• WordNet 3.6
    • n inactiveness a disposition to remain inactive or inert "he had to overcome his inertia and get back to work"
    • n inactiveness the state of being inactive
    • ***


  • Winston Churchill
    “I never worry about action, but only inaction.”
  • Charles J. Givens
    Charles J. Givens
    “Use the losses and failures of the past as a reason for action, not inaction.”
  • Roberto Goizueta
    Roberto Goizueta
    “The moment avoiding failure becomes your motivation, you're down the path of inactivity. You stumble only if you're moving.”
  • Dale Carnegie
    “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”
  • Doug Horton
    “Action cures fear, inaction creates terror.”
  • Jimmy Connors
    Jimmy Connors
    “Rather than viewing a brief relapse back to inactivity as a failure, treat it as a challenge and try to get back on track as soon as possible.”


In literature:

Conflicting Ideas about Inaction.
"Four Years in Rebel Capitals" by T. C. DeLeon
Never inactive, the latter sought to aggravate and embitter.
"A Political History of the State of New York, Volumes 1-3" by DeAlva Stanwood Alexander
Inaction on his part was all that was required to make her position intolerable.
"A Love Story Reversed" by Edward Bellamy
If one sensorial brain part is intensely engaged, the remainder of the brain is condemned to a kind of inactivity.
"Psychotherapy" by Hugo Münsterberg
It will not permit inaction.
"Ten Thousand Miles with a Dog Sled" by Hudson Stuck
Colonel Wood had, during the whole of the time of inactivity, harassed the enemy with great success.
"Our Soldiers" by W.H.G. Kingston
During intervals of inaction, these thoughts recur to me, and give me pain.
"The War Trail" by Mayne Reid
Inaction, idleness, that is the curse.
"Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Vol. 13" by Elbert Hubbard
Meanwhile, Aguara has not been inactive.
"Gaspar the Gaucho" by Mayne Reid
The manure and fertilizer were nearly inactive in the acid soil.
"Crops and Methods for Soil Improvement" by Alva Agee
The latter, seeing that her good intentions were not necessary, stood inactive until the swinging died away.
"Peggy-Alone" by Mary Agnes Byrne
He could gain nothing by inactivity.
"The Rise of Canada, from Barbarism to Wealth and Civilisation" by Charles Roger
Mr. Presby explained his inactivity and want of energy upon philosophical principles, and every body seemed to be satisfied.
"In School and Out" by Oliver Optic
Inaction was impossible; she began to pack.
"Anne" by Constance Fenimore Woolson
To-day her inactivity made her feel somehow excessively foolish.
"The Undying Past" by Hermann Sudermann
These little episodes were eagerly welcomed by men tired again of the inactivity of their lives in permanent camp.
"Vermont riflemen in the war for the union, 1861 to 1865" by William Y. W. Ripley
But I have begun; inaction would be galling, so I will continue.
"A Maid of the Kentucky Hills" by Edwin Carlile Litsey
But he had no intention of remaining inactive, his heart was too much in the cause.
"The Courier of the Ozarks" by Byron A. Dunn
I was not made for an idle, inactive enjoyment of life.
"The Alpine Fay" by Elisabeth Buerstenbinder (AKA E. Werner)
The patriots are indignant at your inactivity and delay.
"Harper's New Monthly Magazine" by Various

In poetry:

Ye seas, in your eternal roar,
His sacred praise proclaim;
While the inactive sluggish shore
Re-echoes to the same.
"Hymn To God's Power" by James Thomson
What's friendship? The hangover's faction,
The gratis talk of outrage,
Exchange by vanity, inaction,
Or bitter shame of patronage.
"Friendship" by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
Behold yon streamlet gliding by,
Whose waves are onward moving;
That image to the mind should be,
A spur to inactivity,
Each sluggish soul reproving.
"On The Fading Enjoyments Of Time" by Elizabeth Bath
I sit in the top of the wood, my eyes closed.
Inaction, no falsifying dream
Between my hooked head and hooked feet:
Or in sleep rehearse perfect kills and eat.
"Hawk Roosting" by Ted Hughes
Foremost of citizens and best of chiefs,
Within thy mind no weak inaction lay;
Leal to thy standards, firm in thy beliefs;
As quick to do, as others are to say.
"Theodore Roosevelt" by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

