hydrogen ion


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n hydrogen ion a positively charged atom of hydrogen; that is to say, a normal hydrogen atomic nucleus
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In literature:

That reddish glow looked like hydrogen ions in the air.
"The Black Star Passes" by John W Campbell
It forms hydrogen ions in solution and neutralizes bases forming salts.
"An Elementary Study of Chemistry" by William McPherson
The explanation probably lies in the degree to which the acid is split up into "ions" of hydrogen (H), and sulphate (SO4).
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte
Before the zinc ions began to crowd in there were just enough hydrogen ions to go with the sulphate ions.
"Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son" by John Mills
The rays seem to be positive ions with masses never less than that of the hydrogen atom.
"A Brief Account of Radio-activity" by Francis Preston Venable

In science:

TABLE III: Individual contributions to the shielding constant σ × 106 for selected hydrogen-like ions.
QED calculation of the nuclear magnetic shielding for hydrogen-like ions
These might, for example, be hydrogen atoms (x = HI), metal ions (x = m), or dust grains (x = d).
A Global Perspective on Star Formation
Consider e.g. a hydrogenic ion with a large nuclear charge Z .
On Effective Field Theories at Finite Temperature
The study of the Lamb shift in the hydrogen atom and the helium ion about fifty years ago led to a great development of Quantum electrodynamics.
Laser spectroscopy of simple atoms and precision tests of bound state QED
Above that range, ions are fully stripped, but hydrogen-like recombination emission is still possible.
X-ray Spectroscopy of Accretion Disks and Stellar Winds in X-Ray Binaries
The emissivities of hydrogen and helium ions as well as those of doubly ionized species of C, N, O and Ne were computed using Tr[O III] and ne[Ar IV] while those of singly ionized species of C, N, O and Ne were computed using Tr[N II] and ne[S II] .
The temperature structure of dusty planetary nebulae
Starting from a silicon polycrystalline target under reactive ions of argon and hydrogen plasma, a-Si:H thin films of about 0.5 mm thick, and 1 cm2 area are deposited by radio frequency cathodic sputtering technique .
On the Structural and Optical Properties of Sputtered Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Thin Films
We will treat an atomic hydrogen-like plasma consisting of Ne electrons, Ni ions, and Na atoms and located in a volume V at a temperature T.
Free Energy of Nonideal Atomic Plasma
Finally , we note that similar techniques have been used to measure CPT violations for proton/anti-proton and hydrogen ion systems [117].
Modern tests of Lorentz invariance
This yields a constraint on all three coefficients of order 10−16 . A bound (ks derived from the cyclotron frequencies of hydrogen ions and anti-protons.
Modern tests of Lorentz invariance
Other line ratios which are affected by optical depth include the Lyman series of hydrogenic ions, and the G ratio of He-like n = 1 − 2 lines.
Atomic Data for X-ray Astrophysics
Shore (1969) calculated DR rate coefficients for various ions of the H-like, Li-like, Na-like isoelectronic sequences, in addition to C+ and Ca+ ions using monoconfigurational screened hydrogenic wave functions including the effect of finite stabilization.
Atomic Data for X-ray Astrophysics
Cross sections for excited levels of many ions based on a hydrogenic approximation were calculated by Clark et al.
Atomic Data for X-ray Astrophysics
For example, the second is defined in terms of the Cs hyperfine structure interval, the Rydberg constant is measured by spectroscopy of atomic hydrogen and the ratio of electron to proton mass is known from the oscillation frequencies of trapped atomic ions.
Preparation and manipulation of molecules for fundamental physics tests
This same concept based on the resonance force was also used in paper 4, where he faced the unexplained anomalous X term observed in the spectrum of the H2 molecule, by assuming a pseudopolar binding between two ions in the hydrogen molecule.
Ettore Majorana and his heritage seventy years later