A Wanderer in Venice" by E.V. Lucas
When the Nonjurors, or a large section of them, cut themselves away from the National Church, they did not in their isolation look towards Rome.
"The English Church in the Eighteenth Century" by Charles J. Abbey and John H. Overton
Chinese Buddhists do not regard Amida's vows as an isolated achievement.
"Hinduism and Buddhism, An Historical Sketch, Vol. 3 (of 3)" by Charles Eliot
It was more isolated, more provincial, more independent, more American.
"History of the United States" by Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard
But this age of isolation, of equality, of independence, had now come to an end.
"History of the English People, Volume I (of 8)" by John Richard Green
These carts illustrate well the primitive nature and the isolation of the Colony.
"The Romantic Settlement of Lord Selkirk's Colonists" by George Bryce
I had a moment with Carter in the isolation of his chart room.
"Brigands of the Moon" by Ray Cummings
That place is isolated and remote; he is neither of it nor quite in it.
"A Book of Prefaces" by H. L. Mencken
But he thought of coming isolation in the studio, and refrained.
"The Way of Ambition" by Robert Hichens
Thereafter, though Colonia still remained in Portuguese hands, it was isolated and scarcely tenable.
"The South American Republics Part I of II" by Thomas C. Dawson
Terns usually nest in large colonies on the beach of some isolated islet either on our sea coasts or in the interior.
"Color Key to North American Birds" by Frank M. Chapman
The men of the mountains have lived isolated lives for a hundred years.
"The Code of the Mountains" by Charles Neville Buck
She lived without deep feeling of any kind in a determined isolation.
"The Truants" by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
Isolated farm-houses are scattered along the road.
"Travels in the Interior of North America, Part I, (Being Chapters I-XV of the London Edition, 1843)" by Alexander Philipp Maximilian, Prince of Wied

In poetry:

No, no, don't think it.
He doesn't know he is alone;
Isolation is his birthright,
This atom.
"Tortoise Family Connections" by D H Lawrence
And sweating, dazed, isolate
In the hot trench beneath,
We bide the next shrewd move of fate
Be it of life or death.
"Battle" by Robert Nichols
That isolated second. But there are
Bright balls and theatres, such a world of life;
And if you had the sun —
"An Interlude" by E J Rupert Atkinson
The sunshine used to make me glad,
But now it knows me not;
This weight of brightness makes me sad—
It isolates a blot.
"The Disciple" by George MacDonald
In shoeless corridors, the lights burn. How
Isolated, like a fort, it is -
The headed paper, made for writing home
(If home existed) letters of exile: Now
Night comes on. Waves fold behind villages.
"Friday Night At The Royal Station Hotel" by Philip Larkin
In glacier isolation: Thus wert thou,
With that pale steadfast brow,
Gaunt aquiline: Thy whole life one labouring breath,
Yet the strong soul untamed;
France bridled, England saved, thy task ere death!
"Willelmus Van Nassau" by Francis Turner Palgrave

In news:

The files include many accounts of troop leaders molesting their young charges on campouts and in other isolated settings.
Isolated severe storms this evening.
Now that I can be heard above the cacaphony in the heads of the drivers I encounter, I am no longer isolated from the traffic pattern.
Madison Mayor Paul Soglin is aiming to save an isolated southeast side neighborhood by giving people a way out.
These days, Damascus lies just 45 minutes away, on improved roads that mean that the journey between this isolated village and the capital no longer strikes anyone as forbidding.
"I felt I was being bullied and isolated from the group," the 16-year-old gold medalist, appearing on Oprah's Next Chapter, said.
New Techniques & Application Chapter 15 Infrared Spectroscopy and Partial Least Square Calibration in Simultaneous Quantification of Isolated trans & CLA.
Powerful Isolated downpour in Dallas.
Instead, it was a strong isolated downpour over the town of Dallas, Oregon in Polk County at 12:21 pm on Sunday Feb 20, 2011.
Improved Enclosed Hospital Grade Isolation Transformers Offer Lower Cost.
Because of the region's isolation, he said Eskimos still must hunt and gather much of their food and clothing.
Currently, in the isolated Piney Woods of East Texas, south of Winnsboro, eight people are occupying a tree fort situated in the direct path of the construction of a pipeline.
IN a remarkable display of international cooperation and technical expertise, scientists have already isolated the virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS.
The vessel was towed to Wide Bay to isolate it while it was being vented of the gas.
A federal judge has delayed a ruling on whether the Alabama Department of Corrections can continue to isolate prisoners who have tested positive for HIV.

