• WordNet 3.6
    • v hurdle jump a hurdle
    • n hurdle the act of jumping over an obstacle
    • n hurdle a light movable barrier that competitors must leap over in certain races
    • n hurdle an obstacle that you are expected to overcome "the last hurdle before graduation"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Hurdle A movable frame of wattled twigs, osiers, or withes and stakes, or sometimes of iron, used for inclosing land, for folding sheep and cattle, for gates, etc.; also, in fortification, used as revetments, and for other purposes.
    • Hurdle An artificial barrier, variously constructed, over which men or horses leap in a race.
    • Hurdle In England, a sled or crate on which criminals were formerly drawn to the place of execution.
    • v. t Hurdle To hedge, cover, make, or inclose with hurdles.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n hurdle A movable frame made of interlaced twigs or sticks, or of bars, rods, or narrow boards, crossing each other.
    • n hurdle Specifically— A sledge or frame on which criminals were formerly drawn to the place of execution.
    • n hurdle In fortification, a collection of twigs or sticks interwoven closely and sustained by long stakes, made usually of a rectangular shape, 5 or 6 feet by 3½ feet, and serving to render works firm or to cover traverses and lodgments for the defense of workmen against fireworks or stones.
    • n hurdle In agriculture: A frame usually made of wood, but sometimes of iron, for the purpose of forming temporary fences. When a fence is to be formed of hurdles, they are put down end to end, and fastened to the ground and to one another.
    • n hurdle A space inclosed by hurdles: a fold.
    • n hurdle A kind of permanent mattress of willow or other branches, built on a river-bank and fastened down with short sticks, to prevent the wearing away of the bank by the current of the stream.
    • n hurdle In racing, a bar or frame placed across a race-course at a certain height, in semblance of a fence, to be cleared by the contesting men or horses.
    • n hurdle In hat-making, a grid or frame of wood or wire, in which a mass of felting-hair is placed to be bowed.
    • hurdle To make, hedge, cover, or close with hurdles.
    • hurdle To jump over a hurdle, as in a hurdle-race; hence, to jump over anything as if it were a hurdle.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Hurdle hur′dl a frame of twigs or sticks interlaced:
    • v.t Hurdle to enclose with hurdles
    • n Hurdle hur′dl (agri.) a movable frame of timber or iron for gates, &c.: a rude sledge on which criminals were drawn to the gallows
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  • Lawrence Bixby
    Lawrence Bixby
    “Each handicap is like a hurdle in a steeplechase, and when you ride up to it, if you throw your heart over, the horse will go along too.”


Fall at the first hurdle - If something falls at the first hurdle, it goes wrong or fails at the first or an early stage.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. hurdel, hirdel, AS. hyrdel,; akin to D. horde, OHG. hurt, G. hürde, a hurdle, fold, pen, Icel. hur, door, Goth. haúrds, L. cratis, wickerwork, hurdle, Gr. , Skr. kt, to spin, ct, to bind, connect. √16. Cf. Crate Grate (n.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. hyrdel; Ger. hürde.


In literature:

The knob of each of the pots is a tiny horse jumping over a four-bar hurdle.
"Presentation Pieces in the Museum of History and Technology" by Margaret Brown Klapthor
The chief event of the day and the wind-up was a hurdle and ditch race, open to officers only.
"War from the Inside" by Frederick L. (Frederick Lyman) Hitchcock
This hurdle was held firmly in front of the young author.
"Blue-grass and Broadway" by Maria Thompson Daviess
You wouldn't call a man a quitter if he stayed out of a hurdle race because he'd broken a leg, would you?
"Rope" by Holworthy Hall
Men were bringing tall hurdles outward to place them in the arena.
"Mixed Faces" by Roy Norton
First a hurdle was suggested, and then Dick was sent galloping up to the house for a carriage.
"Is He Popenjoy?" by Anthony Trollope
The hurdles were gone.
"The Paliser case" by Edgar Saltus
Their civil life had fitted many for the task of reveting trenches with hurdles.
"With Manchesters in the East" by Gerald B. Hurst
She stopped the car on a lofty plateau where several ladies and gentlemen were exercising their horses at hurdle-jumping.
"The Cup of Fury" by Rupert Hughes
English Championship, 120 yards hurdle race, at Manchester, 1907, 2nd.
"A History of Horncastle from the earliest period to the present time" by James Conway Walter

