• WordNet 3.6
    • v horse-race compete in a horse race
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Man O' War lost only one race in his career. It happened in 1919 to a horse named Upset.
    • Horse-race a race by horses
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  • Ovid
    “The spirited horse, which will try to win the race of its own accord, will run even faster if encouraged.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “The best pedigree in the world won't sell a lame race horse.”
  • Will Rogers
    “A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries.”
  • Mark Twain
    “It is difference of opinion that makes horse races.”
  • Mark Twain
    “It is not best that we should all think alike; it is a difference of opinion that makes horse races.”
  • Edouard Herriot
    Edouard Herriot
    “Politics is like a race horse. A good jockey must know how to fall with the least possible damage.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. hors; Ice. horss, Old High Ger. hros (Ger. ross).


In literature:

The car leaped forward like a startled race-horse.
"The Black Bag" by Louis Joseph Vance
It was like pushing a horse to the trial of every nerve and sinew, and only winning the race under whip and spur.
"Ned Myers" by James Fenimore Cooper
The race-horse has a much more vigorous circulation than the cart-horse.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 10, No. 58, August, 1862" by Various
He raced to the side of the cattle pony, and, as the horse veered away, Hal Dozier dropped limply into his arms.
"Way of the Lawless" by Max Brand
Only very rich persons can keep race-horses, and everybody knows they are kept mainly as gambling implements.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 1, Issue 2, December, 1857" by Various
No more horse racing for this circus.
"Peck's Bad Boy at the Circus" by George W. Peck
There is too much said about fast trotters and race horses.
"Beautiful Joe" by by Marshall Saunders
Pitt wanted to lay a tax on every horse that started in a race.
"The Wits and Beaux of Society" by Grace & Philip Wharton
The other races are much the same; there are lots of entries: the horses are in splendid condition, and the riding is superb.
"Sport and Work on the Nepaul Frontier" by James Inglis
Mr. Mostyn, a distinguished owner of race-horses, with his pretty wife, made up the party.
"Phantom Fortune, A Novel" by M. E. Braddon

In poetry:

The man who rides, but never walks,
Should surely never pout,
If in a race he falls behind,
Where horses are rul'd out.
"The Reading Man" by Thomas Frederick Young
There's a horse in the race, with a blaze on his face,
And we know he can gallop a docker!
He's proved himself stout, of his speed there's no doubt,
And his jumping's according to Cocker.
"Hippodromania; Or, Whiffs From The Pipe" by Adam Lindsay Gordon
Cean duv deelish, beside the sea
I stand and stretch my hands to thee Across the world.
The riderless horses race to shore
With thundering hoofs and shuddering, hoar,
Blown manes uncurled.
"Cean Duv Deelish" by Dora Sigerson Shorter
Course, as St George t'were no drinking nor smoking.
Thev barred him horse racing as well,
And poor old St George. when he looked at his Bride,
Used to wish that old Dragon to. . . Blazes!
"St. George and the Dragon" by Weston and Lee
There was never a horse-race but Fred he was there;
He went to each meet, meeting, marker and fair;
In a few words, his candle he burnt to the socket,
Till he found one fine day not a rap in His pocket.
"Bedfordshire Ballad - III" by E W Bowling
If the horse that stands saddled is first in the race,
You will greet your old friend with the weed in his face;
And if the white hat and the White House agree,
You'll find H. G. really as loving as he.
"At The Banquet To the Japanese Embassy" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

Horse racing's past key to future success.
Queen's Plate analysis : River Rush worth look in horse racing showcase.
The Assembly has given final approval to measures allowing portable betting devices at horse racing tracks and letting lottery winners remain anonymous for a year.
State Sanctions Online Betting For Horse Racing, Set To Launch In April .
State Approves Online Betting For Horse Racing, Set To Launch In April .
Horse racing has faded in popularity, but casino games at the track can be a booming business.
Baffled by the horse race.
I'll Have Another's Exit From Belmont Hurts Hopes for a Horse Racing Revival.
Mike Groll / AP Union Rags holds off Paynter to win the 144th Belmont Stakes horse race at Belmont Park in Elmont.
I'll Have Another will be scratched from Saturday's Belmont Stakes and retired from horse racing.
I'll Have Another won't run, but it's still a horse race.
The horse racing world's dreams of a Triple Crown winner for the first time in 34 years were dashed when favorite I'll Have Another was pulled from Saturday's Belmont Stakes .
SUNLAND PARK, NM- Horse racing fans are sad, the Triple Crown was the big race of the day on Saturday June 9th, but it isn't the only race on the card.
I'll Have Another's chance at horse-racing immortality ended when the winner of the Preakness and Kentucky Derby was scratched from Saturday's Belmont Stakes after developing tendonitis in his left front leg.
One of tennis' Grand Slam events, a Triple Crown horse race and hockey's greatest trophy all can be won this weekend.

In science:

In his Conclusions, he admitted that he had no firm prediction yet, but favoured two horses the first of which is still up in the race today: black-hole accretion.
Gamma-Ray Bursts: their Sources
Suppose that we can take rational decisions on bets for a pair of horse races, while the person that offers us bets only cares about the first race.
Axioms for Rational Reinforcement Learning
Again suppose that we are taking decisions on bets for a pair of horse races, but this time suppose that the first race is already over and we know the result.
Axioms for Rational Reinforcement Learning
The form of the reality map can be tuned to move continuously from purely ob jective to purely sub jective games, and to incorporate both positive and negative feedback.1 Consider a probabilistic event, such as a coin toss or the outcome of a horse race.
The Reality Game
In the case of a horse race, for instance, a jockey riding a strongly favored horse may make more money if he secretly bets on the second most favored horse and then intentionally loses the race.
The Reality Game