• WordNet 3.6
    • v immobilize cause to be unable to move "The sudden storm immobilized the traffic"
    • v immobilize prohibit the conversion or use of (assets) "Blocked funds","Freeze the assets of this hostile government"
    • v immobilize convert (assets) into fixed capital
    • v immobilize make defenseless
    • v immobilize to hold fast or prevent from moving "The child was pinned under the fallen tree"
    • v immobilize hold as reserve or withdraw from circulation; of capital
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. t Immobilize To make immovable; in surgery, to make immovable (a naturally mobile part, as a joint) by the use of splints, or stiffened bandages.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • immobilize To render immobile; fix so as to be or become immovable.
    • immobilize To deprive of the capacity for mobilization.
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  • Wayne Dyer
    “Anything inside that immobilizes me, gets in my way, keeps me from my goals, is all mine.”
  • Henri L. Bergson
    Henri L. Bergson
    “To perceive means to immobilize... we seize, in the act of perception, something which outruns perception itself.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Pref. im-, in + mobilize,; cf. f. immobiliser,


In literature:

He hesitated for some moments, with a strangely immobile smile upon his face.
"The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde
In the still forest one of the giant trees looks utterly impassive and immobile.
"The Heart of Nature" by Francis Younghusband
The beggar gasped and writhed, his eyes staring with horror into the immobile face of his assailant.
"Fantazius Mallare" by Ben Hecht
Immobile, la dignite de la meditation absorboit tout son etre.
"Travels in France during the years 1814-1815" by Archibald Alison
But the target of an immobile can lacked in stimulation to concord of nerve and eye.
"Desert Dust" by Edwin L. Sabin
Lettice was as immobile as the chest of drawers.
"Mountain Blood" by Joseph Hergesheimer
He sank down in a chair and sat frozen, immobile.
"Eight Keys to Eden" by Mark Irvin Clifton
Some among the tribe stared with immobile contempt, thinking Gral the scavenger was yet hungry.
"The Beginning" by Henry Hasse
A cat sat there on the hatch, expressionless and immobile in the gloom.
"Masterpieces of Mystery, Vol. 1 (of 4)" by Various
I am fast bound to something: every joint in my body is fixed and immobile, as if turned to stone!
"The Wild Huntress" by Mayne Reid
The best treatment is to try to immobilize the part till the doctor comes.
"Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts" by Girl Scouts
He stared through the peep slot at the immobile metal figure.
"The Defenders" by Philip K. Dick
He held the steering paddle, immobile as an image, his eyes fixed upon the course ahead.
"Where the Pavement Ends" by John Russell
And they squatted in the moonbeams, immobile as goblins carved in dusky oak.
"Bye-Ways" by Robert Smythe Hichens
One by one, the onlookers followed, slowly, never glancing at the immobile figure of the Mayor.
"The Year When Stardust Fell" by Raymond F. Jones
Normally it just renders people immobile, but one in a million has a reaction like this.
"Makers" by Cory Doctorow
Every mile of ground covered was so much territory snatched from the invader during the long immobilized war that was in preparation.
"The Woman of Mystery" by Maurice Leblanc
A nation is distinctly immobile.
"Over Here" by Hector MacQuarrie
He watched Prince Ananda, but the latter's immobile face gave no sign of disapproval.
"The Three Sapphires" by W. A. Fraser
He listened immobile to her step fading down the garden: he heard the rumour of her departure.
"The King of Alsander" by James Elroy Flecker

In poetry:

Take me by the hand;
it's so easy for you, Angel,
for you are the road
even while being immobile.
"Music" by Rainer Maria Rilke
Ei non udillo;--come le statue
Chiuse nel tempio--pareva immobile,
E la fisa pupilla
Non mandava scintilla.
"Anacreonte" by Ferdinando Fontana
Tutti abbiam nella vita
L'ora fatal che resta, come negro stilita
Sul nostro capo, immobile, finche' anuiam sottoterra.
"Meriggio" by Ferdinando Fontana
Inviolate and immobile she does not rise she
does not stir
For silver moons are naught to her and naught
to her the suns that reel.
"The Sphinx" by Oscar Wilde
No sunny smile reposes
Upon that mouth and face,
But faintest blush of pale pink roses
Has left its lovely trace
In silent beauty there
Serene, immobile, rare.
"The Daguerreotype" by Aaron Southwick
Fortunati ambo, si quid mea carmina possunt,
Nulla dies nunquam memori vos eximet aevo,
Dum domus Aeneae Capitoli immobile saxum
Accolet, imperiumque pater romanus habebit.
"The Heroic Enthusiasts - Part The Second =First Dialogue.=" by Giordano Bruno

In news:

