individual retirement account


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n individual retirement account a retirement plan that allows you to contribute a limited yearly sum toward your retirement; taxes on the interest earned in the account are deferred
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If your income is too high, you can't contribute directly to a Roth individual retirement account, but you can get one in a backdoor way.
Individual Account Retirement Plan Assets Concentrated in Families With High Incomes, but Important to Lower-Income Families, Too.
At the end of 2010, Americans held $4.7 trillion in individual retirement accounts.
Is it a good growth stock investment for a 53-year-old postal worker's individual retirement account.
This fall, millions of Americans got a nasty shock when they opened up the reports for their individual retirement account s and 401(k) plans.
What's in an individual retirement account (IRA).
Financial experts say that one often-overlooked resource is the humble Individual Retirement Account, or I.R.A.
I decided to write this piece after hearing incorrect advice regarding Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) repeated for the second time in a week.
Before year-end, consider converting part or all of your traditional individual retirement accounts into Roth IRAs .
This provision, currently scheduled to expire at the end of 2009, offers older owners of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) a different way to give to charity.
More than half of folks who are required by law to take money out of their Individual Retirement Accounts by year end had failed to do so as of November 9th, according to Fidelity Investments.
It's the question du jour in financial planning: Should you take advantage of some special perks in 2010 and convert your traditional Individual Retirement Account to a Roth IRA.
Yet short-selling -- betting on falling prices -- isn't allowed in individual retirement accounts (IRAs) or 401(k)s.
This provision allowed individuals over age 70-1?2 to make tax-free withdrawals from their Individual Retirement Accounts to make charitable contributions.
The US Department of Labor recently issued final regulations providing plan fiduciaries a safe harbor for automatic rollovers of departing employees' retirement-plan assets into individual retirement accounts.