• WordNet 3.6
    • n hiatus a natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure
    • n hiatus a missing piece (as a gap in a manuscript)
    • n hiatus an interruption in the intensity or amount of something
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Hiatus An opening; an aperture; a gap; a chasm; esp., a defect in a manuscript, where some part is lost or effaced; a space where something is wanting; a break.
    • Hiatus (Gram) The concurrence of two vowels in two successive words or syllables.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n hiatus An opening; an aperture; a gap; a chasm.
    • n hiatus In anatomy, a foramen.
    • n hiatus In grammar and prosody, the coming together of two vowels without intervening consonant in successive words or syllables of one word.
    • n hiatus A space from which something requisite to completeness is absent, as a missing link in a genealogy, an interval of unknown history, a lost or erased part of a manuscript, etc.; a lacuna; a break.
    • n hiatus Specifically, in logic, a fault of demonstration, consisting in the omission to prove some premise made use of, and not self-evident or admitted.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Hiatus hī-ā′tus a gap: an opening: a chasm: a break in continuity, a defect:
    • n Hiatus hī-ā′tus (gram.) a concurrence of vowel sounds in two successive syllables.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L., fr. hiare, hiatum, to gape; akin to E. yawn,. See Yawn
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L.,—hiāre, hiātum, to gape.


In literature:

There is an hiatus, which contained the history of six years.
"Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3)" by Isaac D'Israeli
There came a hiatus in the conversation.
"The Wrong Woman" by Charles D. Stewart
For several months, of course, there was a hiatus.
"Opportunities in Aviation" by Arthur Sweetser
This break is comparable with the hiatus on encircling bands and probably admits of the same interpretation.
"Archeological Expedition to Arizona in 1895" by Jesse Walter Fewkes
Dr. Larchmont, the Power Utilities physicist, decided to make small talk to bridge the hiatus.
"Damned If You Don't" by Gordon Randall Garrett
But before all these romantically streamlined things eventuate there must be a hiatus.
"Greener Than You Think" by Ward Moore
Spina bifida is a congenital malformation or hiatus in union along the median line of the sacrum or loins.
"Surgical Anatomy" by Joseph Maclise
For with the coming of the cold weather, last winter, Francois and Whinstane Sandy took to trapping, to fill in the farm-work hiatus.
"The Prairie Mother" by Arthur Stringer
The hiatus afforded a peg from which much unprofitable speculation was suspended.
"A Breath of Prairie and other stories" by Will Lillibridge
There was a long hiatus, broken only by the rustling of the pages.
"Rope" by Holworthy Hall
No copies were retained, so there is a hiatus in the record.
"Personal Recollections of a Cavalryman" by J. H. (James Harvey) Kidd
It's my opinion that there will be another hiatus lasting for all time.
"Elam Storm, The Wolfer" by Harry Castlemon
Steady now, it peaked again after a small hiatus interrupted only by the staccato bumping of his own heart within thin visceral walls.
"The Land of Look Behind" by Paul Cameron Brown
Industry always pays as it goes and tolerates no hiatus between labor and wealth in some form.
"Essentials of Economic Theory" by John Bates Clark
The Welsh, to avoid an unpleasant hiatus, often introduce a consonant.
"Notes and Queries, Number 238, May 20, 1854" by Various
All after this, for several weeks, is a blank in my memory, a hiatus in my consciousness.
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Volume III" by Various
Here is a considerable hiatus, Mr. Balfour, of near upon two months.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 10 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
A trade between the one who has a hat and one who has a hat is such that there is no hiatus.
"Geography and Plays" by Gertrude Stein
There is no place for such a hiatus between man and the higher beings.
"A Critical History of Greek Philosophy" by W. T. Stace
Everything conspired to throw Billy back upon his own resources, and here he developed a decided hiatus.
"The Bachelors" by William Dana Orcutt

In news:

Beloved Kingston eatery goes on hiatus.
The Afghan Whigs, a band that embraced punk and soul, reunite after 10-year hiatus.
Sugarland 's Kristian Bush is making the most of the duo's hiatus after his partner Jennifer Nettles gave birth to her first child last week.
In last week's letter to Dave's parents, Alice enjoys her Easter vacation and schemes early for her summer hiatus.
At age 28, I took a much-needed hiatus from filmmaking to travel with him on and off for four years as his secretary.
Fox's freshman drama The Finder will air its final Thursday episode on March 8 before taking a month-long hiatus and moving to Fridays starting April 6, the network said Friday.
After a hiatus of a decade, Bittner's Bakery has returned with Rick Bittner at the helm.
Dave Grohl says Foo Fighters taking a hiatus.
Foo Fighters' Grohl takes rock 'n' roll hiatus to direct.
We now know what Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is going to do with at least part of the band's hiatus, as it's been revealed that he's returned to the drumkit to play on the next Queens of the Stone Age album.
NEW YORK (AP) – Maybe you've heard the rumors that the Foo Fighters were breaking up, or going on hiatus.
After hinting Saturday that his band may be taking some sort of hiatus, Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl released a statement via his publicist Tuesday seeking to clarify the group's status.
Dave Grohl announced that the Foo 's are taking an indefinate hiatus WTF.
Dave Grohl went on the Foo Fighters Facebook page yesterday and posted a note confirming the band will take a hiatus.
Frontman Dave Grohl has officially announced that Foo Fighters will indeed be taking an extended hiatus.

In science:

Could it be that the Galaxy just had a brief hiatus in its SFR? It would not take too much of a pause (say a few centuries) to explain the absence of bright 44Ti sources if the past few centuries were very untypical with respect to the SFR (or SNR).
Are Ti44-Producing Supernovae Exceptional?
This solution is thus not acceptable, unless one can point out a physical cause of the hiatus in the recent SFR.
Are Ti44-Producing Supernovae Exceptional?
I think it is generally considered that there is an unbridgeable hiatus.
A probabilistic mechanics theory for random dynamics
After a hiatus of approximately 20 years, there have been many exciting new results in the charmonium sector, due largely to the rather surprising effectiveness of B decays in producing c ¯c resonances .
HADRON05 Summary: Heavy Quark Hadrons and Theory
Experimental Air Shower Detection Efforts After an extended hiatus, there is a new generation of air-shower experiments which are now coming online.
Radiowave Neutrino Detection
At this point there is a logical hiatus in the discussion.
The physics of space and time II: A reassessment of Einstein's 1905 special relativity paper
So we will take a short hiatus from our geometrical considerations to focus on a few key issues in topology.
A Simple Introduction to Particle Physics Part II
After these early efforts, there was a hiatus of almost 10 years before photometric redshifts came into vogue again.
Photometric Redshift Techniques: Reliability and Applications