In news:

Albert is inactive after sustaining a back injury in last week's loss to Cincinnati.
Detectives found an inactive methamphetamine lab at a home on Queen Road this afternoon.
Inaction On Nutrient Runoff Will Invite EPA Mandates: Northey.
We've got the list of inactive players for Sunday's game between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, and there are no real surprises.
KR Brandon Banks inactive for Redskins.
Walker says Washington 'thrives on inaction'.
Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, as expected, is inactive because of a concussion, meaning rookie Nick Foles will make his first NFL start Sunday.
Greg McElroy will be inactive today after leading the Jets to a win in relief last week.
Third-string quarterback Greg McElroy is inactive, along with starting tight end Dustin Keller (ankle).
Jets backup QB Tebow could be inactive vs Cards.
Jets backup QB Tim Tebow could be inactive against Cardinals because of rib injury.
International inaction on Syria has descended to a previously unimaginable low.
But this should be a spur to wider debate - not an excuse for inaction, says Ian Parsley.
IN EFFECT UNTIL DEC 10, 3:00 a.m. (AP) — New Orleans Saints backup running back Chris Ivory is inactive for Sunday's game against the New York Giants with a hamstring injury.
Walker says Washington 'thrives on inaction '.

In science:

Maximizing this number by ordinary means can lead to local minima or transient solutions that then fall back to asymptotic states with larger number of inactive nodes. A priori identification of the stable state that enjoys the desired properties is thus an important step in our formulation of the problem.
Controlling Complex Networks with Compensatory Perturbations
See figure 5, where the vertex λ is dotted and the inactive line is represented as dashed.
A generalization of the Virasoro algebra to arbitrary dimensions
An example in D = 3 is given in figure 7 where the dotted vertices of G are λ, the inactive line of G is dashed and the active leaves are implicit.
A generalization of the Virasoro algebra to arbitrary dimensions
Switching off inactive hardware of BSs during these sleep modes can potentially save a lot of power, especially under low load conditions.
Green Cellular Networks: A Survey, Some Research Issues and Challenges
For ’inactive’ sites the transverse field is a local maximum and the site has a weight, li = 1, whereas all the remaining sites are termed as ’active’ having weights, li = 0.
Renormalization group study of random quantum magnets
Generally, the true distance between i and j , denoted by δij is given by the shortest path which goes over the inactive sites.
Renormalization group study of random quantum magnets
If the range, ri , of an active site, i is shorter than any of its true distances from active sites, ri < δi,j , ∀j , then this site can not be fused together with any other active sites, therefore it is turned to ’inactive’.
Renormalization group study of random quantum magnets
The evolving graph includes two types of nodes, active nodes with degree smaller than the maximum, and inactive nodes with the maximal degree.
Dynamics of Random Graphs with Bounded Degrees
Eventually all nodes become inactive, and the regular random graph is complete.
Dynamics of Random Graphs with Bounded Degrees
The linking process (3) transforms the system from a set of active nodes into a set of inactive nodes, as illustrated on Fig. 1.
Dynamics of Random Graphs with Bounded Degrees
The density of inactive nodes, nd = 1 − ν , follows from the normalization condition.
Dynamics of Random Graphs with Bounded Degrees
As expected, the density of isolated nodes, n0 (t), declines monotonically, while the density of inactive nodes, n3 (t), increases monotonically.
Dynamics of Random Graphs with Bounded Degrees
When the giant component contains all N nodes, the vast ma jority of the nodes are inactive.
Dynamics of Random Graphs with Bounded Degrees
With respect to the new melon, all edges incident at its black vertex are deemed active, while the exterior edge (of color 1) incident at its white vertex is deemed inactive.
Universality for Random Tensors
The inactive line of the graph (represented in bold in figure 5) corresponds to the tree line.
Universality for Random Tensors