• WordNet 3.6
    • adj humiliating causing awareness of your shortcomings "golf is a humbling game"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • humiliating Humbling; depressing or bating pride; mortifying.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Humiliating humbling, mortifying
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  • Antoine De Saint-Exupery
    “Charity never humiliated him who profited from it, nor ever bound him by the chains of gratitude, since it was not to him but to God that the gift was made.”
  • Gilbert K. Chesterton
    “With any recovery from morbidity there must go a certain healthy humiliation.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “It is a pleasure to give advice, humiliating to need it, normal to ignore it.”
  • Oscar Wilde
    “The brotherhood of man is not a mere poet's dream: it is a most depressing and humiliating reality.”
  • Gustave Flaubert
    Gustave Flaubert
    “Nothing is more humiliating than to see idiots succeed in enterprises we have failed in.”
  • Suzanne Moarny
    Suzanne Moarny
    “In our extreme youth, in our most humiliating sorrow, we think we are alone. When we are older we find that others have suffered too.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. humiliāre, -ātum.


In literature:

But she deserved her humiliation.
"The Precipice" by Elia Wilkinson Peattie
And to the sorrow of missing the promised enjoyment was added the humiliation of confessing what had happened at home.
"The Soul of a Child" by Edwin Bjorkman
These last days he had been able to keep to his determination, and at all events did not feel himself humiliated.
"The Reason Why" by Elinor Glyn
To faint is the resource of a woman, and the humiliation of a man.
"The Man Who Laughs" by Victor Hugo
George turned again to the wall, humiliated.
"The Roll-Call" by Arnold Bennett
What a great contrast between the body of humiliation and the body of glory!
"The Harp of God" by J. F. Rutherford
He had expected this and was neither disappointed nor humiliated.
"Don Orsino" by F. Marion Crawford
Humiliation was worse than pain.
"The Covered Wagon" by Emerson Hough
How humiliating it was to recognise it!
"The Lady With The Dog and Other Stories" by Anton Chekhov
Humiliation came upon her like a flood, and a bitter insight followed.
"The Testing of Diana Mallory" by Mrs. Humphry Ward

In poetry:

Though in Humiliation's vale
Awhile their souls may mourn and sigh,
Soon their enraptured eyes shall hail,
From Joy's sure mount, the scenes which lie
"Life's Pilgrimage" by Alfred Gibbs Campbell
"I know that yonder Pharisee
Thanks God that he is not like me;
In my humiliation dressed,
I only stand and beat my breast,
And pray for human charity.
"Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 1. Interlude V. " by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
'Farewell timeless expanse of passing years!
Farewell, woman who flung your challenge steeled
Against the abyss of humiliations:
For it is I who am your battlefield!
"August" by Boris Pasternak
But, in the midst of this vain-glorious boast,
One thought humiliated all his pride:
"Where, in a hundred years, shall all this pomp,
These fleets and armies, and their master, be?
"Xerxes" by Alfred Gibbs Campbell
"Too greatly have we suffered, angels and men,
In this endless war between the Worst and the Best,
Humiliated, unhappy have we been
In darkling flights by the simplest vows addressed.
"Crimen Amoris" by Clark Ashton Smith
Never could spot be suited less
To bear memorials of distress;
None, cries the sage, more fit is found,
They strike at once a double wound;
Humiliation bids you sigh,
And think of immortality.
"The Banks Of Wye - Book I" by Robert Bloomfield

In news:

LUBBOCK — Given the humiliation of the Oklahoma loss and two subsequent wins that looked almost as bad as losses, Texas might have found itself.
Olympics security failure is 'humiliating shambles ,' boss concedes.
Nick Buckles, the chief executive of security firm G4S, apologized for the "humiliating shambles " in Olympic security.
There is now a new online scheme that is targeting private posts with public humiliation.
You Probably Didn't Realize It, But We Spend All Day Walking Around HUMILIATED.
Sri Lanka's minority Tamils say they face daily humiliation under military rule in the north of the island.
For this year's event at Vintage Irving, a number of dogs showed up dressed in especially humiliating outfits.
He imagined police arresting him and hauling him off to jail, a place where hulking guards would humiliate him, strip him naked and torture him.
In South Florida, a mother who is at her wits end is using humiliation to teach her daughter a lesson about misbehaving in school.
This is how people humiliated themselves on television before reality TV.
A still-shot from the video, titled Marines Humiliating dead Taliban.
But a woman in Germany has gone in the complete other direction by humiliating her daughter with the kind of stunt you'd only expect from junior high schoolers.
Punishment masquerades as public humiliation .
In fact, the only thing Jordan could do to his former rivals that would be more humiliating .
Bob Berman's strange universe: Astro- humiliation .

In science:

Caretakers suffer humiliation in the society for having a PWD as their child.
Mathematical Analysis of the Problems faced by the People With Disabilities (PWDs)
PWDs are unaware of government special assistance to them and the node R3 of the range space viz., caretakers suffer humiliation in the society for having a PWD as their child give the same hidden pattern.
Mathematical Analysis of the Problems faced by the People With Disabilities (PWDs)
He never looks in a history for anything but the stupidities that he knows already, If you try to instruct him you only humiliate him and make him angry.
Algebra versus analysis in statistical mechanics and quantum field theory
Steward graduate students were so humiliated so as not to ever return to the game of volleyball.
Superiority of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL) over Steward Observatory (SO) at the University of Arizona
In addition, the above facts are buttressed by the extreme and total humiliation that Astronomy Department graduate students suffered at the hands of the Planetary Science grads on April 1, 2001 (Bieging, private communication).
Superiority of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL) over Steward Observatory (SO) at the University of Arizona