• WordNet 3.6
    • adj high-minded of high moral or intellectual value; elevated in nature or style "an exalted ideal","argue in terms of high-flown ideals"- Oliver Franks","a noble and lofty concept","a grand purpose"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • High-minded Having, or characterized by, honorable pride; of or pertaining to elevated principles and feelings; magnanimous; -- opposed to mean. "High-minded , manly recognition of those truths."
    • High-minded Proud; arrogant. "Be not high-minded , but fear."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • high-minded Of or pertaining to an elevated mind; having or resulting from high principle; honorable; magnanimous: as, a high-minded ruler; a high-minded act.
    • high-minded Proud; arrogant: as, high-minded confidence.
    • high-minded Synonyms 1. Honorable, noble, generous, lofty, chivalrous, high-toned.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • High-minded having a high, proud, or arrogant mind: having honourable pride: magnanimous
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  • Tryon Edwards
    “High aims form high characters, and great objects bring out great minds.”
  • David Hare
    “Weak minds sink under prosperity as well as adversity; but strong and deep ones have two high tides.”
  • Charles Sumner
    Charles Sumner
    “I have never known a man who was sensual in his youth, who was high-minded when old.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. héah; Goth. hauhs, Ice. hár, Ger. hoch.


In literature:

You are high-minded and honest, and cannot be cruel to a poor girl.
"Mr. Scarborough's Family" by Anthony Trollope
To the mystic mind they are immediate illuminations from on high, inspirations of the Spirit of God.
"The Right and Wrong Uses of the Bible" by R. Heber Newton
Let them beware of minding things too high, Psalm cxxxi.
"Christ The Way, The Truth, and The Life" by John Brown (of Wamphray)
And the high-minded Lakshmana also did the same.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa Bk. 3 Pt. 2" by Translated by Kisari Mohan Ganguli
He looked very handsome, very high-minded, very modest, a man's man.
"The Penalty" by Gouverneur Morris
And this is to my mind a highly significant fact.
"Language" by Edward Sapir
His moral standards were those of a high-minded, honorable man.
"George Washington, Vol. II" by Henry Cabot Lodge
Mr. Prohack might be a lamb in the City, but he had a highly trained mind, and a very firm grasp of the mere technique of finance.
"Mr. Prohack" by E. Arnold Bennett
He is high-minded, as noble and great as Louis XIV.
"Poor Relations" by Honore de Balzac
The majority of the board was composed of high-minded and able men.
"A Backward Glance at Eighty" by Charles A. Murdock
This can only be secured where high-minded citizens are vigilant in the performance of their political duties.
"Our Government: Local, State, and National: Idaho Edition" by J.A. James
I have already proved my sincerity by high-minded and generous acts.
"Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol 3" by Various
I'm concerned only with him who is sincere and high-minded.
"Principles of Freedom" by Terence J. MacSwiney
It is highly probable that this official announcement had much influence upon the minds of Drs.
"Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science" by Various
We should keep a high ideal of health and harmony constantly before the mind.
"An Iron Will" by Orison Swett Marden
My grandmother's mother was a matron, I was told, of high respectability and corresponding piety; well-informed and strong-minded.
"Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol 4" by Charles Dudley Warner
We were so fatigued in mind and body that we no sooner lay down than we fell asleep, and slept until the sun was high in the heavens.
"Alfgar the Dane or the Second Chronicle of Aescendune" by A. D. Crake
My mind is a highly sensitive plate, and receives impressions almost instantaneously.
"The Captain's Toll-Gate" by Frank R. Stockton
His mother was a wonderful woman, most high-minded and intelligent.
"The Lady With The Dog and Other Stories" by Anton Chekhov
Never did Sulla act in a more noble and high-minded manner.
"Plutarch's Lives, Volume II" by Aubrey Stewart & George Long

In poetry:

In floods her tender memories poured;
They foamed with waves of spite:
She crushed them, high her heart outsoared,
To keep her mind alight.
"Archduchess Anne" by George Meredith
How canst thou guess the trials coming near,
Or whether some lost spirit be not sent
To lure thy pride to some due punishment,
For that, high-minded, thou hast cast off fear?
"Warning" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
The sovereign Power on high who reigns,
Who knows the thoughts of all mankind,
And pours unto the human mind,
What he intends:
And purposes the heart's design,
To work his ends.
"The Praise Of B----" by Susannah Hawkins
Thy orchards, fields, and vineyards never mind;
Terrestrial riches ne'er too-highly prize,
Thou richer lands, and finer fruits shalt find,
And gardens much more fair in paradise.
"Another Conference Between The Devout Sick Man, And His Soul" by Rees Prichard
Thinking of those high thoughts that passed like the wind
Yet left their brightness lying on the mind,
As the white blossoms the raw airs shake down
That lie awhile yet lovely on the chill grass;
"The Shock" by John Freeman
O high-minded Moray! the exiled! the dear!
In the blush of the dawning the Standard uprear!
Wide, wide on the winds of the north let it fly,
Like the sun’s latest flash when the tempest is nigh!
"Flora Macivor's Song" by Sir Walter Scott

