• WordNet 3.6
    • adj healthy large in amount or extent or degree "it cost a considerable amount","a goodly amount","received a hefty bonus","a respectable sum","a tidy sum of money","a sizable fortune"
    • adj healthy having or indicating good health in body or mind; free from infirmity or disease "a rosy healthy baby","staying fit and healthy"
    • adj healthy exercising or showing good judgment "healthy scepticism","a healthy fear of rattlesnakes","the healthy attitude of French laws","healthy relations between labor and management","an intelligent solution","a sound approach to the problem","sound advice","no sound explanation for his decision"
    • adj healthy financially secure and functioning well "a healthy economy"
    • adj healthy promoting health; healthful "a healthy diet","clean healthy air","plenty of healthy sleep","healthy and normal outlets for youthful energy","the salubrious mountain air and water"- C.B.Davis","carrots are good for you"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Gardening is said to be one of the best exercises for maintaining healthy bones
    • Healthy Being in a state of health; enjoying health; hale; sound; free from disease; as, a healthy child; a healthy plant. "His mind was now in a firm and healthy state."
    • Healthy Conducive to health; wholesome; salubrious; salutary; as, a healthy exercise; a healthy climate.
    • Healthy Evincing health; as, a healthy pulse; a healthy complexion.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Touching and stroking a plant will aid in it growing healthy
    • healthy Being in a sound state; possessing health of body or mind; hale; sound.
    • healthy Conducive to health; wholesome; salubrious; healthful.
    • healthy Safe; prudent.
    • healthy Synonyms Vigorous, hearty, robust, strong; Healthy, Healthful, Wholesome, Salubrious, Salutary. A distinction between healthy and healthful is nearly established. Healthy is applicable to the condition of body or mind; healthful to that which produces health. Wholesome is sometimes preferred to healthful on the ground of euphony, but commonly applies chiefly to food, as salubrious applies chiefly to air, climate, and the like. Salutary has mainly a moral significance: as, a salutary effect; salutary influence. Healthy and wholesome are often used figuratively; the others are not.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In 24 hrs. an average healthy human breathes 23,000 times.
    • Healthy in a state of good health: conducive to health: sound in body or mind: vigorous
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  • Gilbert K. Chesterton
    “With any recovery from morbidity there must go a certain healthy humiliation.”
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    “One must learn to love oneself with a wholesome and healthy love, so that one can bear to be with oneself and need not roam.”
  • Gilbert K. Chesterton
    “It is as healthy to enjoy sentiment as to enjoy jam.”
  • William James
    “There can be no existence of evil as a force to the healthy-minded individual.”
  • Barbara De Angelis
    “The greatest gift you and your partner can give your children is the example of an intimate, healthy, and loving relationship.”
  • Henry Ford
    “Exercise is bunk. If you are healthy you don't need it. If you are sick you shouldn't take it.”


Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise - It means that sleeping well and not staying up late will help you out physically and financially.
Healthy as a horse - If you're as healthy as a horse, you're very healthy.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. hælthhál, whole.


In literature:

Being a healthy, normal young person, Hazel enjoyed his company without being fully aware of the fact.
"North of Fifty-Three" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
It is morally a just contention to strive for a healthy race.
"The Eugenic Marriage, Volume I. (of IV.)" by W. Grant Hague, M.D.
If we are to be really healthy, our mental attitude must be healthy.
"How to Live" by Irving Fisher and Eugene Fisk
As the less healthy infants rarely survive, the adult population is in general robust, hardy and long-lived.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4" by Various
There has been of late years a healthy revolt against the excessive use of crepe or the wearing of mourning for an undue period.
"The Handy Cyclopedia of Things Worth Knowing" by Joseph Triemens
A healthy animal, when at rest, will throw the air from the lungs in a single effort.
"The Veterinarian" by Chas. J. Korinek
The greatest care must be exercised in order to get a healthy cutting.
"Agriculture for Beginners" by Charles William Burkett
The big fine healthy slaves were worth more than those that were not quite so good.
"Slave Narratives, Oklahoma" by Various
Keep the mind occupied with normal, useful, and healthy thoughts.
"The Mother and Her Child" by William S. Sadler
It was this: wherever you will find the ague an habitual guest with the inhabitants you need not look for healthy grapevines.
"The Cultivation of The Native Grape, and Manufacture of American Wines" by George Husmann
From a shrunken and feeble limb, the leg grows to a healthy and strong one.
"Papers on Health" by John Kirk
Foliage not abundant, but healthy and vigorous, and collected into a comparatively small neck.
"The Field and Garden Vegetables of America" by Fearing Burr
In this way, when done in season, I generally succeeded in rearing a healthy stock.
"Mysteries of Bee-keeping Explained" by M. Quinby
So long as a shrub is healthy and pleasing in shape let it alone.
"Amateur Gardencraft" by Eben E. Rexford
They are thoroughly happy, and they are healthy.
"Girls of the Forest" by L. T. Meade
A child at the age of eighteen months with a healthy rectum is most rare.
"Intestinal Ills" by Alcinous Burton Jamison
Give five rules of health which if followed will keep a girl healthy (page 96).
"How Girls Can Help Their Country" by Juliette Low
God has so created us that the exercise of every healthy function causes joy.
"The Ministry of Intercession" by Andrew Murray
The rest of the intestine was healthy.
"North American Medical and Surgical Journal, Vol. 2, No. 3, July, 1826" by Various
It will rapidly heal; the tissues will regain their tone; the skin will be soft and healthy.
"The Practice of Autosuggestion" by C. Harry Brooks

