• WordNet 3.6
    • v intimidate make timid or fearful "Her boss intimidates her"
    • v intimidate to compel or deter by or as if by threats
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. t Intimidate To make timid or fearful; to inspire of affect with fear; to deter, as by threats; to dishearten; to abash. "Now guilt, once harbored in the conscious breast, Intimidates the brave, degrades the great."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • intimidate To make timid or fearful; make afraid; inspire with fear; deter by threats. See intimidation, 2.
    • intimidate Synonyms To abash, frighten, scare, daunt, cow.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Intimidate in-tim′i-dāt to make timid or fearful: to dispirit
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  • Saint Albertus Magnus
    Saint Albertus Magnus
    “He took over anger to intimidate subordinates, and in time anger took over him.”
  • Maya Angelou
    “Education helps one case cease being intimidated by strange situations.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “People are changed, not by coercion or intimidation, but by example.”
  • Hosea Ballou
    “Hatred is self-punishment. Hatred it the coward's revenge for being intimidated.”
  • George Bernard Shaw
    “Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
LL. intimidatus, p. p. of intimidare, to frighten; pref. in-, in + timidus, fearful, timid: cf. F. intimider,. See Timid


In literature:

The dignity of Mrs. Maldon had intimidated him.
"The Price of Love" by Arnold Bennett
Men like Victor Hugo can be killed or they may be banished, but they can not be bought; neither can they be intimidated into silence.
"Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Vol. 1 of 14" by Elbert Hubbard
Try as they might, even Denry was morally intimidated.
"The Card, A Story Of Adventure In The Five Towns" by Arnold Bennett
Brindley, whom the explosion had intimidated, examined the double-doors, and found no mark.
"The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories" by Arnold Bennett
That there was intimidation of Republican voters at the election, notwithstanding these precautions, admits of no doubt.
"A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents: Ulysses S. Grant" by James D. Richardson
It has, perhaps, not been manifested in the recent election to any large extent in acts of violence or intimidation.
"Messages and Papers of Rutherford B. Hayes" by James D. Richardson
But it is constantly affirmed that this majority was only brought about by bribery and intimidation.
"Is Ulster Right?" by Anonymous
By this process, there could be no royal intimidation, as there could be in the ordinary courts.
"Our Legal Heritage, 5th Ed." by S. A. Reilly
Indeed Jinny Jeffries was extraordinarily intimidated by the occasion.
"The Fortieth Door" by Mary Hastings Bradley
The ministers were not overawed, nor were the people intimidated.
"Sketches of the Covenanters" by J. C. McFeeters
The first plainly is intimidation which must never flag.
"New York Times, Current History, Vol 1, Issue 1" by Various
Let them twitter and strut on the greens of golf courses and intimidate the tired business men.
"Mince Pie" by Christopher Darlington Morley
She made no answer; perhaps she was a little intimidated; but she looked at him with eyes and lips full of latent vivacity.
"Leonora" by Arnold Bennett
The authority of the Commonwealth cannot be intimidated or coerced.
"Have faith in Massachusetts; 2d ed." by Calvin Coolidge
The pilot, after trying reason in vain, attempted intimidation.
"The Problem of China" by Bertrand Russell
Lamentable to relate, Mr Dillon tried to intimidate Mr T.W.
"Ireland Since Parnell" by Daniel Desmond Sheehan
His appearance intimidated them, and we had neither threats nor collisions all that day.
"The Every-day Life of Abraham Lincoln" by Francis Fisher Browne
We were not intimidated by their movements, but frequently gave them proofs of our courage.
"Life & Times of Col. Daniel Boone" by Cecil B. Hartley
I will be threatened and intimidated no longer by any man, even though he be my father.
"The Lost Treasure of Trevlyn" by Evelyn Everett-Green
Mr. Necker was browbeaten and intimidated, and the King shaken.
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson

In news:

