• WordNet 3.6
    • v inch advance slowly, as if by inches "He edged towards the car"
    • n inch a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot
    • n inch a unit of measurement for advertising space
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The average person is about a quarter of an inch taller at night
    • Inch A measure of length, the twelfth part of a foot, commonly subdivided into halves, quarters, eights, sixteenths, etc., as among mechanics. It was also formerly divided into twelve parts, called lines, and originally into three parts, called barleycorns, its length supposed to have been determined from three grains of barley placed end to end lengthwise. It is also sometimes called a prime'), composed of twelve seconds (''), as in the duodecimal system of arithmetic. "12 seconds ('') make 1 inch or prime. 12 inches or primes (') make 1 foot."
    • Inch A small distance or degree, whether of time or space; hence, a critical moment; also used metaphorically of minor concessins in bargaining; as, he won't give an inch; give him an inch and he'll take a mile. "Beldame, I think we watched you at an inch ."
    • n Inch ĭnch An island; -- often used in the names of small islands off the coast of Scotland, as in Inchcolm, Inchkeith, etc.
    • a Inch Measuring an inch in any dimension, whether length, breadth, or thickness; -- used in composition; as, a two-inch cable; a four-inch plank.
    • v. i Inch To advance or retire by inches or small degrees; to move slowly; as, to inch forward. "With slow paces measures back the field,
      And inches to the walls."
    • Inch To deal out by inches; to give sparingly.
    • Inch To drive by inches, or small degrees. "He gets too far into the soldier's grace
      And inches out my master."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Mexico City sinks ten inches per year.
    • n inch A lineal measure, the twelfth part of a foot. It is of Roman origin, and was formerly divided into 12 lines. The text-books of arithmetic, following an old statute, divide the inch into 3 barleycorns. A binary division is most common in rough mechanical work, while for finer work it is divided into thousandths (as in gunnery), or even into ten-thousandths (by makers of gages only). The English inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters. The old Scotch inch was slightly longer than the English, being one thirty-seventh part of the Edinburgh ellwand. See foot, 10. Abbreviated in.
    • n inch Proverbially, a small quantity or degree; the least part or amount.
    • n inch A critical moment.
    • inch Measuring an inch in any dimension, whether length, breadth, or thickness.
    • inch To drive or force by inches or small degrees: as, to inch one's way along.
    • inch To deal out by inches; give sparingly.
    • inch To mark with lines an inch apart.
    • inch To advance or retire by small degrees; move reluctantly or by inches: as, to inch away from the fire.
    • n inch An island. Inch is an element frequent in names of small islands belonging to Scotland: as, Inchcolm, Inchkeith. It appears also in many names of places on the mainland, which before the last elevation of central Scotland were islands: as, the Inches of Perth. In Irish names it appears in the forms Innis, Ennis.
    • n inch Abbreviations of inchoative.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Tapeworms range in size from about 0.04 inch to more than 50 feet in length.
    • n Inch insh the twelfth part of a foot: proverbially, a small distance or degree:
    • v.i Inch to move by slow degrees
    • n Inch insh an island.
    • n Inch insh (Shak.) a critical moment
    • ***


  • John Steinbeck
    “Give a critic an inch, he'll write a play.”
  • Jules Favre
    Jules Favre
    “Not an inch of our territory not a stone of our fortress.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “It's the last inch that counts.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “A man finds room in the few square inches of the face for the traits of all his ancestors; for the expression of all his history, and his wants.”
  • Rebecca West
    “He is every other inch a gentleman.”
  • Dorothy Parker
    “He [Robert Benchley] and I had an office so tiny that an inch smaller and it would have been adultery.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. inche, unche, AS. ynce, L. uncia, the twelfth part, inch, ounce. See Ounce a weight
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. ynce, an inch—L. uncia, the twelfth part of anything, an inch, also an ounce (twelfth of a pound).