Rotted with corrosion and immobilized at sea by a long-running legal dispute, a cargo vessel has sunk in the Indian Ocean, releasing an oil slick about six miles long.
Soil scientist Matias Vanotti monitors conditions in a bioreactor that uses immobilized bacteria to remove nitrates from agricultural effluents.
Lou isn't able to put weight on his left front leg because of plates that immobilize his elbow while a fracture in his humerus heals.
GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- On Monday evening, a fundraiser was held for a man whose disease might have immobilized him, but it definitely got the community moving.
According to the WWE, Garcia is in stable condition but doctors had to immobilize her neck as a precaution and was kept overnight in the hospital.
"Ryan McNamara was judged first," writes Ms Ryzik, "because his installation — in which two people were immobilized by wooden boards and pounds of sand — seemed to be rapidly endangering the health of his volunteers.".
As you might remember, in the final scene set in the Roman Colosseum the evil emperor having wounded the gladiator-hero while the hero was immobilized in chains, then fights the thus disadvantaged hero in the dramatic climax.
Now, there is Calvin Hill's moronic idea to require Cowboys players to use devices that will immobilize their vehicles if the players are deemed unfit to drive.
Guidelines and products for transporting & immobilizing pediatric patients.
Intensive-care units have long kept critically ill patients immobilized, heavily sedated and on a breathing machine.
Wes Lunt 's knee immobilized.
Cowboys mull device to immobilize players' cars.
Immobile, but still operative .
Look, there are some people who are clearly immobile in the politics game.
Paralyzed rats with damaged spinal cords can walk again — some even sprinting or climbing up stairs — after an experiment that Swiss researchers hope can one day do the same for immobilized humans.

In science:

Here, a moving atom S lies between to immobile optical elements M1 (a Bragg reflector) and M2 (a Fabry-P´erot cavity).
Mirror-mediated cooling: a paradigm for particle cooling via the retarded dipole force
In due course, this extension will enable us to deal with multilevel atoms interacting with an arbitrarily complex system composed of immobile mirrors, cavities, MEMS devices, etc., without resorting to a quantized model for such a system.
Scattering theory of multilevel atoms interacting with arbitrary radiation fields
Importantly, this new transfer matrix still retains all its properties, allowing us to model the interaction of the multilevel atom with an arbitrary system of immobile optical elements such as mirrors, cavities, waveplates, etc.
Scattering theory of multilevel atoms interacting with arbitrary radiation fields
Informally speaking, these are simple random walks allowed to stay immobile.
On the probability that integrated random walks stay positive
This ‘long run’ may be years or more, and ions trapped for so long are for all practical purposes immobile.
The Casimir Effect and the Foundations of Statistical Physics
The model, which is an application of kinetic theory, assumes that the microscopic behavior of electrons in a solid may be treated classically and looks much like a pinball machine, with a sea of constantly jittering electrons bouncing and re-bouncing off heavier, relatively immobile positive ions.
On the generalized continuity equation
Polymerization Kinetics of Polyacrylamide Gels Containing Immobilized pH Gradients for Isoelectric-Focusing.
Variations on a theme: Changes to electrophoretic separations that can make a difference
Organic disulfides as a means to generate streak-free two-dimensional maps with narrow range basic immobilized pH gradient strips as first Product dimension.
Variations on a theme: Changes to electrophoretic separations that can make a difference
Our first goal here is to question the possibility that, for biologically relevant parameters, diffusion among immobile obstacles can give rise to anomalous scaling regimes with exponents that vary with the density of obstacles.
Anomalous subdiffusion due to obstacles : A critical survey
The reference curve in this figure is the red curve, that corresponds to Dobs = 0 i.e. immobile obstacles.
Anomalous subdiffusion due to obstacles : A critical survey
In section III we develop a continuum model for a thin fluid like sand layer on an immobile bed including the time dependence of the sand transport and saturation transients.
A Continuum Saltation Model for Sand Dunes
We consider the bed–load as a thin fluid–like granular layer on top of an immobile sand bed.
A Continuum Saltation Model for Sand Dunes
An essential difference with the much studied Edwards-Wilkinson and Kardar-Parisi-Zhang growth models is that here the disorder is quenched, as the random part of the force felt by an immobile interface element remains constant in time.
Some recent (and surprising) results on interface and contact line depinning in random media
The system finally settles into a state where immobile high-amplitude peaks (the ring with |φ| ≈ 2.3 in Fig.1b) emerge from a lowamplitude disordered background (core with |φ| < 0.5).
A simple statistical explanation for the localization of energy in nonlinear lattices with two conserved quantities
The reason for this is the eventual breakdown of the two entropy-enhancing mechanisms: Firstly, the merging of peaks becomes impossible because peaks above a certain critical height are immobilized by a lattice-pinning effect.
A simple statistical explanation for the localization of energy in nonlinear lattices with two conserved quantities