• Iceberg with Miami in the Background
    Iceberg with Miami in the Background
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n iceberg lettuce with crisp tightly packed light-green leaves in a firm head "iceberg is still the most popular lettuce"
    • n iceberg a large mass of ice floating at sea; usually broken off of a polar glacier
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In 1958, the United States Coast Guard off western Greenland measured the tallest known iceberg at five hundred and fifty feet
    • n Iceberg A large mass of ice, generally floating in the ocean.☞ Icebergs are large detached portions of glaciers, which in cold regions often project into the sea.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: As an iceberg melts, it makes a fizzing sound because of the compressed air bubbles popping in the ice
    • n iceberg An elevated floating mass of ice detached from a glacier at the sea-level. The movement of the glacier downward causes it to protrude into the sea, by which it is in part supported until the weight becomes so great that more or less of it breaks off, often with great noise and commotion of the sea. This process is called calving. The portion detached from the glacier floats about, driven by winds and currents, and is an iceberg. This is the mode of formation of the best-known bergs—those which often encumber a part of the North Atlantic in spring and early summer, having come down from the ice-clad ranges and high plateaus of Greenland. The more or less completely frozen surface of the water in the northern polar region is known as pack-ice, or simply pack, floe-ice, floe, and floe-berg. (See floe and floe-berg.) In regard to the icebergs of the Southern Ocean, it is not known with certainty whether they are all glacierborn, or whether they are not in large part the result of the direct freezing of the sea-water.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Fourteen years before the Titanic sank, novelist Morgan Robertson published a novel called "Futility". The story was about an ocean liner that struck an iceberg on an April night. The name of the ship in his novel was The Titan.
    • n Iceberg īs′bėrg a mountain or huge mass of floating ice.
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  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Two parts of empathy: Skill (tip of iceberg) and Attitude (mass of the iceberg).”
  • Sigmund Freud
    “The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water.”


Tip of the iceberg - The tip of the iceberg is the part of a problem that can be seen, with far more serious problems lying underneath.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Prob. of Scand. origin; cf. Dan. iisbierg, Sw. isberg, properly, a mountain of ice. See Ice, and Berg
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
From Scand., Norw., and Sw. isberg. See ice and berg=mountain.


In literature:

Among marshes, it is of weeds and grass; but among icebergs, of what?
"Love's Meinie" by John Ruskin
They say that there is seven times as much of an iceberg under water as there is above the surface.
"Expositions of Holy Scripture" by Alexander Maclaren
They both then got round in the wake of the iceberg.
"Our Sailors" by W.H.G. Kingston
She is as bad as an iceberg for freezing a fellow.
"Randy of the River" by Horatio Alger Jr.
In another instant the stout ship would have been a helpless wreck, foundering under the base of a huge iceberg.
"Ben Hadden" by W.H.G. Kingston
The dear little ship flew on, and in another minute the iceberg was left astern.
"Ernest Bracebridge" by William H. G. Kingston
What do you think of an iceberg a mile long, two or three hundred feet high?
"Voyages and Travels of Count Funnibos and Baron Stilkin" by William H. G. Kingston
Certainly, an iceberg is not the pleasantest spot for a location.
"Marmaduke Merry" by William H. G. Kingston
No sooner was the cry raised that all was lost, than many rushed forward, with the intention of getting on the iceberg.
"Peter the Whaler" by W.H.G. Kingston
The ship was passing the iceberg, leaving it a mile to leeward.
"The South Sea Whaler" by W.H.G. Kingston
I felt the brig rebound as it were from the iceberg, and I found that we were drifting away from it.
"Will Weatherhelm" by W.H.G. Kingston
Hope never deserts us, not even in an iceberg.
"The Pacha of Many Tales" by Frederick Marryat
One iceberg in your midst is enough, and that you have kindly suggested in your own person.
"April's Lady" by Margaret Wolfe Hungerford
The calm which had fortunately prevailed since Angut and his friends found refuge on the iceberg was not destined to continue.
"Red Rooney" by R.M. Ballantyne
When these become too heavy to stick to the cliffs, they tumble into the sea and float away as icebergs.
"The World of Ice" by R.M. Ballantyne
If a volcano had suddenly opened fire under the iceberg the effect could not have been more tremendous.
"The Giant of the North" by R.M. Ballantyne
Ice now began to surround us in all directions; and soon after this I saw, for the first time, that monster of the Polar Seas, an iceberg.
"Hudson Bay" by R.M. Ballantyne
Life must be dull for a single girl on your iceberg planet.
"Planet of the Damned" by Harry Harrison
Icebergs transporting seeds, 363.
"On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" by Charles Darwin
I can be an iceberg in human shape when I wish.
"The Continental Monthly, Vol. 5, No. 5, May, 1864" by Various

In poetry:

And his azure waves
High the ocean lifts,
On his cold blue breast
Now an iceberg drifts.
"To Russia" by Ivan Nikitin
She sings, and, smiling, hears her praise,
But dreams the while of one
Who watches from his sea-blown deck
The icebergs in the sun.
"Amy Wentworth" by John Greenleaf Whittier
And the spoil of the East and the South
Where scented blossoms spill,
Passing the grinding icebergs
To our town on the windy hill.
"The City of Winds" by Theodore Goodridge Roberts
I saw his savage foemen poise
Their fiery javelins on high.
(They made a fearful lot of noise.)
"Slay! Slay the Iceberg!" was the cry.
"The Impervious Iceberg" by C J Dennis
Was not the weltering waste of water wide
Enough for both to sail?
What drew the two together o'er the tide,
Fair ship and iceberg pale?
"A Tryst" by Celia Laighton Thaxter
Yes, waft me, Parry, to the Pole,
For — if my fate is to be chosen
'Twixt bores and icebergs — on my soul,
I'd rather, of the two, be frozen!
"Corn and Catholics" by Thomas Moore

In news:

A photo of what experts believe is likely the iceberg that sank the Titanic is up for auction.
Iceberg tsunami barrels toward boat.
As strange as it sounds, human beings have a lot in common with icebergs .
You and your conscious mind are the tip of the iceberg .
For the last year, the Pine Island Glacier in western Antarctica has been seemingly poised to calve off a giant iceberg , or icebergs , that in total would represent an area the size of New York City.
Tip of the doping iceberg .
World anti-doping chief warns Armstrong case is tip of the iceberg .
Reelecting Obama like Titanic hitting iceberg again.
Pedro Espada conviction is the tip of the iceberg .
Florida fungal meningitis cases just 'tip of the iceberg '.
See all the pictures from the ICEBERG collections from ICEBERG .
Ex-Assembly Staffer: Lopez Scandal The Tip Of The Iceberg .
Technology in Midlands classrooms is 'the tip of the iceberg .
Just the tip of the iceberg .
54M CA state parks scandal may be tip of iceberg .

In science:

What we observe therefore most likely represents only the tip of the iceberg of a much larger underlying population [106].
Binary and Millisecond Pulsars at the New Millennium
Hopefully each of these detections is only the tip of the iceberg of each class of source (Figure 2) and, as the flux sensitivity improves, the other members of the class will be detectable.
Extragalactic Sources of TeV Gamma Rays: A Summary
However, even for such extended galaxies our programs will detect at least “the tip of iceberg” with sufficiently high probability.
Low-Surface-Brightness Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. I. Search Method and Test Sample
But this is only the tip of the iceberg, one can do much more.
A Generic Random Number Generator Test Suite
Nevertheless, the inflow in ionized gas is probably only the “tip of the iceberg”; larger amounts of colder and molecular gas should be flowing in as well.
Observational Overview of the Feeding of Active Galactic Nuclei
The results described here are just the tip of an iceberg, leading to many rich generalizations of results of Euclidean geometry, with much waiting to be discovered and explored, see for example for applications to conics and for connections with one dimensional metrical geometry.
Because one cannot measure arbitrarily faint fluxes, one necessarily observes exceptionally powerful objects. Such are not representative of the typical populations at such large distances. This “iceberg effect” is one aspect of a group of selection effects often collectively put under the name Malmquist bias.
Practical cosmology and cosmological physics
This may be the tip of a large and interesting iceberg.
Recent Progress in Formal Theory
It is a clear tip of the iceberg for cases using future arrays, which broadband expected capability, and enhanced sensitivity will provide an arena for immediate testing of these ideas.
Future science issues for Galactic very-high-energy gamma-ray astronomy
The following is the tip of an iceberg summary of what is done there. “The homology of Cn+1 –spaces, n ≥ 0 ” , , starts with a careful analysis of the Dyer–Lashof and Browder homology operations, the relationships between them and the Pontrijagin product in the homology of iterated loop space.
The work of Fred Cohen
It is also the tip of the iceberg of parity, a subject that Manturov has expanded for virtual knot theory and found ways to exploit that are highly signi ficant for virtual theor y and, we expect for classical theory as well in an indirect way.
Book Review of "Virtual Knot Theory - The State of the Art" by Vassily Manturov and Denis Ilyutko, World Scientific (2012), ISBN: 978-981-4401-12-8
Given how natural the Weyl semimetal is as the electronic state of a 3D solid, these materials candidates may be just the tip of the iceberg.
Beyond Band Insulators: Topology of Semi-metals and Interacting Phases
Only the tip of the iceberg was considered above.
Hydrodynamic Turbulence: a 19th Century Problem with a challenge for the 21st Century
This turned out to be the tip of a large iceberg.
Workshop Summary for Cracow 1997: Relativistic Jets in AGNs
This paper is, in the author’s opinion, just the tip of the iceberg in the application of exterior algebra methods to sparse resultants. I am actively working on several more general results and have ideas on many more.
The Resultant of an Unmixed Bivariate System