In science:

If there is some isolating neighbourhood NF (independent of s) of these fixed points for each s ∈ [0, 1] then we say that (H s t , F) is an isolated deformation.
Local Floer homology and infinitely many simple Reeb orbits
Suppose that F and F ′ are two isolated fixed point sets of Ht whose union is also an isolated fixed point set.
Local Floer homology and infinitely many simple Reeb orbits
We can choose a small isolating neighbourhood of F ∪ F ′ which is the disjoint union of two isolating neighbourhoods NF and NF ′ .
Local Floer homology and infinitely many simple Reeb orbits
Because the Reeb orbit is isolated, we have that H γ t has an isolated fixed point at 0 ∈ Bδ .
Local Floer homology and infinitely many simple Reeb orbits
However, it also happens that a non-isolated (d − 1)-face becomes isolated through collapses on other (d − 1)-faces.
When does the top homology of a random simplicial complex vanish?
Therefore as ρ → ∞, the network a.a.s. contains a unique unbounded component and isolated nodes only; a suf ficient an d necessary condition for G (cid:0)Xρ , grρ , A(cid:1) to be a.a.s. connected is that there is no isolated node in the network, which occurs when b → ∞ as ρ → ∞.
Connectivity of Large Wireless Networks under A Generic Connection Model
Let W be the number of isolated nodes in G (cid:0)Xρ , grρ , A(cid:1) and W E be the number of isolated nodes in G (cid:0)Xρ , grρ , A(cid:1) due to the boundary effect.
Connectivity of Large Wireless Networks under A Generic Connection Model
In G (cid:0)Xρ , grρ , A(cid:1), if b → ∞ as ρ → ∞, a.a.s. there is no isolated node in the network; if b → −∞ as ρ → ∞, a.a.s. the network has at least one isolated node.
Connectivity of Large Wireless Networks under A Generic Connection Model
Length fluctuations due to seismic noise should become somewhat easier to handle in aLIGO since the test masses will be far more isolated from ground vibration due to sophisticated aLIGO seismic isolation systems.
Multi-color Cavity Metrology
The LO to RF isolation is at least 40 dB and the LO to IF isolation is about 30 dB.
The multifrequency Siberian Radioheliograph
The strategy is to show that in this regime there exist isolated k -faces which generate nontrivial cohomology classes — this is the higher-dimensional analogue of “isolated vertices” being the main obstruction to connectivity of the random graph G(n, p); see for example Chapter 7 of .
Sharp vanishing thresholds for cohomology of random flag complexes
Hence the leading photon pT cut, photon-jet isolation, and photon-photon isolation requirements remove much more signal compared to a SM Higgs. A heavier A0 3 would pass the cuts more efficiently, but has a smaller production cross section.
Electroweak Baryogenesis in R-symmetric Supersymmetry
Lemma 4.3: Suppose tp(¯a/¯b) is semi-isolated and tp(¯a) is not isolated.
Hyperbolic towers and independent generic sets in the theory of free groups
To isolate the Pancharatnam phase, the effect of the dynamical phase has to be isolated, and this can be done in the following manner.
Novel States of Classical Light and Noncontextuality
The links incorporate both DC and AC isolation up to several hundred MHz by means of a capacitive digital isolator, with power delivered from the DCOL via an additional cable pair.
Calorimetry for Lepton Collider Experiments - CALICE results and activities