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  • Manufacture of an Incandescent Lamp
    Manufacture of an Incandescent Lamp
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n incandescent lamp electric lamp consisting of a transparent or translucent glass housing containing a wire filament (usually tungsten) that emits light when heated by electricity
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Inverted Incandescent Lamp Inverted Incandescent Lamp

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Incandescent lamp (Elec) a kind of lamp in which the light is produced by a thin filament of conducting material, now usually tungsten, but originally carbon, contained in a vacuum or an atmosphere of inert gas within a glass bulb, and heated to incandescence by an electric current. It was inventerd by Thomas Edison, and was once called the Edison lamp; -- called also incandescence lamp, and glowlamp. This is one of the two most common sources of electric light, the other being the fluorescent light fluorescent lamp or fluorescent bulb.
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In literature:

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And at last it was won, and the incandescent lamp placed on the market.
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Examine an incandescent electric lamp.
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Is an incandescent lamp set in a porcelain base.
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But such a lamp would possess a vast advantage over an ordinary incandescent lamp in regard to efficiency.
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A 40-watt-incandescent lamp takes about 0.4 ampere of current.
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Incandescent electric lamps, mounted or not hundred.
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In news:

The product is designed to operate in adverse conditions where sodium chloride, high humidity, and other corrosive elements wreak havoc on most PAR 36 incandescent work lamps.
The Litetronics Spiral PAR Compact Fluorescent Lamps offer the same versatility as standard incandescent PAR lamp, while lasting four times as long, according to the company.
Hibiscus 'Cherry Brandy' grown under short days, long days provided with incandescent lamps, or long days provided with high-pressure sodium lamps.
From Australia to California and across Europe, there are proposals to ban the incandescent lamp, and recently enacted energy legislation in the US will phase out certain types of incandescent lamps.
NEMA's shipment index for incandescent lamps increased for the second consecutive quarter in Q2 2011.
Services & Maintenance: Incandescent Lamp Phase Out.
Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies baseball team, will upgrade its remaining incandescent lamp matrix display with one of the largest full-color LED displays in Major League Baseball.
NEMA's shipment index for incandescent lamp s increased for the second consecutive quarter in Q2 2011.
"The lamps use only about a quarter of the electricity used by the incandescent lights they replace, but actually look brighter ," said Brad Wiandt, national sales manager for TCP.
With its small footprint and onboard display, Jaz is ideal for relative intensity measurements of incandescent, high-intensity discharge, UV curing and fluorescent lamps, as well as low-power sources such as LEDs and OLEDs.
Services & Maintenance: Incandescent Lamp Phase Out .
Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) were made specifically to replace incandescent lamps.
In our study, 60-watt incandescent lamps were replaced by 15-watt CFLs and the light intensity delivered to plants was similar.
The SpringLamp has a 10,000-hour life and is available in 9 to 60W versions, providing light levels equivalent to 15 to 300W incandescent lamps.

In science:

Therefore, it is not reasonable to change the domestic lightning system from gas lamps to incandescent light bulbs powered by electricity.
Simple circuit theory and the solution of two electricity problems from the Victorian Age
Most of the LED traffic signal market to date has consisted of retrofits designed to fit into existing incandescent signal lamp sockets.
Increasing Market Penetration of LED Traffic Signals in New York State: Review of Articles and Information on LED Traffic Signals
Feedback-controlled systems to reduce signal intensity at night or during overcast days have proven problematic with incandescent traffic signals because dimming an incandescent lamp also changes its color, and could create confusion to drivers about the color of a traffic signal.
Increasing Market Penetration of LED Traffic Signals in New York State: Review of Articles and Information on LED Traffic Signals