In news:

Mention solar panels or solar arrays to the average citizen, and thoughts of long, sunny days and moderate to high temperatures might enter their mind.
School leaders say they are making a concerted effort to keep current seniors foremost in mind before Berea and Midpark high schools consolidate next year.
The highs are such a mind-altering high.
Cultivating minds Novato High Garden Club proves it—teens can grow their own.
A local high school is probably not the first place that comes to mind.
Emery 's high powered offense will face defense minded San Juan.
I claim no high-minded superiority here.
'Skyfall': Bond's latest is a bit too high- minded .
High court hopefuls mindful of critics.
High court hopefuls mindful of voter criticism.
Northern High School families had an added attraction this year at Husky Fest 2012, when Dodge and local dealer K&M Dodge teamed up with the NHS Odyssey of the Mind students for a Dodge Booster Event.
ST.PETERSBURG, FL — When you think of high school girl's basketball coaches in Pinellas County, what name comes to mind.
The Bush administration says its push toward global dominance is driven by high-minded ideals.
Polyester does not bring to mind visions of high fashion.
High- potential employees aren't just career-minded.

In science:

More specifically, what we have in mind are various realizations of fully coherent, confined electron gasses, with a density high enough that a Landau-Fermi-liquid type description applies.
Many-Body Physics and Quantum Chaos
Something new is happening in the twenty-first century: high-throughput devices, such as microarrays, routinely require simultaneous hypothesis tests for thousands of individual cases, not at all what the classical theory had in mind.
Microarrays, Empirical Bayes and the Two-Groups Model
Model (2.1) ignores the fact that investigators usually begin with hot prospects in mind, genes that have high prior probability of being interesting.
Microarrays, Empirical Bayes and the Two-Groups Model
We should bear in mind, however, that the fluxes (cid:104) (cid:126)Ks (cid:105) can also include high-energy precipitating particles that may comprise a significant part of the field-aligned (Birkeland) atmospheric cooling.
Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Through E-region Turbulence 1: Energy Budget
We again have in mind a sequence of problems and consider behavior in the high-dimensional limit.
Sequential Analysis in High Dimensional Multiple Testing and Sparse Recovery
Of course, one should keep in mind that there is, at least in principle, the possibility of further extending the maximum LEP energy up to values as high as √s ≃ 230–240 GeV, at the price of introducing more (and more performing) superconducting cavities into the LEP tunnel.
The SUSY World
Keeping in mind that these papers are essentially a debate between de Vaucouleurs’ determination of the Hubble constant and that of Sandage & Tamman (hereafter ST), we find that autocitations and references to ST appear with the same high frequency in the text (2.5, excluding paper VIII).
The role of references in the astronomical discourse
We have adopted γ = 0, bearing in mind that this choice is not critical since the contribution to the background at z = 0 from ob jects at high redshifts is small as soon as the evolution is not strong.
The Lyman continuum radiation escaping from galaxies
It should be kept in mind that this model is highly simplified to make it mathematically tractable.
An overview of dynamical models for outflows in BALQSOs and Seyferts
However, in view of the preliminary analyses using the new Hipparcos parallaxes and other new data that give strikingly lower age estimates for the oldest GCs, we should bear in mind that t0 might actually be as low as ∼ 11 Gyr, which would allow h as high as 0.6 for Ω = 1.
Dark Matter and Structure Formation in the Universe
It should also be kept in mind that in the simulations, the irradiated region is indistinguishable from an unirradiated region in the high-viscosity state.
The origin of the rebrightening in soft X-ray transient outbursts
Precision of tag search on these sample queries is not very high due to the presence of false positives — images not relevant to the sense of the search term the user had in mind.
Personalizing Image Search Results on Flickr
GeV, is of very high precision, and brings to mind several theoretical questions.
Top Mass Measurements from Jets and the Tevatron Top-Quark Mass
The main applications we have in mind are high order spatial discretizations of the Navier-Stokes equation, the incompressible Euler equation (Eq. 16), the magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) equations, or similarly nonlinear systems.
High-order low-storage explicit Runge-Kutta schemes for equations with quadratic nonlinearities
That is, a pure Nash equilibrium can have approximation ratio as high as c for a c-approximate algorithm, where c is a constant, even if the algorithm is (c − 1)-approximate when we assume that all bidders are single-minded.
Price of Anarchy for Greedy Auctions