• WordNet 3.6
    • adj incontinent not having control over urination and defecation
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • adv Incontinent Incontinently; instantly; immediately. "He says he will return incontinent ."
    • Incontinent Not continent; uncontrolled; not restraining the passions or appetites, particularly the sexual appetite; indulging unlawful lust; unchaste; lewd.
    • n Incontinent One who is unchaste.
    • Incontinent (Med) Unable to restrain natural evacuations, such as urination or defecation.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • incontinent Not continent; not holding or held in; unceasing or unrestrained: as, an incontinent tattler; an incontinent flow of talk. Specifically
    • incontinent Unrestrained in indulgence of appetite or passion; intemperate in sexual intercourse; unchaste; licentious.
    • incontinent In medicine, unable to restrain natural discharges or evacuations.
    • incontinent Not delayed; immediate; offhand.
    • n incontinent One who is incontinent or unchaste.
    • incontinent Incontinently; instantly; immediately.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Incontinent in-kon′ti-nent not restraining the passions or appetites: unchaste: :
    • adv Incontinent without delay: at once
    • adj Incontinent in-kon′ti-nent (med.) unable to restrain natural discharges or evacuations
    • adj Incontinent in-kon′ti-nent (coll.) immediate, off-hand
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  • Jeremy Taylor
    “Curiosity is the direct incontinence of the spirit.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. incontinens,: cf. F. incontinent,. See In- not, and Continent


In literature:

The man was incontinently expelled, but for long afterwards the family were haunted by reminiscences of the curries they had eaten.
"The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India" by R. V. Russell
She fell incontinently upon her back in a dead swoon.
"Tin-Types Taken in the Streets of New York" by Lemuel Ely Quigg
Why then, in the name of Orpheus, did he not set about it incontinently?
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 61, No. 379, May, 1847" by Various
The youth and the woman incontinently obeyed his commands as if they were under a spell.
"The Day of Wrath" by Maurus Jókai
On the same grounds they consider incontinence to be something less than vice, but intemperance to be a complete vice.
"Plutarch's Morals" by Plutarch
Doubtless thou supposedst because her husband was abroad, that needs must the gentlewoman receive thee incontinent in her arms.
"The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio" by Giovanni Boccaccio
Mr. Brisk, you'll come to us, or call me when you joke; I'll be ready to laugh incontinently.
"The Comedies of William Congreve Volume 1 [of 2]" by William Congreve
But she, incontinent, shut fast the doors.
"The Odyssey of Homer" by Homer
Caligula uttered a wild shriek of terror, and, calling loudly for his slaves, he fled incontinently from the room.
""Unto Caesar"" by Baroness Emmuska Orczy
I saw Aunt Grace bearing down upon me and fled incontinently.
"Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1909 to 1922" by Lucy Maud Montgomery

In poetry:

Nor are you wise to circumvent
The friends of custom and of rule, While rashly leaving to their bent
The lawless, the incontinent,
The weak and too-confiding fool.
"Outlawed:" by Emily Pfeiffer
So PETER into one turn-out incontinently rushed,
While SARAH in a second trap sat modestly and blushed;
And MR. NEWMAN'S coachman, on authority I've heard,
Drove away in gallant style upon the coach-box of a third.
"The Modest Couple" by William Schwenck Gilbert

In news:

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