• WordNet 3.6
    • adj indissoluble used of decisions and contracts
    • adj indissoluble (of a substance) incapable of being dissolved
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Indissoluble Incapable of being rightfully broken or dissolved; perpetually binding or obligatory; firm; stable, as, an indissoluble league or covenant. "To the which my duties
      Are with a most indissoluble tie
      Forever knit."
    • Indissoluble Not dissoluble; not capable of being dissolved, melted, or liquefied; insoluble; as, few substances are indissoluble by heat, but many are indissoluble in water.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • indissoluble Not dissoluble or dissolvable; incapable of being dissolved. See dissolve, 1, and solution.
    • indissoluble Not dissoluble in force or obligation; not to be rightfully broken or violated; perpetually binding or obligatory; firm; stable: as, an indissoluble covenant.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Indissoluble in-dis′ol-ū-bl that cannot be broken or violated: inseparable: binding for ever
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. indissolubilis,: cf. F. indissoluble,. See In- not, and Dissoluble, and cf. Indissolvable


In literature:

The slave knows that he is bound indissolubly to his master, and must, from necessity, remain always under his control.
"Southern Literature From 1579-1895" by Louise Manly
And in that indissoluble tie he finds strong consolation at the last.
"A Handful of Stars" by Frank W. Boreham
Is there any lover of birds in whose mind certain birds and certain places are not indissolubly joined?
"Birds in the Bush" by Bradford Torrey
Ferrara is indissolubly connected with the Reformation in Italy.
"Pilgrimage from the Alps to the Tiber" by James Aitken Wylie
Why should not the bond between mother and sister be indissoluble?
"What a Young Woman Ought to Know" by Mary Wood-Allen
And Suzanne experienced a great joy, as though the indissoluble bond of words were linking them together.
"The Frontier" by Maurice LeBlanc
The Church had thrown herself from ancient time into the cause of the people; progress and religion had been indissolubly linked together.
"The King's Post" by R. C. Tombs
Great historical associations are indissolubly linked with this house.
"A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6)" by Leopold von Ranke
Happy if they had all continued to know their indissoluble union and their proper place!
"Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 7" by Various
If two people are indissolubly connected and differ in opinions, one must give way.
"The Life of Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, Bart., K.C.S.I." by Sir Leslie Stephen
Vinson's heart was in this liaison: he persuaded himself that the chain that bound them was indissoluble.
"A Nest of Spies" by Pierre Souvestre
The hope wherewith our dimmest paths are lit, With life itself indissolubly knit!
"Lippincott's Magazine, September, 1885" by Various
Only prove your words, and enroll me your everlasting, your indissoluble friend, demme.
"The Politician Out-Witted" by Samuel Low
Papal Rome revolted from her sovereign, and became indissolubly bound to the barbarian kingdoms.
"History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, Volume I (of 2)" by John William Draper
In the main, Feminists are opposed to indissoluble Christian marriage.
"The Intelligence of Woman" by W. L. George
His power of an indissoluble life belongs to His atonement.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Epistle to the Hebrews" by Thomas Charles Edwards
First, because I abhorred indissoluble ties of any sort.
"The Memoirs of Count Carlo Gozzi" by Count Carlo Gozzi
What is it that forms the indissoluble bond between father and child?
"On the Heights" by Berthold Auerbach
The citation is bound indissolubly with all the demonstration which follows it.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus" by G. A. Chadwick
Could it be that one went with the other, indissolubly?
"A Bed of Roses" by W. L. George

In poetry:

Lurcone. Soon shall the fetters of infernal toil
So spread around ye both,
The indissoluble bond,
No mortal effort shall have power to break!
"Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 2. " by William Cowper
What if love should return again,
And unite us by ties more indissoluble?
What if Chloë were cast away,
And the long-closed door open to Lydia?
"Ninth Ode Of The Third Book Of Horace" by James Clerk Maxwell
Come, I will make the continent indissoluble;
I will make the most splendid race the sun ever yet shone upon;
I will make divine magnetic lands,
With the love of comrades,
With the life-long love of comrades.
"A Song" by Walt Whitman

In science:

In the limit R → ∞, Eqs.(3.19) and (3.20) tells us that the coordinate q ′0 describes the particle modified by the presence of the field in a indissoluble way, the particle is always dressed by the field.
Time evolution of quantum systems in microcavities and in free space -- a non-perturbative approach
In the limit R → ∞, we get the result that the dressed coordinate associated to the particle describes the particle modified by the presence of the field in a indissoluble way, the particle is always dressed by the field.
Time evolution of quantum systems in microcavities and in free space -- a non-perturbative approach