• WordNet 3.6
    • v inter place in a grave or tomb "Stalin was buried behind the Kremlin wall on Red Square","The pharaohs were entombed in the pyramids","My grandfather was laid to rest last Sunday"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: William Shatner is credited for being the first person on TV to say "hell" as well as to have the first inter-racial kiss (with Nichelle Nichols), both in episodes of Star Trek.
    • v. t Inter To deposit and cover in the earth; to bury; to inhume; as, to inter a dead body.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Seating on the first scheduled inter-city commuter airplane flight consisted of moveable wicker chairs. There were 11 of them on the first Ford Tri-Motors. After several years, Ford replaced them with aluminum framed leather chairs.
    • inter To place in the earth and cover with it.
    • inter Specifically To bury; inhume; place in a grave, or, by extension, in a tomb of any kind.
    • inter A Latin preposition meaning ‘between’ or ‘among,’ used in some Latin phrases occurring in English books, as in inter nos (between or among ourselves), inter arma silent leges (laws are silent among arms—that is, in time of war), etc., and very common as a prefix. See inter-.
    • inter A Middle English form of enter.
    • inter A common prefix meaning ‘between’ or ‘among’ or ‘during,’ occurring in many English words taken from the Latin, either directly or through Middle English and Old French or French forms (being then in Middle English also enter-, and so retained in some modern forms: see enter-), or formed in English on the Latin model. Words formed in English with this prefix may have the second element of non-Latin origin, as in interdash, interknow, intertangle, interweave, etc. The second element is (in the original) either a verb, as in interact, v., intercalate, intercept, interchange, etc., or a noun, as in interact, n., interaxis, interval, intervale, etc. The prefix is freely used in English in the making of new compounds, often without immediate reference to its Latin status. In such cases, in the following etymologies, it is, for the sake of brevity, usually treated as an English prefix, and not carried back to the Latin preposition, as in other cases. For the relation of inter- to the second element in adjectives, compare the similar relation of ante-, anti-, etc.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Inter in-tėr′ to bury
    • pr.p Inter inter′ring; pa.p. interred′
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  • William Shakespeare
    “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.”
  • Alice Thompson
    Alice Thompson
    “Inter-railers are the ambulatory equivalent of Macdonald's, walking testimony to the erosion of French culture.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. enteren, OF. enterer, enterrer, LL. interrare,; L. pref. in-, in + terra, the earth. See Terrace


In literature:

Some part of them hes done passed inter thet old tree, I reckon, ter give virtue ter hits sap an' stren'th.
"The Roof Tree" by Charles Neville Buck
A few hours later his body was interred in the sands of the shore.
"Graham's Magazine Vol XXXII. No. 3. March 1848" by Various
Are they not interred?
"The Phantom World" by Augustin Calmet
Chaucer's interment in the Poets' Corner in 1400 led the south transept to be devoted to literary men.
"England, Picturesque and Descriptive" by Joel Cook
Her body was interred in the collegiate church of Loches in Touraine.
"Architectural Antiquities of Normandy" by John Sell Cotman
He spoke into an inter-office communicator, then looked up.
"Freedom" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
It was completed after his death by Clotilde, who caused to be interred in it the bodies of her spouse and the saint.
"Paris from the Earliest Period to the Present Day; Volume 1" by William Walton
It was a good job I escaped decent interment.
"When Ghost Meets Ghost" by William Frend De Morgan
Dey came right inter de house.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves, North Carolina Narratives, Part 2" by Work Projects Administration
Others were interred in St. Andrew's, St. Bride's, and Blackfriars churches.
"Old and New London" by Walter Thornbury
Why, last trip acrost I saw one man come inter camp with sixteen tongues.
"Bring Me His Ears" by Clarence E. Mulford
The spot seems never to be visited between interments.
"Our Southern Highlanders" by Horace Kephart
When we was outer sight of the camp, he placed inter my hands this very fiddle, wrapped in that old blanket.
"The Frontiersman" by H. A. Cody
Get along inter hidin' wid yer, childer!
"For John's Sake" by Annie Frances Perram
What Dr. Bain lays stress upon is the element of difference in this inter-relativity.
"Logic, Inductive and Deductive" by William Minto
Stuck his knife inter me but she glanced on a rib.
"The Song of the Wolf" by Frank Mayer
Comrade Lawton's remains were interred in the little cemetery at Plattville.
"Company K, Twentieth Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry" by Andrew Brown
The ordinary mode of disposing of the dead was by interment either in a stone vault or in a shallow grave.
"The Belief in Immortality and the Worship of the Dead" by James George Frazer
The solemn and imposing ceremony of interring those who were killed was then performed.
"Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution" by L. Carroll Judson
Ef I war ter run him outen these parts I reckon ther Stacys would jest about swarm inter war over hit.
"When 'Bear Cat' Went Dry" by Charles Neville Buck

In poetry:

