• WordNet 3.6
    • adj imitative not genuine; imitating something superior "counterfeit emotion","counterfeit money","counterfeit works of art","a counterfeit prince"
    • adj imitative marked by or given to imitation "acting is an imitative art","man is an imitative being"
    • adj imitative (of words) formed in imitation of a natural sound "onomatopoeic words are imitative of noises","it was independently developed in more than one place as an onomatopoetic term"- Harry Hoijer"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Clay vessels imitating shells Clay vessels imitating shells

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Blue Jays can imitate the calls of hawks
    • n Imitative (Gram) A verb expressive of imitation or resemblance.
    • Imitative (Nat. Hist) Designed to imitate another species of animal, or a plant, or inanimate object, for some useful purpose, such as protection from enemies; having resemblance to something else; as, imitative colors; imitative habits; dendritic and mammillary forms of minerals are imitative.
    • Imitative Formed after a model, pattern, or original. "This temple, less in form, with equal grace,
      Was imitative of the first in Thrace."
    • Imitative Inclined to imitate, copy, or follow; imitating; exhibiting some of the qualities or characteristics of a pattern or model; dependent on example; not original; as, man is an imitative being; painting is an imitative art.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Mockingbirds can imitate any sound from a squeaking door to a cat meowing.
    • imitative Imitating or inclined to imitate or copy.
    • imitative Aiming at imitation; exhibiting or designed to exhibit an imitation of a pattern or model.
    • imitative Formed after or presenting a similitude of a model, pattern, or original.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The male scorpion fly gets other males to bring him food by imitating a female fly.
    • adj Imitative inclined to imitate: formed after a model
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  • Carrie Fisher
    Carrie Fisher
    “I don't want life to imitate art. I want life to be art.”
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    “Art is not merely an imitation of the reality of nature, but in truth a metaphysical supplement to the reality of nature, placed alongside thereof for its conquest.”
  • Joshua Renolds
    Joshua Renolds
    “The young mind is pliable and imitates, but in more advanced states grows rigid and must be warmed and softened before it will receive a deep impression.”
  • Lionel Trilling
    “The immature artist imitates. The mature artist steals.”
  • Lionel Trilling
    “Immature artists imitate. Mature artists steal.”
  • Philip Massinger
    Philip Massinger
    “Immature poets imitate, mature poets steal.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. imitavitus,: cf. F. imitatif,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. imitāri, imitātus, ety. unknown.


In literature:

Scholastic learning and poetic imitation were rife; the rehandling of Greek masterpieces was a fashionable pastime.
"Pastoral Poetry and Pastoral Drama" by Walter W. Greg
Do you remember making imitation or substitute coffee by grinding up corn or peanuts?
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Work Projects Administration
At all its best points, Henry's Hamlet was susceptible of absurd imitation.
"The Story of My Life" by Ellen Terry
We no longer imitate the ancients; we only imitate each other.
"The Art of Letters" by Robert Lynd
Japan has thus, by imitation rather than by origination, entered on the path of endless progress.
"Evolution Of The Japanese, Social And Psychic" by Sidney L. Gulick
He was not aware of the extent to which Desmond imitated her master, Alfred Orde-Jones.
"The Tree of Heaven" by May Sinclair
Makers of modern telescopes have imitated the method Nature invented when fixing the human head to the spine.
"A Book of Exposition" by Homer Heath Nugent
Our children see this, and learn to imitate it; for man is an imitative animal.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 09, No. 51, January, 1862" by Various
By the Lord's commanding some examples to be imitated.
"The Divine Right of Church Government" by Sundry Ministers Of Christ Within The City Of London
If practicable, use for comparison as standards both the imitated writing and that of the imitator's traced writing.
"Disputed Handwriting" by Jerome B. Lavay
What, if in its imitation of you, its life be a progressive departure from God!
"The Christian Home" by Samuel Philips
The arts through which she gave her message to the world were visible and imitative.
"Reviews" by Oscar Wilde
Gruyere does not see eye to eye with the big-holed Swiss Saanen cartwheel or American imitation.
"The Complete Book of Cheese" by Robert Carlton Brown
The influence of Shelley echoes in it, but much more in admiration than in imitation of him.
"The Poetry Of Robert Browning" by Stopford A. Brooke
Even this imitation of a door was sometimes omitted, and the soul was left to manage as best it might.
"Manual Of Egyptian Archaeology And Guide To The Study Of Antiquities In Egypt" by Gaston Camille Charles Maspero
Most of children's play is imitative of the serious actions of grown-up folk.
"Children's Ways" by James Sully
This maker was a German imitator of the Cremona Violins, and is said to have been very successful.
"Violins and Violin Makers" by Joseph Pearce
In some of his pictures he imitated Rembrandt very closely.
"The Standard Galleries - Holland" by Esther Singleton
The Imitative Faculty of the Baboon.
"Natural History in Anecdote" by Various
The Christians would not merely imitate the Moors in the beauty and richness of their churches.
"The Story of Seville" by Walter M. Gallichan

