• WordNet 3.6
    • adj headless not having a head or formed without a head "the headless horseman","brads are headless nails"
    • adj headless not using intelligence
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: A chicken once had its head cut off and survived for over eighteen months, headless
    • Headless Destitute of a chief or leader.
    • Headless Destitute of understanding or prudence; foolish; rash; obstinate; mindless. "Witless headiness in judging or headless hardiness in condemning."
    • Headless Having no head; beheaded; as, a headless body, neck, or carcass.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • headless Having no head; acephalous; acranial: as, the headless mollusks; headless vertebrates.
    • headless Destitute of a chief or leader.
    • headless Destitute of understanding or prudence; foolish.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Headless without a head
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. heáfodleás,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. héafod, Dut. hoofd, Ger. haupt.


In literature:

There was a dull swooshing thud, and the headless trunk was deluging the earth.
"The Sign of the Spider" by Bertram Mitford
The many-headed now occupy the same places as the headless of Cabac.
"Niels Klim's journey under the ground" by Baron Ludvig Holberg
From her window she saw the headless body of her husband brought back from Tower Hill in a cart.
"The History of London" by Walter Besant
These headless dummies of the Bowery have a very ghastly look at night.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 20, No. 121, November, 1867" by Various
I'm afraid I shall not care to live in the orchard this summer, especially if there's a headless man there!
"The Tale of Jolly Robin" by Arthur Scott Bailey
Then, sensing its danger, it darted like some headless serpent for its machine.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science February 1930" by Various
Blaine shuddered as he saw it was headless.
"The Copper-Clad World" by Harl Vincent
There were two post-mortems held by Coroner Tingley, of Newport over the remains of the headless body of Pearl Bryan.
"The Mysterious Murder of Pearl Bryan" by Unknown
The lateen masts, gracefully tilted forward, with their points blunt and fat, looked like a forest of headless lances.
"Mayflower (Flor de mayo)" by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
It was a headless corpse!
"Submarine Warfare of To-day" by Charles W. Domville-Fife

In poetry:

On the black road through the wood
As I rode,
There the Headless Horseman stood;
By the wild pool in the wood,
As I rode.
"The Headless Horseman" by Madison Julius Cawein
And along a road not straitened
By ridge or tower or wood,
And past where the Stones of Morna
Like headless giants stood;
"The Ballad Of Downal Baun" by Padraic Colum
One blow hurls Arch-priest to quiver
Headless, in his beloved river,
In the twinkling of an eye,
All the rest are dead, or fly.
"Lita of the Nile" by Richard Doddridge Blackmore
A false majority, by stealth,
Have got her fast, and sway the rod:
A headless tyrant built of wealth,
The hypocrite, the belly-God.
"Lines To A Friend Visiting America" by George Meredith
When I go up through the mowing field,
The headless aftermath,
Smooth-laid like thatch with the heavy dew,
Half closes the garden path.
"A Late Walk" by Robert Frost
What confusion! What a roaring!
Halt! thou devil's pack, have care!
On the pike is lanced the horseman--
Headless stands the Cossack there!
"The Delibash" by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

In news:

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