• WordNet 3.6
    • adj heathen not acknowledging the God of Christianity and Judaism and Islam
    • n heathen a person who does not acknowledge your god
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Heathen An individual of the pagan or unbelieving nations, or those which worship idols and do not acknowledge the true God; a pagan; an idolater.
    • Heathen An irreligious person. "If it is no more than a moral discourse, he may preach it and they may hear it, and yet both continue unconverted heathens .""Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance."
    • Heathen Barbarous; unenlightened; heathenish.
    • Heathen Gentile; pagan; as, a heathen author. "The heathen philosopher.""All in gold, like heathen gods."
    • Heathen Irreligious; scoffing.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • heathen One of a race, nation, or people that does not acknowledge the God of the Bible, or such races, nations, or peoples collectively, especially when uncivilized or uncultured; one who is not a Jew, Christian, or Mohammedan; a pagan.
    • heathen In Scripture, with the definite article, the gentiles; those nations or peoples that did not acknowledge Jehovah, the God of the Jews, as the true God; hence, idolaters, from the prevalence of idolatry among them.
    • heathen Any irreligious, rude, barbarous, or unthinking person or class: as, the heathen at home.
    • heathen Pagan; gentile: as, heathen superstitions or customs.
    • heathen Synonyms See gentile, n.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Heathen hē′thn an inhabitant of an unchristian country, one neither Christian, Jewish, nor Mohammedan:
    • adj Heathen pagan, irreligious
    • n Heathen (B.) the Gentiles: a pagan: an irreligious person
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  • Carl Jung
    “The Christian missionary may preach the gospel to the poor naked heathen, but the spiritual heathen who populate Europe have as yet heard nothing of Christianity.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. hethen, AS. hǣðen, prop. an adj. fr. hǣð, heath, and orig., therefore, one who lives in the country or on the heaths and in the woods (cf. pagan, fr. pagus, village); akin to OS. hēðin, adj., D. heiden, a heathen, G. heide, OHG. heidan, Icel. heiðinn, adj., Sw. heden, Goth. haiþnō, (n.) fem. See Heath, and cf. Hoiden
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. hǽðen, a heathen; Dut. heiden.


In literature:

A very large number of Indians, both Christian and heathen, live on poor fare and go to bed hungry.
"India and the Indians" by Edward F. Elwin
We, however, are viewed as heathen and reputed to believe in three Gods.
"Commentary on Genesis, Vol. II" by Martin Luther
But let us rest for this day, and pray for these poor Heathen.
"The Story of John G. Paton" by James Paton
Plato, a heathen philosopher, relates that when the sons of the Persian kings had reached the age of fourteen, they were given to four teachers.
"Public School Education" by Michael Müller
With respect to slaves purchased of the heathen, or enslaved by war, the law passed a clear title to them and their increase forever.
"Cotton is King and The Pro-Slavery Arguments" by Various
The English were heathen, but their heathenism was not intolerant.
"A Student's History of England, v. 1 (of 3)" by Samuel Rawson Gardiner
Hence they were no better than the service and works of idolatrous and ignorant heathen.
"Epistle Sermons, Vol. II" by Martin Luther
In the old days the heathen in general regarded the heavenly host and the heavenly bodies as the heathen do to-day.
"The Astronomy of the Bible" by E. Walter Maunder
And with these heathen notions you expect to marry my daughter!
"Ghetto Comedies" by Israel Zangwill
Saint Blaise was the son of wealthy people in Sebaste, a town of Armenia near Turkey, in the days when it was fashionable to be a heathen.
"The Book of Saints and Friendly Beasts" by Abbie Farwell Brown

In poetry:

The heathen worship stocks and stones;
My pious soul it shocks
To be instructed thus to take
An Interest in Stocks.
"Mathematics" by Arthur Clement Hilton
Wide-walled it stands in heathen lands
Beside a mystic sea,
With streets strange-trod of many a god,
And templed blasphemy.
"The City Of Darkness" by Madison Julius Cawein
But thou for ever art our Lord;
And powerful is thine hand,
As when the heathens felt thy sword,
And perished from thy land.
"Psalm 10" by Isaac Watts
We cannot hope the heathen's doom
To whom GOD'S Son is given,
Whose eyes have seen beyond the tomb,
Who have the key of Heaven.
"Eighteenth Sunday After Trinity" by John Keble
In Isr'el stood his ancient throne,
He loved that chosen race;
But now he calls the world his own,
And heathens taste his grace.
"Psalm 47" by Isaac Watts
I shall die—few will return, dear;
I shall be of those who stay:
England sent us, but a handful,
Among hordes of heathen clay.
"In The Artillery" by Rose Hawthorne Lathrop

In news:

We need to tell ourselves we tried, and those (dark, dirty, uneducated, Muslim, terrorist, heathen) people we just ran over with a tank actually screwed this up.
Oasis, Heathen Chemistry (Epic): This bloated corpse of a band, overhyped from its first note and compared to the Beatles during its brief peak, was never all that.
Oct 20 event through downtown begins, ends at Happy Heathens.
Heathen has a pretty large list of people who forgot the spirit of Christmas after the jump.
I was once a fennel heathen.
Hell, if this is what it took for Heathen to live, I'd tell him he was gonna die.
Fueling the Heathen, Thou Shall Kill.
Well, if it were up to Heathen and Pain, our site would be nothing but babes…preferable nude.
A 'heathen' teaches a lesson.
Hey everybody, Heathen and Wes love them some food.
Heathen had one of those new burgers and some pickle-o's (yeah, at 9:30 in the morning) and I had two dawgs and some onion rings.
You and Your Heathen Friend (8268).
Heathen Suicide is a SG from Iowa with Rob Zombie's hair and the body of an angel.
Heathen from the RockShow is a white boy.
For the record, it took two months before the knot went mostly away on Heathen.