• WordNet 3.6
    • n haste the act of moving hurriedly and in a careless manner "in his haste to leave he forgot his book"
    • n haste overly eager speed (and possible carelessness) "he soon regretted his haste"
    • n haste a condition of urgency making it necessary to hurry "in a hurry to lock the door"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The owner of every hotel in Hastings, Nebraska, is required to provide each guest with a clean and pressed nightshirt. No couple, even if they are married, may sleep together in the nude. Nor may they have sex unless they are wearing one of these clean, white cotton nightshirts.
    • Haste Celerity of motion; speed; swiftness; dispatch; expedition; -- applied only to voluntary beings, as men and other animals. "The king's business required haste ."
    • Haste The state of being urged or pressed by business; hurry; urgency; sudden excitement of feeling or passion; precipitance; vehemence. "I said in my haste , All men are liars."
    • v. t. & i Haste To hasten; to hurry. "I 'll haste the writer.""They were troubled and hasted away."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n haste Celerity, primarily of voluntary motion; speed in general; swiftness in doing something; despatch; expedition.
    • n haste Too great celerity of action; unwise, unnecessary, or unseemly quickness; precipitancy.
    • n haste The state of being pressed for time, or of having little time to spare; hurry; eager desire to accomplish something in a limited time: as, to be in great haste to finish a letter.
    • n haste Synonyms Haste, hurry (see hasten); nimbleness, rapidity.
    • haste Same as hasten: now chiefly in poetical use.
    • haste To roast.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Haste hāst speed, quickness, a hurry: rashness: vehemence
    • vs.t Haste (hās′n) to put to speed: to hurry on: to drive forward
    • vs.i Haste to move with speed: to be in a hurry:—pr.p. hāst′ing, hastening (hās′ning); pa.p. hāst′ed, hastened (hās′nd)
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  • Thomas De Quincey
    Thomas De Quincey
    “Thou hast the keys of Paradise, oh just, subtle, and mighty opium!”
  • Thomas Shadwell
    Thomas Shadwell
    “The haste of a fool is the slowest thing in the world.”
  • Latin Proverb
    Latin Proverb
    “Make haste slowly.”
  • John Wesley
    “Though I am always in haste, I am never in a hurry.”
  • Benjamin Franklin
    “Take time for all things; great haste makes great waste.”
  • Benjamin Franklin
    “Proclaim not all thou knowest, all thou knowest, all thou hast, nor all thou cans't.”


Haste makes waste - This idiom means that if you try to do something quickly, without planning it, you're likely to end up spending more time, money, etc, doing it.
More haste, less speed - The faster you try to do something, the more likely you are to make mistakes that make you take longer than it would had you planned it.
Post-haste - Post-haste means as quickly as possible.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. hast,; akin to D. haast, G., Dan., Sw., & OFries. hast, cf. OF. haste, F. hâte,of German origin); all perh. fr. the root of E. hate, in a earlier sense of, to pursue. See Hate


In literature:

Be not foolish: hast thou lost thine understanding?
"Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers" by Various
Lo, thou hast thine own.
"The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." by Various
Old Hastings was just that sort of person; he discounted himself.
"No Clue" by James Hay
Thou hast not darkened thy spirit with heinous sin, hast thou?
"Saronia" by Richard Short
Art thou aware what land it is into which thou hast been cast?
"Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends" by Gertrude Landa
Teach us to worship and to wait until Thou hast spoken unto our souls with Divine Power Thy word, 'I am holy.
"Holy in Christ" by Andrew Murray
O LORD, thou hast ordained him for judgement; and thou, O Rock, hast established him for correction.
"Select Masterpieces of Biblical Literature" by Various
Among them stood Mrs. Hastings, Miss Winifred Rawlinson, and Agatha.
"Hawtrey's Deputy" by Harold Bindloss
With thee, with thee there lies, I warrant, what thou ne'er hast seen nor guessed.
"Oedipus King of Thebes" by Sophocles
Article "Fetishism" in Hastings's Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics.
"Introduction to the History of Religions" by Crawford Howell Toy
Hast never heard the saw, `He that ruleth his own way hath a fool to his governor'?
"In Convent Walls" by Emily Sarah Holt
Others thou hast cast aside, but from me thou canst not escape.
"Museum of Antiquity" by L. W. Yaggy
Kate, who like Lois, was a trifle temperamental, had fallen before the charms of one Lawrence Hastings.
"Otherwise Phyllis" by Meredith Nicholson
Thou in thy mercy hast led the people which thou hast redeemed: Thou hast guided them in thy strength to thy holy habitation.
"The Bible Story" by Rev. Newton Marshall Hall
But where, in the name of Heaven, hast thou been rolling?
"With Ring of Shield" by Knox Magee
Thou hast acted with due reflection, and thou standest by what thou hast done.
"Villa Eden:" by Berthold Auerbach
Thou hast not yet given thy consent to my going with thee and my kinsman.
"My Kalulu, Prince, King and Slave" by Henry M. Stanley
Will you make haste and do it, whilst I search for a bottle to put it into?
"Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles" by Mrs. Henry Wood
But why hast thou tied thy forehead round with rags, or hast thou damaged it?
"Russian Fairy Tales" by R. Nisbet Bain
Tell me; how hast thou escaped from above?
"Shorter Novels, Eighteenth Century" by Samuel Johnson

