• WordNet 3.6
    • adj intolerant narrow-minded about cherished opinions
    • adj intolerant unwilling to tolerate difference of opinion
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Being lactose intolerant can cause chronic flatulence
    • n Intolerant An intolerant person; a bigot.
    • Intolerant Not enduring; not able to endure. "The powers of human bodies being limited and intolerant of excesses."
    • Intolerant Not tolerating difference of opinion or sentiment, especially in religious matters; refusing to allow others the enjoyment of their opinions, rights, or worship; unjustly impatient of the opinion of those disagree with us; not tolerant; unforbearing; bigoted. "Religion, harsh, intolerant , austere,
      Parent of manners like herself severe."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: For people that are lactose intolerant, chocolate aids in helping milk digest easier
    • intolerant Unable or indisposed to tolerate, endure, or bear: followed by of.
    • intolerant Not tolerant; indisposed to tolerate contrary opinions or beliefs; impatient of dissent or opposition; denying or refusing the right of private opinion or choice in others; inclined to persecute or suppress dissent.
    • n intolerant One who does not favor toleration.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: False eyelashes were invented by film director D.W. Griffith while he was making the 1916 epic, "Intolerance." He wanted actress Seena Owen to have lashes that brushed her cheeks.
    • adj Intolerant not able or willing to endure: not enduring difference of opinion: persecuting
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  • Samuel Davies
    Samuel Davies
    “Intolerance has been the curse of every age and state.”
  • Princess of Wales Diana
    “The greatest problem in the world today is intolerance. Everyone is so intolerant of each other.”
  • George Santayana
    “Intolerance is a form of egotism, and to condemn egotism intolerantly is to share it.”
  • Wallace Stevens
    “Intolerance respecting other people's religion is toleration itself in comparison with intolerance respecting other people's art.”
  • Kathleen Norris
    Kathleen Norris
    “Life is easier to take than you think; all that is necessary is to accept the impossible, do without the indispensable and bear the intolerable.”
  • Blaise Pascal
    “Nothing is so intolerable to man as being fully at rest, without a passion, without business, without entertainment, without care.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. intolerans, -antis,: cf. F. intolérant,. See In- not, and Tolerant


In literature:

The heat was becoming intolerable and we edged away from the stove.
"Combed Out" by Fritz August Voigt
For an instant the pain was almost intolerable.
"The Odds" by Ethel M. Dell
I had fancied that Brother Edouard would find life intolerable in community after his revelation to me.
"Short Story Classics (American) Vol. 2" by Various
Bostwick's manner was an almost intolerable affront, in a land where affronts are resented.
"The Furnace of Gold" by Philip Verrill Mighels
He saw all things a burning, intolerable red.
"The Safety Curtain, and Other Stories" by Ethel M. Dell
Both take up a position at once unanswerable and intolerable.
"Orthodoxy" by G. K. Chesterton
Their late session of legislature has been more intolerant than all others.
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
When housekeeping becomes an intolerable care there is sin somewhere and danger everywhere.
"The Secret of a Happy Home (1896)" by Marion Harland
The intolerable acts went through Parliament with extraordinary celerity.
"History of the United States" by Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard
He saw that her lips were intolerantly compressed and that her needle came and went in protesting little jabs.
"Destiny" by Charles Neville Buck

In poetry:

Of the intolerable load
That on all living creatures lies,
Nor stoops to pity in the toad
The speechless sorrow of his eyes.
"Cold-Blooded Creatures" by Elinor Wylie
Fall'n is the intolerable yoke
Which long oppressed despairing man;
The oppressor's lawless rod is broke,
As in the day of Midian.
"Hymn: We walked in darkness, but at last" by John Bowring
Sudden, intolerable;
Nor light of mad eyes gleaming up from hell....
Come not again, wild light! Shine not again,
Hill-flare of pain!
"Comfortable Light" by John Freeman
Ever our failing, from sun to sun,
O my intolerent brother:--
We want just a little too little of one,
And much too much of the other.
"The Plaint Human" by James Whitcomb Riley
The intolerable chain
Of downward thoughts, in vain,
In vain would fetter me to mortal things:
I break away from earth,
Called to a nobler birth,
And I am borne aloft on faith's immortal wings.
"Song of the Triumphant Christian" by John Bowring
I can tie a ribbon now, nor hope of your eyes' pleasure
Makes its hue intolerable if you come not to see,
I can hear old music now, nor stabbing through its measure
Come the thoughts I would not have, or tears that need not be.
"Peace" by Margaret Widdemer

In news:

However, when I read the article yesterday, it kind of set the whole thing of bullying and intolerance in its proper perspective.
My task in educating my children will be to teach them how to deal with that ignorance, intolerance and oppression, simply because they are Christians.
Rick Santorum said on Monday that the Occupy movement represents "true intolerance " after he was faced with a handful of angry protestors who shouted through his entire event, ultimately resulting in the arrest of three of them.
Lowe's Intolerant for Pulling Ads From All-American Muslim.
Intolerant gays target Bachmanns.
Orbitz is trying to avoid responsibility for the hateful speech and intolerance that its ad money is paying for.
Think you're lactose intolerant .
Tebow's Super Bowl ad isn't intolerant .
It will come as no surprise to anyone with an e-mail account that the scourge of spam has reached near-intolerable levels.
The product, developed by Australian brand a2 Milk, is designed for people who suffer from milk protein intolerance.
Signs That May Warn of Lactose Intolerance.
He managed for a quarter-century to skewer Islamists and intolerance and corrupt officials and more.
David Koresh and the FBI's religious intolerance.
This organization works "to promote the positive role of religion " while also challenging intolerance and extremism.
One can only hope this kind of civility and acceptance continues to push religious intolerance further to the margins.

In science:

We have to keep in mind that an increase in upset rate in the serializer can be expected when clocked at high frequency, but we don’t expect an intolerable rate of soft errors.
Single Event Effects in the Pixel readout chip for BTeV
What then is the false thing forcing the isomorphism theorem proof to be so intolerant? The problem is probably in quadratic stable algebra (surgery, L-theory).
Lectures on controlled topology: mapping cylinder neighborhoods
Tolerant or intolerant character of interacting criteria in aggregation by the Choquet integral.
Weighted lattice polynomials of independent random variables
In particular the flatness of the plates, as specified by commercial standards, exceeds the requirements by intolerable amounts.
CALICE Report to the DESY Physics Research Committee
Biased coin design with imbalance intolerance.
Exact properties of Efron's biased coin randomization procedure