In poetry:

The Queen of Clubs assumed by arts unknown
An imitative dint that seemed my own;
This notch, not of my doing,
Misled me to my ruin.
"The Queen Of Hearts" by Christina Georgina Rossetti
The school-boy, wandering through the wood
To pull the primrose gay,
Starts, the new voice of Spring to hear,
And imitates thy lay.
"Ode To The Cuckoo" by John Logan
By the sad waters of separation
Where we have wandered by divers ways,
I have but the shadow and imitation
Of the old memorial days.
"Exile" by Ernest Christopher Dowson
The Lion, monarch of the plain,
First tried to imitate the strain,
And shaking high his mane he roared,
Till beast and bird around him cowered.
"The Saxon Legend Of Language" by Mary Weston Fordham
In caution's maze they never wait
Until they die;
They flock the season's open gate
Ere time steals by.
Love, shall we see and imitate,
You, love, and I?
"Valentine" by John Charles McNeill
A woman's form of perfect grace,
In shadowy softness delicate;
Though flushed by sunset's rich embrace,
A white rose could not imitate
Her innocent face:
"Kadisha; Or, The First Jealousy" by Richard Doddridge Blackmore

In news:

Jerry Rambach (Saturday, Sept 22) is right that East Germany's system did not work, but today's united Germany is a successful welfare state whose citizens are in no hurry to imitate the U.S.A. Let alone the Tea Party's war against all.
Man planned to imitate Columbine school killings with university attacks, says Spanish police.
Man cited in Troy for using flashing lights to imitate 'po-po'.
Olafur Eliasson is by far the champion of art- imitating -weather.
They said he may have started imitating human speech because he was lonely.
Scientists report elephant in South Korean zoo uses his trunk to imitate human speech.
Twins Try To Imitate Dad's Sneeze.
Not-so-Magic Mike: Let's not imitate men who objectify women.
When art can't imitate life.
A Unique Mix, Not a Model to Imitate .
'The River' and 'Smash' Aren't as Good as the Shows They Imitate .
Imitation of Christ Folds.
Rumors that Imitation of Christ is folding have been circulating for ages, but now it's confirmed: The label is finished.
Deals on Imitation of Christ.
Lilly does best Big Z imitation .

In science:

So one should to use some stochastic simulation of the interactive processes, i.e. to consider an imitated stochastic process instead of the tremor.
Belavkin-Kolokoltsov Watch-Dog Effects in Interactively Controlled Stochastic Computer-Graphic Dynamical Systems. A Summary of Mathematical Researches
Thus the forcing function imitates cos krs and sin krs in the adiabatic and isocurvature scenario respectively and stimulates the corresponding mode of temperature fluctuations.
Toward Understanding CMB Anisotropies and Their Implications
So in most of the accessible phase space, the analysis method should naturally imitate that in e+e(cid:0) annihilation.
Geometry of Multihadron Production
Presumably this occurs through higher-dimension operators which imitate the effect of Higgs boson couplings to quarks and leptons.
Present and Future Aspects of CP Violation
These numbers have to be kept in mind if we try to imitate brain functions with artificial devices.
Neural Networks
However, the ZEUS data have T and S values not very differerent from H1, and they find that this difference is reduced if they imitate the H1 event selection.
Summary of DIS 98
Except for those SUSY scenarios which imitate the Standard Model, more complicated Higgs scenarios generally imply that there is no constraint.
Experimental Tests of the Standard Model
The first attempt one would try to make to tackle this problem is to imitate the arguments we carried on in Section 1.
Some results on rational surfaces and Fano varieties
From the definition of a bubble as a self-ful filling reinforcing price change, we identify indicators of a possible self-reinforcing imitation between agents in the market.
"Thermometers" of Speculative Frenzy
In this context, bubbles are interpreted as low or critical temperature phases, where the imitation strength carries market prices up essentially independently of fundamentals.
"Thermometers" of Speculative Frenzy
We propose that this common factor is an imitation process between traders and present quantitative empirical tests for this hypothesis.
"Thermometers" of Speculative Frenzy
From the definition of a bubble as a self-ful filling reinforcing price change, we thus search fo r indicators of a possible self-reinforcing imitation between agents in the market.
"Thermometers" of Speculative Frenzy
In section 2, we propose a simple model of price evolution that shows that imitation may result from rational expectations.
"Thermometers" of Speculative Frenzy
Equation (5) is exactly the evolution equation postulated by Johansen, Sornette and Ledoit (1999) and by Johansen, Ledoit and Sornette (2000) for the dynamics of imitation between agents.
"Thermometers" of Speculative Frenzy
When K < Kc , disorder reigns: the sensitivity to a small global in fluenc e is small, the clusters of agents who are in agreement remain of small size, and imitation only propagates between close neighbors.
"Thermometers" of Speculative Frenzy