What is it to die?—'Tis nought
But to close the book of care,
Inter in the grave all troubling thought,
And rest with oblivion there.
"Death" by John Bowring
Having interred her infant-birth,
The watery ground that late did mourn,
Was strewed with flowers for the return
Of the wished bridegroom of the earth.
"An Ode Upon a Question Moved, Whether Love Should Continue Forever" by Lord Edward Herbert of Cherbury
I tell you, stranger, 'twas a sight
For poetry and speeches,
To see her sittin' on the stoop,
A-peelin' scarlet peaches,
Inter the kettle at her feet,--
I tell you, 'twas a show complete!
"The Deacon And His Daughter" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
An' down her brow her pretty hair
Cum curlin', crinklin', creepin',
In leetle, yaller mites of rings,
Inter them bright eyes, peepin',
Es run the tendrils of the vine,
To whar the merry sunbeams shine.
"The Deacon And His Daughter" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
Old Spense he riz up from the ground,
An' with a kind ov wonder,
He look'd inter thet patent vat,
An' simply sed, "By thunder"!
Then look'd at Deely hard, and sed,
"The milk will sop clar thro' his hed"!
"Old Spense" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
Athwart the sod which is treading for God * the poet paced with his
splendid eyes;
Paradise-verdure he stately passes * to win to the Father of
Through the conscious and palpitant grasses * of inter-tangled
relucent dyes.
"A Judgment In Heaven" by Francis Thompson

In news:

Shetland Islands Council may set up an arms length company to run its inter island ferries in a bid to stave off potential competition on the route, while saving the authority $1 million over three years.
Interment will follow at Trinity Memorial Park.
Northern Bedford won the Inter-County Conference baseball championship this season, and the loop's South Division all-star team, which was unveiled on Friday, had a heavy Black Panther flavor.
Interment will be in the Devotional Gardens, Warsaw.
A private interment of cremated remains will take place in Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, North Kingsville, Ohio.
Interment will take place at Waterman Cemetery in Sutherland.
MISSION, Texas — Family and friends of Stanley and Barbara Stiver are invited to the interment of their ashes Saturday.
Interment will take place at Dickens Cemetery in Dickens.
Boeing, Embraer and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will jointly fund a sustainability analysis of producing renewable jet fuel sourced from Brazilian sugarcane .
Boeing, Embraer and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will jointly fund a sustainability analysis of producing renewable jet fuel sourced from Brazilian sugarcane.
LISBON — Having won just one prior Inter-Tri County League upper tier volleyball match this season, East Palestine wasn't looking for any surprises against Lisbon on Tuesda.
Having won just one prior Inter-Tri County League upper tier volleyball match this season, East Palestine wasn't looking for any surprises against Lisbon on Tuesday.
Interment will take place at Calvary Cemetery in Ruthven.
Interment was held at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Greenwood.
Ticonderoga , NY, Jan 19, 2009 — Officials at Inter-Lakes Healthcare in Ticonderoga say 15 full-time workers at Moses Ludington Hospital will lose their jobs.

In science:

Phillips, Almost multiplicative morphisms and Cuntz algebra O2 , Inter. J.
Classification of simple $C^*$-algebras of tracial topological rank zero
Inter-mezzo The concepts that we have explained so far are sufficient to as semble a calculus S ′ TP which covers generic type-preserving traversal.
Typed Generic Traversal With Term Rewriting Strategies
The origin of this energy invariance, which results from a subtle balance between internal, center of mass kinetic, and inter-cluster potential energies (see Eq. (20)), is not understood (Campi et al., 2001b).
Clusters in Simple Fluids
Dirac mass is proportional to the inter-ladder coupling J⊥n .
Quantum Spin Chains with Nonlocally-Correlated Random Exchange Coupling and Random-Mass Dirac Fermions
We inter/extra-polate Quinlan’s numerical results to obtain J (a) for different mass ratios (cf.
The formation of galaxy stellar cores by the hierarchical merging of supermassive black holes
Since the mean inter-particle separation within the HRR is smaller than in the parent simulation, the corresponding high-frequency modes of the primordial fluctuation spectrum are added to those on larger scales originally used in the parent simulation, and the overall displacement field is also modified consequently.
The scaling relations of galaxy clusters and their dark matter halos
Cluster X-rays are produced from thermal bremsstrahlung of the (hot) inter-cluster gas (e.g.
At the Vigintennial of the Butcher-Oemler Effect
Substantial contributions stem, inter alia, from HL.
Corrections to Scaling in Random Resistor Networks and Diluted Continuous Spin Models near the Percolation Threshold
We have also computed mass (Table IV) and charge (Table V) mean square radii, charge form factors (Figs. 2–3) and quark mass densities (Figs. 4–5), for all baryons and the six inter-quark interactions considered in this work.
Charmed and Bottom Baryons: a Variational Approach based on Heavy Quark Symmetry
Results for the different inter-quark interactions and heavy baryons can be found in Table VI, where, when possible, we compare our variational results with those quoted in Ref. , as well.
Charmed and Bottom Baryons: a Variational Approach based on Heavy Quark Symmetry
For several inter-quark interactions and baryons, we reproduce the Faddeev results of Ref. for masses, charge and mass radii, and wave functions at the origin.
Charmed and Bottom Baryons: a Variational Approach based on Heavy Quark Symmetry
TABLE X: Variational parameters (a′s are dimensionless, d′ s have dimensions of fm and b′ s have dimensions of fm−1 ) of the baryon three body wave function (Eqs. (26) and (27)), in the charm sector and for different inter-quark interactions.
Charmed and Bottom Baryons: a Variational Approach based on Heavy Quark Symmetry
It leads to that inter-wire interactions do not have a great influence on the Anderson localization in each wire.
Electron transport in parallel quantum wires with random potentials
In this paper we focus our attentions on, if any, the interplay between inter-wire interaction and random potential.
Electron transport in parallel quantum wires with random potentials
For this purpose we calculated Drude weight of a wire in the presence of neighboring wire and try to seen how it varies by changing both the interaction and random potential, expecting it to provide us informations on whether the inter-wire interaction has any effect on the Anderson localization within the wire.
Electron transport in parallel quantum wires with random potentials