• WordNet 3.6
    • n hovel small crude shelter used as a dwelling
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Hovel (Porcelain Manuf) A large conical brick structure around which the firing kilns are grouped.
    • Hovel A poor cottage; a small, mean house; a hut.
    • Hovel An open shed for sheltering cattle, or protecting produce, etc., from the weather.
    • v. t Hovel To put in a hovel; to shelter. "To hovel thee with swine, and rogues forlon.""The poor are hoveled and hustled together."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n hovel An open shed for sheltering cattle, or for protecting produce, farming implements, etc., from the weather.
    • n hovel A poor cottage; a small mean house; a wretched habitation.
    • n hovel A canopy with hanging sides over a statue; a niche for a statue.
    • n hovel In porcelain manufacturing, a cone-shaped brick structure surrounded by the ovens or firing-kilns.
    • hovel To put in or as in a hovel; house meanly.
    • hovel To form like an open hovel or shed: as, to hovel a chimney. See hoveling.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Hovel hov′el a small or mean dwelling: a shed
    • v.t Hovel to put in a hovel: to shelter: to construct a chimney so as to prevent smoking, by making two of the more exposed walls higher than the others, or making an opening on one side near the top:—pr.p. hov′elling; pa.p. hov′elled
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  • Emily Bronte
    “Having leveled my palace, don't erect a hovel and complacently admire your own charity in giving me that for a home.”
  • Horace
    “Pale death with an impartial foot knocks at the hovels of the poor and the palaces of king.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. hovel, hovil, prob. a dim. fr. AS. hof, house; akin to D. & G. hof, court, yard, Icel. hof, temple; cf. Prov. E. hove, to take shelter, heuf, shelter, home


In literature:

The hovels enter into three green yards, roomy and healthy.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 1, December 11, 1841" by Various
The houses, or hovels rather, are all built of wood, and the crevices are stopped with sheep-skin or rags.
"A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. 5" by Robert Kerr
Scattering wooden villages, each a line of hovels, appeared at long intervals.
"Lazarre" by Mary Hartwell Catherwood
A hovel stood up the bank a little way and several of the men went there and washed their faces.
"The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony (Volume 1 of 2)" by Ida Husted Harper
The next place we came to was a miserable-looking hovel standing by the wayside.
"With Steyn and De Wet" by Philip Pienaar
At the nearest of the two hovels he dismounted, raising his arms to her.
"The Bells of San Juan" by Jackson Gregory
The ride is over, and they alight near the door of a solitary hovel.
"The Lancashire Witches" by William Harrison Ainsworth
Klondyke had its 'millionaires in huts,' Boerland has its millionaires in hovels.
"The Boer in Peace and War" by Arthur M. Mann
They have a small hovel by the sea side where there are six small old iron guns standing on a decayed platform, in rotten carriages.
"A Continuation of a Voyage to New Holland" by William Dampier
The objection is without foundation, for indigence and liberty, never resided together in the same hovel or hut.
"A Review of Uncle Tom's Cabin" by A. Woodward
It passed kings by, and chose the child of a peasant in a hovel.
"The Forest of Swords" by Joseph A. Altsheler
See this little hovel, built of rough logs, scarcely serving to keep out the wind or the rain.
"The American Missionary, Volume 49, No. 3, March, 1895" by Various
The latter proceeded on her way home, having marked the miserable hovel of Condy Dalton.
"The Black Prophet: A Tale Of Irish Famine Traits And Stories Of The Irish Peasantry, The Works of William Carleton, Volume Three" by William Carleton
They lived in hovels, hardly superior to those which a humane farmer now prepares for his swine.
"The Empire of Austria; Its Rise and Present Power" by John S. C. Abbott
With Harry a home in a hovel were sweet, And this is a palace that lies at my feet.
"Harry" by Fanny Wheeler Hart
He did not leave them until they were safe in the wretched hovel they called home, and he had procured for them a supply of food.
""Forward, March"" by Kirk Munroe
Sages look before they leap; Heroes, to your hovels creep.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine -- Volume 55, No. 340, February, 1844" by Various
There are wretched hovels in that town with wicked and criminal inmates.
"The Girl and Her Religion" by Margaret Slattery
The smaller hovels were swept off their foundations.
"Navy Boys Behind the Big Guns" by Halsey Davidson
When the shooting-match was over, the father and son returned to the little hovel they called home.
"The Boy Trapper" by Harry Castlemon

In poetry:

"And all the wretched people there
Are calm as man could crave;
Their hovels stand throughout the land
As silent as the grave."
"The Bard Of Wales" by Janos Arany
Shall in its mission work a marvel,
In seeking out the passing poor,
Of roofless cabin, hut and hovel,
And blessings leave at every door.
"Admonition" by James Madison Bell
Her dwelling was a Goatherds poor;
Yet she his heart delighted;
Their little hovel open stood,
Beside a lonesome frowning wood.
To travellers—benighted.
"Golfre, Gothic Swiss Tale" by Mary Darby Robinson
Those awful powers on man that wait,
On man, the beggar or the king,
To hovel bare or hall of state
A magic ring that masters fate
With each succeeding birthday bring.
"Birthday Verses" by James Russell Lowell
Gather them one and all,
From the private to the chief;
Come they from hovel or princely hall,
They fell for us, and for them should fall
The tears of a Nation's grief.
"March Of The Deathless Dead" by Abram Joseph Ryan
I would not live always; I ask not to stay,
Where I must bear the burden and heat of the day:
Where my body is cut with the lash or the cord,
And a hovel and hunger are all my reward.
"I Would Not Live Always" by John Pierpont

In news:

Kent tries to herd Lear into the hovel.
Welcome to the Hovel of Love — and help yourself to free Coors Light, instant coffee and only the finest in economy his-and-her pleasure products.
Just as slumlords have been sentenced by courts to actually live in the hovels they own, I'd like to see Rep.
S hovel-ready was not as.
Car-Nation's Leo Hovel began the job with a 36-grit sanding disc on a small air grinder.
Sylvan and Margaret (Hovel) Loegering, West Fargo, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house from 2 to 4 pm, Sunday, Aug 29.