In literature:

In a specimen with a capitulum 2/10ths of an inch long, the scuta from point to point were 1/20th of an inch in length.
"A Monograph on the Sub-class Cirripedia (Volume 1 of 2)" by Charles Darwin
These are cut into strips eight inches, sixteen inches, twenty inches, and twenty-four inches in length.
"Hand-Loom Weaving" by Mattie Phipps Todd
The end boards were 7/8 of an inch thick, and the slats about half an inch.
"Asparagus, its culture for home use and for market:" by F. M. Hexamer
They are sawn from inch lumber one and one-half inches on one face and one and one-quarter inches on the other face.
"The Apple" by Various
Almost imperceptibly the lynxes shrank backward, gliding inch by inch.
"The Haunters of the Silences" by Charles G. D. Roberts
MACLURA AURANTIACA, the "Osage Orange," bears a remarkable orange-coloured fruit 2 to 3 inches in diameter.
"Trees and Shrubs for English Gardens" by Ernest Thomas Cook
Cap from 2 to 3 inches in diameter, stem 6 inches to 10 inches in length.
"Student's Hand-book of Mushrooms of America, Edible and Poisonous" by Thomas Taylor
Take a quarter-inch board, 4 inches wide, and cut from it two pieces 3-3/4 feet long.
"Harper's Round Table, July 2, 1895" by Various
Length, extended, 42-1/2 inches; folded 24 inches.
"Kodaks and Kodak Supplies, 1914" by Canadian Kodak Company
The weather turned very windy and cold, water freezing in the night 1/4 inch in thickness.
"An Artilleryman's Diary" by Jenkin Lloyd Jones
Pen-drawing on paper 7-1/4 x 5 inches.
"Aubrey Beardsley" by Robert Ross
Just how much the enclosure will cost depends upon several things: The cost of 9 foot, 1 inch mesh No.
"Fur Farming" by A. R. Harding
The shell is under half an inch long, and usually not more than a quarter of an inch.
"Beautiful Shells of New Zealand" by E. G. B. Moss
The knurls should be about 3/4 inch in diameter and 3/8 inch wide.
"Turning and Boring" by Franklin D. Jones
I had fastened the trap to a root that was two or three inches under water and a root that I supposed sound.
"Fifty Years a Hunter and Trapper" by Eldred Nathaniel Woodcock
One was about 12 inches long, the other about 22 inches and well handled otherwise.
"Mink Trapping" by A. R. (Arthur Robert) Harding
The notch should be about four inches deep and about twelve inches from top to bottom.
"Science of Trapping" by Elmer Harry Kreps
The shaft is one and a half inches in diameter and the ends three inches wide.
"Dragons of the Air" by H. G. Seeley
One inch and a half long; one inch and three-eighths in diameter at one end, and nine-sixteenths of an inch at the other end.
"Hand-Book of Practical Cookery for Ladies and Professional Cooks" by Pierre Blot
A solid oval-shaped mass of bowlders, 33 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 24 inches high, resting on the bottom of the pit.
"Burial Mounds of the Northern Sections of the United States" by Cyrus Thomas

In poetry:

Not tall, her stature seemed the rule
To inch perfection by.
Beauty, whate'er her attitude,
Stood with her just so high.
"Immortal Eve - III" by Manmohan Ghose
They said the fairies tript no more,
And long ago that Pan was dead;
'Twas but that fools preferred to bore
Earth's rind inch-deep for truth instead.
"The Foot-Path" by James Russell Lowell
"Look, here is a nail for measure,
One inch through, three inches long:
With three spikes, such is my pleasure
Nail each seed down, stout and strong."
"Twardowski's Wife" by Adam Mickiewicz
For while the tired waves vainly breaking
Seem here no painful inch to gain,
Far back, through creeks and inlets making,
Comes silent, flooding in, the main.
"Say not the Struggle nought Availeth" by Arthur Hugh Clough
I broke it at a blow, I laid it cold,
Crushed in my deep heart where it used to live.
My heart dies inch by inch; the time grows old,
Grows old in which I grieve.
"Memory" by Christina Georgina Rossetti
"With never an inch of track — 'tis true!
The debts were large . . . the oft-told tale.
The President rolled in splendor new
— He bought my silver at the sale.
"The Hard Times In Elfland [A Story of Christmas Eve]" by Sidney Lanier

In news:

