• WordNet 3.6
    • v hypothesize to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds "Scientists supposed that large dinosaurs lived in swamps"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • hypothesize To form hypotheses. Also hypothesise, hypothetize.
    • hypothesize To assume as a hypothesis.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.i Hypothesize to form hypotheses
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  • Albert Einstein
    “The grand aim of all science is to cover the greatest number of empirical facts by logical deduction from the smallest number of hypotheses or axioms.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr., hypo, under, tithenai, to place.


In literature:

Life is rich in such little auxiliary hypotheses, as the professor would say, and why should we not use them.
"The German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries" by Various
There were elements in this new twist of the situation which did not tally with any of his former hypotheses.
"The Girl in the Mirror" by Elizabeth Garver Jordan
None of these hypotheses has prevailed in preference to others.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 5" by Various
Science has to exercise its ingenuity both in making hypotheses and in contriving occasions for testing them by observation.
"Logic, Inductive and Deductive" by William Minto
Marin sat and stared at the wall, turning over hypotheses in his mind, discarding them when they failed to make sense.
"Student Body" by Floyd L. Wallace
We may now consider the evidence in favor of or against the three hypotheses.
"The Voice of Science in Nineteenth-Century Literature" by Various
Life must speak for itself, he held; it must justify hypotheses by their agreement with it.
"The Next Step in Religion" by Roy Wood Sellars
This would be the pragmatic meaning of the three hypotheses.
"Essays in Radical Empiricism" by William James
I was not yet prepared to base any hypotheses upon the supernatural.
"The Green God" by Frederic Arnold Kummer
If now we ask in what manner the succession of life on the earth has been produced, two apparently opposite hypotheses rise before us.
"The Origin of the World According to Revelation and Science" by John William Dawson
The very number and variety of hypotheses show that none is established.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 2" by Various
Some hypotheses as to a Scotch origin have been disproved.
"A Short History of French Literature" by George Saintsbury
Two other hypotheses present themselves.
"Custom and Myth" by Andrew Lang
All my observations and all my hypotheses are contained in this wallet.
"The Tremendous Event" by Maurice Leblanc
We have, then, two hypotheses, both of which involve that Aristotle was guilty of some inconsistency.
"A Critical History of Greek Philosophy" by W. T. Stace
Yet in actual practice, what are these working hypotheses that work because they are compensating conceptions or doors in the panelling?
"The Will to Doubt" by Alfred H. Lloyd
The subject is, for the present, beyond our power to settle satisfactorily, and so hypotheses must be resorted to.
"Homo-culture" by Martin Luther Holbrook
It is for you to decide which of these hypotheses is the correct one.
"Pride" by Eugène Sue
Mr. Butler supports his theories with hypotheses which an impartial judge of evidence will find it difficult to concede.
"Ephemera Critica" by John Churton Collins
And who, let me ask, has been more prolific of hypotheses than our continental neighbour?
"Epidemics Examined and Explained: or, Living Germs Proved by Analogy to be a Source of Disease" by John Grove

In poetry:

Children - are staring of eyes so frightful,
Mischievous legs on a wooden floor,
Children - is sun in the gloomy motives,
Hypotheses' of happy sciences world.
"Little World" by Marina Ivanova Tsvetaeva

In news:

This apparently paradoxical result lies at the heart of one of the most intriguing and influential new hypotheses in behavioral science.
Reasoning with hypothetical cases helps decision-makers evaluate alternate hypotheses for deciding a case.
Every day, scientists adopt the objective stance when they use methods to test their hypotheses about phenomena.
Occam 's razor is the principle that, given two hypotheses consistent with the observed data, the simpler one should be preferred.
Three hypotheses are tested to determine if purchasing skills are related to strategic purchasing, a firm's financial performance, and supplier responsiveness .
Investigators found he was carrying marijuana and a pipe and hypothesized those items might have something to do with his demonstrated lack of coordination.
In a town where talk radio hosts often hypothesize about the weakness or absence of nuclear families in the Jamaican community, the Allens are a challenge to the argument.
Vancouver-based online tech news service Techvibes recently hypothesized that A Thinking Ape 's revenue last year was in the range of $20 million.
Dark matter is a hypothesized type of matter which accounts for much of the mass of the universe.
It also might mean life could survive in environments that scientists once thought were inhospitable, such as Mars or Europa, a moon of Jupiter that scientists hypothesize might have subterranean oceans.
And, like all experiments , hypotheses were tested and lessons were learned.
The proposed algorithms search for the speech segment maximizing the average observation probability along the most likely path in the hypothesized keyword model.
He did not rule out induction as a way of arriving at scientific hypotheses, all he said was that induction cannot be used as a way of proving them.
The program generates hypotheses from available intel to finger IED weapons caches within a half a mile of actual locations.
Scholars hypothesized that this could be that the parents who didn't usually spank their kids ended up using corporal punishment when they lost their tempers.

In science:

The second lemma shows that any polynomial satisfying a certain set of local conditions also satisfies the hypotheses of Lemma 8.
On the existence of absolutely simple abelian varieties of a given dimension over an arbitrary field
Then f is an irreducible ordinary Weil polynomial of degree 2n, and its roots π satisfy the hypotheses of Lemma 8.
On the existence of absolutely simple abelian varieties of a given dimension over an arbitrary field
Thus g satisfies all the hypotheses of Lemma 9, so by Lemma 8 the roots of f are Weil numbers that correspond to an isogeny class of absolutely simple ordinary varieties over Fq .
On the existence of absolutely simple abelian varieties of a given dimension over an arbitrary field
Now we must check that a root π of f satisfies the hypotheses of Lemma 8.
On the existence of absolutely simple abelian varieties of a given dimension over an arbitrary field
The first of these hypotheses is identical to the first hypothesis of the lemma we are proving, and is therefore satisfied.
On the existence of absolutely simple abelian varieties of a given dimension over an arbitrary field
Subtracting the sum of the latter two estimates from the first estimate will give us a lower bound on the number of degree-n polynomials satisfying all the hypotheses of Lemma 9.
On the existence of absolutely simple abelian varieties of a given dimension over an arbitrary field
The computation of the lower bound on the number of polynomials satisfying hypotheses (2), (4), and (5) of Lemma 9 will depend on the following lemma, whose proof we will postpone until the next section.
On the existence of absolutely simple abelian varieties of a given dimension over an arbitrary field
Therefore, letting U (r, n) be the polar part, V , of W (r, n), these random unitary matrices satisfy the hypotheses of the theorem.
Invariant subspaces of Voiculescu's circular operator
It is easy to determine the primitive idempotents of R[w] (or k [w], under the hypotheses of the remark above) by using Proposition 2 and formula (22).
Semigroups, rings, and Markov chains
The hypothesized duality for K, L gives a simple equivalence C c ∗K → C 4−∗ (N , L).
Dual 2-complexes in 4-manifolds
The hypotheses are as in the lemma, and additionally f0 is a basis-preserving isomorphism.
Dual 2-complexes in 4-manifolds
In other words, under the hypotheses of Theorem 1.3 there exists an isomorphism T with kT kkT −1k < C (ε) which takes ej to uej /kuej k for j ∈ σ .
Coordinate restrictions of linear operators in $l_2^n$
We observe that the curves converge when N is large to scaling distributions (independent of N ) and this confirms the hypotheses Eq. (7) and Eq. (8).
Core percolation in random graphs: a critical phenomena analysis
To see that the action of Γ on WPtG q ,β ,r is free under the additional hypotheses (i) stated in the lemma, it suffices to show that for any γ ∈ Γ other than the identity, P[θγ X = X ] = 0.
Coupling and Bernoullicity in random-cluster and Potts models
From the hypotheses, we may find an infinite set W of vertices such that γx /∈ W for all x ∈ W and γx 6= γ y for distinct x, y ∈ W .
Coupling and Bernoullicity in random-cluster and Potts models