• WordNet 3.6
    • n hunk a large piece of something without definite shape "a hunk of bread","a lump of coal"
    • n hunk a well-built sexually attractive man
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Thomas Jefferson was once given a 1,235 pound hunk of cheese, giving us the term "the big cheese."
    • n hunk A large lump, piece, or slice; a hunch.
    • n hunk A sluttish, indolent woman.
    • n hunk In tag and other games, the goal; home: as, to reach hunk; to be on hunk.
    • hunk On hunk; at the goal.
    • hunk Hence, used adjectively
    • hunk In good or satisfactory position or condition; all right: as, I'm all hunk. Also hunky.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Hunk the same as Hunch.
    • n Hunk hungk (U.S.) goal or base in boys' games
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Dut. honk.


In literature:

The old hunks rewarded the mariner for his good tidings with one red herring for breakfast.
"The Humbugs of the World" by P. T. Barnum
Gee, I've heard you have to balance a tea-cup and a sandwich and a hunk o' cake and a lot of conversation all at once!
"Free Air" by Sinclair Lewis
I ain't overlookin' a chance to get hunk with him, the little rip!
"The Boy Scout Fire Fighters" by Robert Maitland
An' he rotch' down an' rotch' down an' tek' hold of a likely appearin' hunk o' wood whut right dar.
"Humorous Ghost Stories" by Dorothy Scarborough
If not satisfied bring your sandwich in and get it exchanged for a hunk of pie.
"Roy Blakeley's Camp on Wheels" by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
A hunk of bread and a bit of cheese was often all they brought with them.
"One Way Out" by William Carleton
Hunking Wentworth, Esq., half a right in Barnard.
"The History of Dartmouth College" by Baxter Perry Smith
This fake minin', ranchin', hoss-dealin' Hardman was a hunk of bad cheese.
"Valley of Wild Horses" by Zane Grey
There aint no other place this side of Nome to buy a hunk of terbac that I knows of, eh, Curley?
"The Trail of a Sourdough" by May Kellogg Sullivan
But I'll take along a hunk of cold bacon if you hain't got no objection.
"The House in the Water" by Charles G. D. Roberts

In poetry:

And it was for you hunks of meat
I wrote my rhymes!
My love was sticky self-deceit
And dirty games!
"My Little Lovelies" by Arthur Rimbaud
We picked him up the Lord knows where!
At noon we came across him
Asleep beside a hunk of bear—
His paunch was bulged with ’possum.
"Peter the Piccaninny" by Henry Kendall
Thou has not seen starved women here,
Or man gone mad because ill-fed—
Who stares at stones in city streets,
Mistaking them for hunks of bread.
"The Old Oak Tree" by William H Davies
A fool there was and he made his prayer
(Even as you and I!)
To a rag and a bone and a hunk of hair
(We called her the woman who did not care)
But the fool he called her his lady fair
(Even as you and I!)
"The Vampire" by Rudyard Kipling
Look at 'em! Toffs with their big cigars,
Drivin' along in their motor cars.
Nothin' at all like the olden days
When the blokes came by in their bullock drays,
When a cut o' the joint and a hunk o' bread
Was a meal for a king; an' a man was fed.
"The Old Shanty" by C J Dennis

In news:

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In science:

Section VI presents the extracted hunk data and frequencies of IF-CC fault classes.
Towards a better understanding of testing if conditionals
Hunk: a single contiguous or near-contiguous section of source code which has undergone a change from revision to revision.
Towards a better understanding of testing if conditionals
Non fix hunk: a noise that reflects changes to programming code that do not reflect any semantic changes.
Towards a better understanding of testing if conditionals
Hunk pairs are generated for each hunk with the help of the patch, applying the fix hunk to the previous revision of the file.
Towards a better understanding of testing if conditionals
We have developed a module in Perl to extract the bug fix hunks automatically.
Towards a better understanding of testing if conditionals