Rectangular ported plug valve line now includes sizes of 0.5 inches through 2 inches.
Using an old photograph as her pattern, Cox worked off and on for six months on this 15-inch by 62-inch repoussé .
They also added 42-inch wheels with solid rubber tires to replace the factory 36x4.5-inch pneumatics.
The transportable unit features a stockpile height of 11 feet, 9 inches and a screening area of 12 feet by 4 feet, 6 inches.
The fantastic assemblage seen above was gathered from a single scoop of mud, about 2 inches deep and 5 inches across.
"Lost on the Grand Banks" is not only large -- nearly 32 inches tall and 50 inches wide -- but considered a powerfully rendered image.
Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor revealed that the reason it took so long to release Nine Inch Nails albums was because he was too scared.
Robert Harvey, 56, of Crossville reported to the White County Sheriff's office Monday evening, Oct 8 that he had six, 12-inch to eight-inch oilfield sheaves taken from a location northeast of Crossvi.
Robert Harvey, 56, of Crossville reported to the White County Sheriff's office Monday evening, Oct 8 that he had six, 12-inch to eight-inch oilfield sheaves taken from a location northeast of Crossville.
When calculating the number of shingles required for a roofing job, Gott figures 400 standard-sized shingles (3-1/2 inch to 9 inch wide by 19 inches long) per square (100 square feet) of roof to be covered.
Plant snowdrops 4 inches deep and 3 to 4 inches apart.
Just before Hurricane Irene roared up the East Coast, dropping 3 to 5 inches of rain and more across the region, the rainfall deficit at Reagan National was 2.49 inches.
And the 45 1/2-inch by 52-inch quilt really is stunning, with more than 400 colorful fabrics hand- stitched into what appear to be curved fabric frames.
5 cups nonpeeled yellow squash and zucchini squash cut in to 1/2-inch thick, 1-inch squares.
Place the beets in an 8-inch-by-8-inch-by-2-inch dish, with the smaller ones toward the center.

In science:

The loss was then averaged over the 2 inch increments.
Finding The Charm In 800 GeV/c p-Cu and p-Be Single Muon Spectra
The estimated z vertex, ZUNIN, must be within 50 inches of Ztgt .
Finding The Charm In 800 GeV/c p-Cu and p-Be Single Muon Spectra
The analysis plane, Ztgt , was set to the known location of the targets, Ztgt = −24.0 inches. T W EE and Yof f were changed until the centroids of Y ± tgt were centered about Ytgt = 0.
Finding The Charm In 800 GeV/c p-Cu and p-Be Single Muon Spectra
Figure 3.7: Reconstructed dimuon mass, mµµ (GeV c−2 ), versus the estimated z vertex (inches) for the target analysis of Run 2753.
Finding The Charm In 800 GeV/c p-Cu and p-Be Single Muon Spectra
All plots use the same spectrometer calibrations except the position for the scattering bend plane, Zscat , which was set to 150.0 inches for the top plot, 175.0 inches for the middle and 200.0 inches on bottom.
Finding The Charm In 800 GeV/c p-Cu and p-Be Single Muon Spectra
In this note, our ongoing project of studying Blazhko-modulated fundamental mode RR Lyrae (RRab) stars with the 24-inch Heyde-Zeiss telescope of the Konkoly Observatory at Sv ´abhegy, Budapest, is introduced.
Studying Blazhko RR Lyrae stars with the 24-inch telescope of the Konkoly Observatory
The 24-inch Heyde-Zeiss telescope of the Konkoly Observatory at Sv ´abhegy, Budapest, was refurbished and automated in 2003.
Studying Blazhko RR Lyrae stars with the 24-inch telescope of the Konkoly Observatory
Each section is a separate optical volume with photo-cathode coverage of 10% for the end sections and 40% for the central section using the 20 inch diameter PMT developed by Hamamatsu.
Report of the US long baseline neutrino experiment study
For the 20 inch PMT option, there appears to be only one vendor at present with a labor intensive manual process.
Report of the US long baseline neutrino experiment study
Preliminary conclusions are that each of the two manufactures have sufficient capacity currently to produce 10-12 inch diameter PMTs at about 1/2 the rate that is needed for these projects.
Report of the US long baseline neutrino experiment study
The collection efficiency factor (an increase of about 13% for the 10.5 inch tubes versus the 20 inch) is not well documented.
Report of the US long baseline neutrino experiment study
Two test beam opportunities are offered, as well as dedicated beam lines for proton and neutron irradiation from the 88-inch cyclotron. A 1.5 GeV electron beam with tunable flux is available at 1 Hz from the injection booster for the ALS.
Roadmap for ILC Detector R&D Test Beams
Si, are routinely grown to sizes of inches and feet.
Correct form of the electron wavefunction in periodic solids
Sandage A. (1961), The ability of of the 200-inch telescope to discriminate between selected world models.
Practical cosmology and cosmological physics
Additional measurements were performed with 32 MeV protons from the Berkeley linear accelerator and protons and heavy ions from the 60-inch cyclotron.
Discovery of the Gold Isotopes