In poetry:

Thou Rome, that latter Kittim art,
thou man of sinne so cald:
Thou Rome must perysh now a pace,
thou hast long ouer ruld.
"A description of olde Rome" by Roger Cotton
O woman, thou hast mighty pow'r
Among the sons of men,
For thou canst make deep, rankling wounds,
And heal them up again.
"Woman" by Thomas Frederick Young
Yet thou alone hast pow'r, I know,
To save a wretch like me;
To whom, or whither, could I go,
If I should turn from thee?
"Will Ye Also Go Away?" by John Newton
Where hast thou been, my spirit,
Since the long wave on the shore
Tenderly rocked my sense asleep
And I heard thee no more?
"On Waking From A Dreamless Sleep" by Annie Adams Fields
Lord, thou hast much to make me yet—
Thy father's infant still:
Thy mind, Son, in my bosom set,
That I may grow thy will.
"The Disciple" by George MacDonald
Then a calm voice fell all the thunder through,
A tone less rough:
'Thou hast begun to love one of my works
Almost enough.'
"Femina Contra Mundum" by Gilbert Keith Chesterton

In news:

Kim Smith 6th, Amy Hastings drops out.
The Hastings-on-Hudson Resident Who Wrote Time Magazine's 1999 Song of the Century.
MADELYN P HASTINGS THE VINDICATOR Abigail Olson, 1, of Warren, cuddles with Riddick the puppy at the pet blessing on September 30, 2012.
The Florida Department of Transportation's multi-use trail that will eventually connect St Augustine to Palatka now ends at State Road 207, about four miles from Hastings.
New York (CNNMoney) — Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for posting information about the company on his Facebook page.
A Hastings potato grower has settled a lawsuit against his farm for the treatment of homeless, drug- addicted employees picked up in Jacksonville.
UC Hastings Graduate Accused of Lying to Be Admitted to Bar.
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia smiles as he speaks during an appearance at UC Hastings in San Francisco, Calif, on Friday, Sept 17, 2010.
Afton Alps Ski Area in Hastings, December 31, 2009.
Vail Resorts bought Afton Alps in Hastings.
DuPont spokesman David Hastings said the incident occurred at about 2:30 am and the all-clear was sounded shortly after 3:10 a.m.
Hastings Teen Injured in Crash Dramatically Comes Out of Coma .
Hastings-on-Hudson officials say that volunteers will begin gathering preliminary research for the birth control project early next year.
That had farmers talking at the annual CPI Ag Expo in Hastings.

In science:

In particular, such a substitution would have a slight impact on the simulation algorithm described in Section 5: only the Hastings ratio should be modified by an extra multiplicative term.
A completely random T-tessellation model and Gibbsian extensions
A simulation algorithm of Metropolis-Hastings-Green type has been devised.
A completely random T-tessellation model and Gibbsian extensions
In particular, geometric ergodicity has been proved for the Metropolis-Hastings-Green algorithm devised for simulating Gibbs point processes, see [6, 5].
A completely random T-tessellation model and Gibbsian extensions
Since the likelihood is known up to an untractable normalizing constant and simulations can be done by a Metropolis-Hastings-Green algorithm, Monte-Carlo maximum likelihood can be considered.
A completely random T-tessellation model and Gibbsian extensions
Hastings, Stone, and Baranger, 1994.) The scattering matrix for a symmetric geometry decomposes into blocks in a basis of definite parity with respect to the symmetry operator.
Random-Matrix Theory of Quantum Transport
We thank Ravin Bhatt, Kedar Damle, Matthew Hastings and Peter Young for helpful discussions.
Infinite-randomness quantum Ising critical fixed points
Let T be the amount of time that the birth-and-death process was run, i.e. the time between the Metropolis-Hastings update and the time that coalescence is achieved.
How to Couple from the Past Using a Read-Once Source of Randomness
Let σ ′ be the Metropolis-Hastings proposal during this second round, and let τold be the state after applying Metropolis-Hastings update to the input.
How to Couple from the Past Using a Read-Once Source of Randomness
As usual, the random map preserves the desired probability distribution since both the Metropolis-Hastings update and the birth-and-death process preserve the distribution, and because the birth-and-death process is run for an amount of time that is independent of the birth-and-death process itself.
How to Couple from the Past Using a Read-Once Source of Randomness
Perfect Metropolis-Hastings simulation of locally stable point processes, 1999.
How to Couple from the Past Using a Read-Once Source of Randomness
In traditional Monte Carlo sampling methods, such as the Metropolis-Hastings method and Gibbs sampling (also known as the heat bath algorithm), one constructs an ergodic Markov chain whose stationary distribution is the desired distribution.
Exact sampling from non-attractive distributions using summary states
However, the current state of the art is to use Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods such as the Metropolis Hastings algorithm to sample from P (Θ|d) and to then base inferences on summaries of the posterior density computed from the sampled representation.
Statistical Challenges of Cosmic Microwave Background Analysis
Hast, Approximating Max kCSP - outperforming a random assignment by almost a linear factor, ICALP 2005, to appear.
Low-degree tests at large distances
A: The recipe reported here is the so called Metropolis-Hasting algorithm.
A practical guide to Basic Statistical Techniques for Data Analysis in Cosmology
Hastings et al. (Belle Collaboration), Phys.
Averages of b-hadron and c-hadron Properties at the End of 2007