• WordNet 3.6
    • adj Hesperian denoting or characteristic of countries of Europe and the western hemisphere "occidental civilization","Hesperian culture"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Hesperian A native or an inhabitant of a western country.
    • a Hesperian (Zoöl) Of or pertaining to a family of butterflies called Hesperidæ, or skippers.
    • a Hesperian Western; being in the west; occidental.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • Hesperian Western; situated at the west.
    • Hesperian Of or pertaining to the Hesperides.
    • Hesperian [lowercase] Of or pertaining to the hesperians; having the characters of the family Hesperiidæ.
    • n Hesperian An inhabitant of a western country.
    • n Hesperian [I. c.] A lepidopterous insect of the family Hesperiidæ; a skipper. See Castnioides. Also hesperid.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Hesperian of Hesperus or the west
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. hesperius, fr. hesperus, the evening star, Gr. evening, the evening star. Cf. Vesper
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L.,—Gr. hesperos, evening.


In literature:

And he called it Hesperian, because it lies toward the west.
"Hesiod, The Homeric Hymns, and Homerica" by Homer and Hesiod
By virtue of a present to his lordship's gardener, she procured the Hesperian fruit, with which she returned in triumph.
"The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, Volume I" by Tobias Smollett
Austin he had always associated with his Lucy in that Hesperian palace of the West.
"The Ordeal of Richard Feverel, Complete" by George Meredith
Did you, indeed, look up inimitably into a Hesperian sky, or was this firmament the creation of the painter's art?
"Continental Monthly, Vol. I. February, 1862, No. II." by Various
The Allan liner Hesperian was sunk September 4 by a German submarine; 26 lives lost, one American.
"History of the American Negro in the Great World War" by W. Allison Sweeney
There a Massylian priestess I have found, The warder of the Hesperian fane renowned.
"The Aeneid of Virgil" by Virgil
You stole a march on him in the Hesperian Garden, and we both escaped the jaws of the absent Dragon.
"A Dream of Empire" by William Henry Venable
Phi Phi Alpha had the "Castalia," Alpha Nu, the "Sybil," and Adelphi, "The Hesperian.
"The University of Michigan" by Wilfred Shaw
But who was to believe that Teucrians should come to Hesperian shores?
"The Aeneid of Virgil" by Virgil
Oviedo applies the relation of Aristotle to the Hesperian Islands, and asserts that they were the "India" discovered by Columbus.
"The Conquest of Canada (Vol. 1 of 2)" by George Warburton
Wildly and more madly sped the steeds, till at last they hurried from the track which led to the Hesperian land.
"Museum of Antiquity" by L. W. Yaggy
I returned to Canada on board the S.S. Hesperian, which ship had the misfortune to be torpedoed next trip.
"The Red Watch" by J. A. Currie
Yes, we beheld the Hesperian light that day, and praised Allah.
"The Book of Khalid" by Ameen Rihani
An apple next he takes, and seems to hold The bright, Hesperian, vegetable gold.
"Heathen Mythology" by Various
This may conveniently be called the Hesperian division.
"The English Language" by Robert Gordon Latham
Austin he had always associated with his Lucy in that Hesperian palace of the West.
"The Ordeal of Richard Feverel" by George Meredith

In poetry:

Softly the tints of expiring day
Tinge th' vaults of Hesperian heaven,
Leaving a trace of the sun's mellow ray
To escort the shadows of even.
"Sunset" by Jared Barhite
Proud and serene, against the sky, they gleam:
Proud and secure, upon the earth, they stand:
Our city hat the air of a pure dream,
And hers indeed is an Hesperian land.
"Oxford" by Lionel Pigot Johnson
Men say the gods have flown;
The Golden Age is but a fading story,
And Greece was transitory:
Yet on this hill hesperian we have known
The ancient madness and the ancient glory.
"Bacchante" by Clark Ashton Smith
'Tis long since Freedom fled th' Hesperian clime,
Her citron groves, her flower-embroider'd shore;
She saw the British oak aspire sublime,
And soft Campania's olive charms no more.
"Elegy XIV. Declining an Invitation To Visit Foreign Countries" by William Shenstone
Ah, me! what were this world to me
Without her smile!--What poetry,
What glad hesperian paths I find
Of love, that lead my soul and mind
To happy hills of Arcady,
When Lydia smiles!
"When Lydia Smiles" by Madison Julius Cawein
Slowly and stately and still, they sail forth into the ocean;
With them sail my thoughts over the limitless deep,
Farther and farther away, borne on by unsatisfied longings,
Unto Hesperian isles, unto Ausonian shores.
"Ultima Thule: Elegiac" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In news:

They marched outside the Hayward Medical Center on Hesperian Boulevard.

In science:

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