• WordNet 3.6
    • n irregularity behavior that breaches the rule or etiquette or custom or morality
    • n irregularity not characterized by a fixed principle or rate; at irregular intervals
    • n irregularity an irregular asymmetry in shape; an irregular spatial pattern
    • n irregularity irregular and infrequent or difficult evacuation of the bowels; can be a symptom of intestinal obstruction or diverticulitis
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Irregularity The state or quality of being irregular; that which is irregular.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n irregularity Lack of regularity; the state of being irregular; deviation from rule, method, order, course, uniformity, etc.; hence, impropriety; disorder; laxity: as, irregularity of proceedings; the irregularity of a curve; irregularity of life or conduct.
    • n irregularity That which is irregular or out of due course; a part exhibiting divergence from the rest; hence, aberrant or immoral action or conduct: as, an irregularity on a surface; to be guilty of irregularities.
    • n irregularity In law, an act or proceeding not wholly beyond the power of the court or party, but done in a manner not warranted by the law or the state of the cause.
    • n irregularity In botany, want of uniformity in size, shape, or measure of union among the members of the same floral circle.
    • n irregularity Eccles., in the Roman Catholic Church, infraction of the rules governing admission to the clerical office and discharge of its functions; a canonical impediment to reception of orders, exercise of clerical functions, or advancement in the church. Irregularities are classed as Ex defectu, from defects of mind, body, birth, age, liberty, the sacrament (that is, of marriage, including previous digamy, etc.), lenity (involved in previous military service, homicide, etc.), and reputation (from notorious crime, judicial sentence, etc.); and
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Irregularity state of being irregular: deviation from a straight line, or from rule: departure from method or order: vice
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  • Willa Cather
    “The irregular and intimate quality of things made entirely by the human hand.”
  • Motto
    “Impatience is the cause of most of our irregularities and extravagances Command by obeying.”
  • Thomas Otway
    Thomas Otway
    “Clocks will go as they are set, but man, irregular man, is never constant, never certain.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “The secret of ugliness consists not in irregularity, but in being uninteresting.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. irrégularité,


In literature:

The western part of the city, which is very irregular in shape, is occupied entirely by Shi'as.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 2" by Various
In addition, there is an irregular force of horse and foot.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 3" by Various
The park's boundary is exceedingly irregular, with deep indentations of private property.
"The Book of the National Parks" by Robert Sterling Yard
The policy to be pursued in regard to payment for irregular employment.
"The Settlement of Wage Disputes" by Herbert Feis
If the pericardium is the principal seat of the disease, the pulse is quick and irregular.
"Zoonomia, Vol. II" by Erasmus Darwin
Irregular: Outlines not conforming to any recognised shape.
"The Elements of Bacteriological Technique" by John William Henry Eyre
It shows irregularities more or less following the surface contours, though not nearly so sharply accentuated.
"The Economic Aspect of Geology" by C. K. Leith
But the contractor settled accounts when he felt inclined, and at irregular intervals.
"India and the Indians" by Edward F. Elwin
The face of the wounded Irregular lengthened in disgust.
"The Dop Doctor" by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
The rhythm is perfectly smooth, and cannot be called irregular.
"English: Composition and Literature" by W. F. (William Franklin) Webster
The shops, too, have their diverting irregularities, as well as the town.
"Rambles Beyond Railways;" by Wilkie Collins
It is of an irregular shape, about 70 ft. long, 23 ft. broad, and 15 ft. high.
"The Shores of the Adriatic" by F. Hamilton Jackson
Yet how irregular and faltering are the first steps of human progress.
"History of Human Society" by Frank W. Blackmar
Crawford refrained from laughing at his commander of irregulars.
"Border, Breed Nor Birth" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
In the latter part of a clear morning a small irregular spot appears suddenly at a moderate elevation.
"The Rain Cloud or, An Account of the Nature, Properties, Dangers and Uses of Rain" by Anonymous
She only comes to the gymnasium, and she's irregular at that.
"The Shadow" by Mary White Ovington
The descent was by irregular steps cut and worn in the rocks.
"Incidents of Travel in Yucatan, Vol. I." by John L. Stephens
The masonry is made of irregular blocks of schist.
"Romanesque Art in Southern Manche: Album" by Marie Lebert
The S. E. trades, however, were there obvious, during the dry season, notwithstanding the irregularities.
"The Philosophy of the Weather" by Thomas Belden Butler
All were armed, but in the same irregular fashion.
"Horse-Shoe Robinson" by John Pendleton Kennedy

In poetry:

Whatever in those climes he found
Irregular in sight or sound
Did to his mind impart
A kindred impulse, seemed allied To his own powers, and justified
The workings of his heart.
"Ruth" by William Wordsworth
This love of nature, that allures to take
Irregularity for harmony
Of larger scope than our hard measures make,
Cherish it as thy school for when on thee
The ills of life descend.
"Fragments" by George Meredith
The Japanese next to me at the bar
bites at his sake with big irregular teeth.
Behind the heavy glasses (which he wears
like an elegant suit of clothes) his eyes
are yellow as the warm wine he is drinking.
"In a Bar Near Shibuya Station, Tokyo" by Paul Engle
while he was so beastly with love for Charlotte Coquet
he skated up & down in front of her house
wishing he could, sir, die,
while being bullied & he dreamt he could fly—
during irregular verbs—them world-sought bodies
safe in the Arctic lay:
"Dream Song 11: His mother goes. The mother comes & goes." by John Berryman

In news:

SANTA CLARA, Calif.— San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was sent to the hospital Thursday for a "minor procedure" after doctors discovered he had an irregular heartbeat.
SANTA CLARA, Calif (AP) — San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has been sent to the hospital for a "minor procedure" after doctors discovered he had an irregular heartbeat.
Tucson News NowJim Harbaugh has procedure for irregular heartbeat.
49ers' Jim Harbaugh hospitalized with irregular heartbeat.
Adam Schefter on San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh being sent to the hospital for a "minor procedure" after doctors discovered he had an irregular heartbeat.
49ers coach Harbaugh hospitalized with irregular heartbeat .
Rather than answer questions about the 49ers' simmering quarterback debate Tuesday afternoon, coach Jim Harbaugh was undergoing a follow-up evaluation for an irregular heartbeat .
49ers coach Harbaugh undergoing follow-up evaluation after procedure for irregular heartbeat .
Springbok prop Tendai Mtawarira has 'minor medical procedure' to correct irregular heartbeat .
49ers' Harbaugh has procedure for irregular heartbeat .
SANTA CLARA, Calif (AP) San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was sent to the hospital Thursday for a "minor procedure" after doctors discovered he had an irregular heartbeat .
Brazil Coffee Suffering From Irregular Rain, Somar Says.
Reds' Baker hospitalized overnight with irregular heartbeat.
On Election Day, NAACP President Ben Jealous addresses voting irregularities nationwide.
Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office noticed irregularities.

In science:

They span a wide range of mass and Lx , with 40% being classified as “irregular” in their overall morphology (as traced by the galaxy distribution).
Multi-wavelength Surveys for Distant Clusters
In the presentation we give here, we restrict the study of the process on a regular graph instead of the irregular graph used in .
Random walks in random environment on trees and multiplicative chaos
Histogram of outflow velocity measured from the profile of the circumstellar CO emission for a sample of semiregular and irregular variables (Kerschbaum & Olofsson 1999).
The Very Slow Wind From the Pulsating Semiregular Red Giant L2 Pup
In the case of small metallic grains or quantum dots, one may assume that their irregular shape leads to chaoticity in the single-particle wave functions .
Odd-even binding effect from random two-body interactions
This is consistent with the assumption that our quantum dot or metallic grain has irregular shape.
Odd-even binding effect from random two-body interactions
All of them satisfy the physical criteria used in this paper, but some have irregular behaviour of the speed of sound (dp/dρ)1/2 and of p/ρ.
Static charged perfect fluid spheres in general relativity
This slowing down of the random walker, called anomalous diffusion (see, for reviews, [1,2]), is due to the delays it experiences by being trapped in or reflected from the irregular features of the cluster.
Structure and diffusion time scales of disordered clusters
The oscillations are rather irregular in both the s-wave and d-wave cases, in accordance with the singular behaviors of ∆(Nc ) in Fig. 2.
Theory of de Haas-van Alphen Effect in Type-II Superconductors
We attribute this irregularity to the effect of the bound-state formation in the core region.
Theory of de Haas-van Alphen Effect in Type-II Superconductors
Hence the periodicity of the vortex lattice assumed here is almost irrelevant, and the theory is applicable also to the cases with irregularity such as a random array of vortices.
Theory of de Haas-van Alphen Effect in Type-II Superconductors
Complex fibred surfaces f : X → B of small fibre genus may be studied by different techniques according to their irregularity q(X ) = H 1(X, OX ).
Maximally irregularly fibred surfaces of general type
We extend this technique to surfaces with q = b + g − 1, which we call maximal ly irregularly fibred.
Maximally irregularly fibred surfaces of general type
We construct a ’prototype’ for maximally irregularly fibred surfaces with g = 3, i.e. a fibred surface such that any other surface with the same invariants arises via pullback by covering of the base curves (see Def. 1.3 for the precise definition).
Maximally irregularly fibred surfaces of general type
The prototype enables us to determine the degenerate fibres and invariants of maximally irregularly fibred surfaces with g = 3.
Maximally irregularly fibred surfaces of general type
The surfaces admitting a maximally irregular fibration form connected components of the moduli space.
Maximally irregularly fibred surfaces of general type