In poetry:

And I had grown up rugged
And healthy day by day,
Though I was but a puny babe
When father went away.
"A Ballad" by James Whitcomb Riley
Are we not happy here alone
In such a healthy spot?'
He looked to her with joyful smile
But she returned it not.
"Alexander And Zenobia" by Anne Bronte
Healthy, happy, silly, kindly,
Neither care nor toil had he,
Save to work an hour at sunrise,
And then hunt the colibri.
"The Legend of La Brea" by Charles Kingsley
Your hopeless patients will live,
Your healthy patients will die.
I have only this word to give:
Wonder, and find out why
"Old Dr. Valentine To His Son" by Ogden Nash
"And surely there will come a day,
When common thoughts and aims,
Will shed a pure and healthy ray,
And show what duty claims.
"A Protestant Irishman To His Wife" by Thomas Frederick Young
Both of us seek for truth—in the world without thou dost seek it,
I in the bosom within; both of us therefore succeed.
If the eye be healthy, it sees from without the Creator;
And if the heart, then within doubtless it mirrors the world.
"The Agreement" by Friedrich von Schiller

In news:

Caldera Spas' online videos reveal healthy lifestyles.
Healthy male rhino calves born at the Wilds.
Scientists at Stanford University have developed a new laser therapy that destroys cancer cells but leaves healthy ones unharmed.
Australian scientists are using a new targeted therapy that kills cancerous tumors and spares healthy tissue.
In fact, 50 to 60 per­cent of the total calo­ries in a healthy diet usu­ally come from car­bo­hy­drate sources.
A tasty snack that's actually healthy.
Here are cardiologists ' top 10 secrets for getting heart healthy in a hurry.
Baptist-DeSoto's farmers market part of hospital's healthy plan.
After you've cooked the meat, add some of the reserved dressing to vegetables and toss everything together for a healthy entrée salad.
10 Healthy Peanut Butter Recipes.
With the recent focus on the importance of omega-3 in our diets, chia has re-emerged as a hot trend in healthy eating and living.
When you're on a high-protein diet, you need healthy chicken breast recipes.
I hope she has a healthy baby and a healthy delivery – I am a religious woman who loves people and would not do anything to harm them.
Healthy and delicious, these are packed with fresh vegetables and heart-healthy fats.
A recipe that uses heirloom tomatoes and healthy fats such as avocado makes for a tasty, healthy salsa.

In science:

We call a site infected when its state is 1, and healthy when its state is 0.
Scaling of a random walk on a supercritical contact process
At the same time, there are more technology decisions yet to be made than is healthy at this stage. I would mention the CMS pixel size, the ATLAS B-layer pixel size, the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter electronics, and the LHCb RICH photon-detection decision especially.
LHC Symposium 2003: Summary Talk
Other necessary data (continuous opacities, line broadening, dissociation energies etc) are also in general in reasonably healthy shape now (e.g.
Uncertainties in stellar abundance analyses
For elements up to the Fe-peak the situation is now fairly healthy for late-type stars.
Uncertainties in stellar abundance analyses
In the light of these facts two natural ways to extend the power of the SLN methodology are (a) increasing the timescale tc and (b) finding consistent methods to ‘reshuffle’ the ensemble to a healthy state before artefacts taint the data.
Simulating spin-boson dynamics with stochastic Liouville-von Neumann equations
The idea of linking the healthy heart rate to a fractal behaviour is based on , the ill dynamics presenting a regular inter-beat interval, a re-entrant spiral wave is observable at the very last beat of the stopping the heart together with ventricular fibrillation .
Complex dynamics of the biological rhythms: gallbladder and heart cases
There has been a healthy debate over the last few years regarding the many and different predictions for the production rates of Higgs bosons with two leading protons.
A review of forward proton tagging at 420m at the LHC, and relevant results from the Tevatron and HERA
Diffraction has proven to be a healthy field at this workshop, with theoretical activity on a wide range of issues, and data that brought significant improvement over previous results or represented altogether new measurements.
Summary of Working Group B: Diffraction and Vector Mesons
It is clear from Figure 1 that indeed the signal size is healthy over the regions of interest in the parameter space.
Summary of the Activities of the Working Group I on High Energy and Collider Physics
The more regular HRV-signal of the SIDS-infant corresponded to a lower ApEn value of 0.826 compared with 1.426 for the healthy infant.
Review of Nonlinear Methods and Modelling
At τ= 1 on the other hand the entropy for healthy and CHF coincided at a value much less than the entropy for AF.
Review of Nonlinear Methods and Modelling
As illustrated by the topics debated throughout the workshop, there are many remaining challenges and a very healthy outlook of the field, and not just simply of the spin-Hall effect which is a very small part of the whole of the spintronics field.
Spin-Hall effect: Back to the Beginning on a Higher Level
The proposed SciBar/BNB antineutrino run of ∼ 1.5 × 1020 POT will provide healthy numbers for an antineutrino CC QE measurement and sufficient numbers for the CC1π+/− and NCπ 0 measurements.
Bringing the SciBar Detector to the Booster Neutrino Beam
The general shape of a healthy log posterior reflects a sharp initial rise to a well-defined peak, and a gradual fall-off as the number of bins M increases from one (eg.
Optimal Data-Based Binning for Histograms
Collective sampling using agents in viral epidemics. (•) symbols represent healthy people while (⊗) symbols indicate infected ones.
Group Testing with Probabilistic Tests: Theory, Design and Application