Intimidating storm line moving in.
Residents of the couriers' hometown report being intimidated by intelligence agencies, which are under the spotlight today after a prominent Pakistani journalist was found dead.
Don't be intimidated by its tall, dark beauty.
Arrests and intimidation of political opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin have been on the upswing recently, extending even to a former KGB comrade of the Russian leader.
Tampa officials preparing to host next week's Republican National Convention say they've figured out how to make the massive police presence that will be on hand seem a little less intimidating: khaki uniforms.
Indian Christians Languish in Slums Amid Intimidation.
The classic nonsense poem at last makes sense when brilliantly illustrated as an urban playground one-on-one basketball game where intimidating size meets quickness and skill.
He'd been one of baseball's most intimidating pitchers in 2004and '05.
Planning a move into Cincinnati's urban core can be intimidating.
While technology can intimidate older people, it also opens up opportunities to socialize, access information.
Math modeling may seem intimidating because it often becomes rather complex.
About the Book Janet Astrid is the only child of a single mother, Ingrid, a brilliant, obsessed poet who wields her luminous beauty to intimidate and manipulate men.
WINTER can be intimidating to motorcyclists in the Northeast, with frigid winds and icy roads keeping all but the most determined riders indoors.
Although the Internet boasts as many as 20 million users, the process of accessing and browsing "the Net" intimidates most computer novices.
Here's a perhaps less intimidating option.

In science:

Whilst this recursion relation may appear somewhat intimidating, its derivation and utilisation are easy to implement on a computer algebra system.
The Extended Algebra of the Minimal Models
However, we are conscious that beyond its qualities (the first of which is to allow results such as those proved in this paper), our algebraic framework is cumbersome, and perhaps intimidating.
Algebraic characterization of logically defined tree languages
Less intimidating than , but still demanding.
What is a superrigid subgroup?
While this argument can almost certainly be mildly tweaked to give a less intimidating answer such as 10n log n, it is unlikely that it could be manipulated to give the right constant.
A Coupling Argument for the Random Transposition Walk
The aim is show that S is not Markov. [We admit that the generators in A may look intimidating.
Markov semigroups, monoids, and groups
As this list of relations may appear intimidating, let us give some directions. A first notational simplification is that all the different renewal functions appearing in these relations can be expressed in terms of V ± (·).
An invariance principle for random walk bridges conditioned to stay positive
While this is fascinating for insiders, quasars have become an intimidating field for the general astronomer.
Tests of a Structure for Quasars
It’s actually much less intimidating than it sounds at first.
Computational Asteroseismology
Although we are no longer intimidated by the large bulk Lorentz factors that are implied (Γ > 103 ) - gamma ray bursts have released us from our inhibitions - the derived radiative efficiency is likely to be impossibly low.
Particles and Fields in Radio Galaxies: A Summary
The flat protects the spiral from the outside environment, otherwise the environment may intimidate the spiral to be extinct.
Spatio-temporal Dynamics in the Origin of Genetic Information
We could just use traditional methods such as intimidation hoping that he tells us the truth but that may not work as desired. A better approach to take here is to put them in such a situation that they are both forced to tells us who did it using game theory.
Nations At War I: Why do we keep building weapons?
As this is perhaps the closest I will come to writing a thesis, I’m taking the liberty of acknowledging the people who have made an intimidating and ambitious pro ject become such a rewarding experience.
Properties of the poset of Dyck paths ordered by inclusion
While the prospect of computing a set of two loop diagrams may seem intimidating, the computation is actually quite easy.
Supersymmetry Phenomenology With a Broad Brush
By eliminating abstruse mathematics, the order-of-magnitude approach connects physics to the real world and makes physics less intimidating.
Physics Education Research: Or it's so hard to find good help these days
With polynomial rate functions, there might be some hope of using tools from algebraic geometry, but in any case, the set of equations will be intimidating.
Differential and graphical approaches to multistability theory for chemical reaction networks