In poetry:

``She has not a gem she can call her own,
But I rest on a sheepfold hurdle,
And, out of the daffodils newly blown,
Entwine her a golden girdle.
"An April Fool" by Alfred Austin
She came to his quarter, and on still I brought her,
And up to his girth, to his breastplate she drew;
A short prayer from Neville just reach'd me, "The devil!"
He mutter'd — lock'd level the hurdles we flew.
"How We Beat The Favourite" by Adam Lindsay Gordon
Neck and neck! head and head! staring eye! nostril spread!
Girth and stifle laid close to the ground!
Stride for stride! stroke for stroke! through one hurdle we've broke!
On the splinters we've lit with one bound.
"Hippodromania; Or, Whiffs From The Pipe" by Adam Lindsay Gordon
Shivery grasses round about us nodding bonnets in the breeze,
Happy Jacks and Twelve Apostles hurdle-racing up the trees,
Peewees calling from the gullies, living wonders in the pool—
Hard bare seats and drab gray humdrum at the old bush school.
"The Old Bush School" by John O Brien

In news:

Adam Greene/Special to the News Sentinel Carson-Newman running back Brandon Baker hurdles a Glenville State defensive lineman Thursday night at Burke-Tarr Stadium in Jefferson City.
After a few hurdles, Cagle on rebound.
The tens of thousands of Americans who undergo federal polygraph screening every year for jobs or security clearances face secrecy and legal hurdles if they challenge their tests.
In-person voting could hit hurdles, too.
Like much of Williston's infrastructure, there are financial hurdles to meet needs of teachers and students.
The two biggest hurdles to clear were Actors Equity, the stage actors union, of which Zahn is a member, and Zahn's crazy-busy filming schedule for Treme and Dallas Buyers Club, both of which are being filmed in New Orleans.
Afghanistan's central government has worked to improve its legal system for years, but tribal justice traditions, especially in rural areas, and corruption from within are proving to be significant hurdles.
Many hurdles ahead at PSU as new era starts.
Greece aid clears final hurdle.
The approval of a new labor contract by pilots last week was the last major hurdle American and parent AMR Corp.
Libya agreed Friday to pay $170 million to the families of victims killed in the terrorist bombing of a French airliner over Africa in 1989, clearing one of the last hurdles in its campaign to rehabilitate its image in the West.
Lower Macungie shopping mecca faces hurdles.
Next hurdle for Obama: Avoiding the fiscal cliff.
Notre Dame won the men's 4x110-meter seeded shuttle hurdles and Aiden Elias was second in the high jump.
Venus falls at first hurdle.

In science:

This appears a priori to be a serious hurdle given the wide range of predictions of equally plausible theories of neutron-star matter (see for a recent compilation).
Probes and Tests of Strong-Field Gravity with Observations in the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Similarly, one of the big hurdles in the realization of quantum information (QI) is to keep information stored without loss due to decoherence.
Concatenated Control Sequences based on Optimized Dynamic Decoupling
Sreenivasan, 2006b, “The use of cryogenic helium for classical turbulence: Promises and hurdles,” J.
Large scale dynamics in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection
Many of these hurdles are based on the assumption that technicolor behaves just like QCD, and in Section 5 I illustrate how one example of non QCD-like behavior – a nearly conformal or ‘walking’ technicolor coupling constant – can dramatically improve the situation.
Technicolor Signals at the LHC
The process is quite challenging and many technical hurdles were overcome to make the process reliable.
Antenna-coupled TES bolometer arrays for CMB polarimetry