• WordNet 3.6
    • n hank a coil of rope or wool or yarn
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: On September 9, 1950 dubbed laughter was used for the first time on television. It was used for the sitcom "The Hank McCune Show."
    • Hank A parcel consisting of two or more skeins of yarn or thread tied together.
    • Hank (Naut) A ring or eye of rope, wood, or iron, attached to the edge of a sail and running on a stay.
    • Hank A rope or withe for fastening a gate.
    • Hank (Wrestling) A throw in which a wrestler turns his left side to his opponent, twines his left leg about his opponent's right leg from the inside, and throws him backward.
    • Hank Hold; influence. "When the devil hath got such a hank over him."
    • Hank To fasten with a rope, as a gate.
    • Hank To form into hanks.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In Forrest Gump, Gary Sinise's character (Lt. Dan) tells Tom Hanks' character (Forrest Gump) that the day Forrest works on a shrimp boat is the day he'd be an astronaut. The following year, Sinise and Hanks appeared together as astronauts in Apollo 13.
    • n hank A skein or coil of yarn or thread; more particularly, a definite length of yarn, thread, silk, or the like bound up in one or more skeins. A hank of cotton yarn is 840 yards; a hank of linen yarn is 3,000 yards.
    • n hank A string; a tie; a clasp; a hold; a collar, chain, ring, or other means of fastening.
    • n hank Specifically Nautical, a ring of wood or iron (formerly of rope) fastened round a fore-and-aft stay, and having the head of a jib or stay-sail seized to it. Iron hanks are used on wire stays, and wooden ones on rope stays.
    • n hank A withy or rope for fastening a gate.
    • n hank A handle.
    • hank To fasten by means of a rope or cord: draw or compress tightly.
    • hank [⟨ hank, n.] To form into hanks, as yarn.
    • hank To hang.
    • hank Same as hanker.
    • n hank A habit or practice.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The 1st inductees to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1961 were Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose and Hank Williams were.
    • n Hank hangk two or more skeins of thread tied together: a string, clasp, or other means of fastening.
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  • Curt Simmons
    Curt Simmons
    “Trying to get a fast ball past Hank Aaron is like trying to get the sun past a rooster.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. Dan. hank, handle, Sw. hank, a band or tie, Icel. hanki, hasp, clasp, hönk, hangr, hank, coil, skein, G. henkel, henk, handle; all probably akin to E. hang,. See Hang
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Ice. hanki, a hasp.


In literature:

Iron or wooden hanks have now been substituted.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
I wished Hank and Frans would return soon.
"Valley of the Croen" by Lee Tarbell
One hank of yarn (1/4 pound); Red Cross needles No.
"Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet" by Anonymous
Haud the hank in your ain hand.
"The Proverbs of Scotland" by Alexander Hislop
The warp comes to the factory all in big hanks of even thread.
"The Tapestry Book" by Helen Churchill Candee
The man Hank was not to be silenced.
"A Spoil of Office" by Hamlin Garland
Hank Butts sat midway down on the deck-house, yawning as though he would like to turn in.
"Uncle Sam's Boys as Lieutenants" by H. Irving Hancock
Joseph Hanks, son of John Hanks, removed to Kentucky about the time that Abraham Lincoln moved there from North Carolina.
"Great Men and Famous Women. Vol. 4 of 8" by Various
I've always said I'd never get married again since my bad luck with Hank Gillespie.
"The Fighting Edge" by William MacLeod Raine
The only other sign of Stingaree was a hank of rope flung carelessly across the gunyah roof.
"Stingaree" by E. W. (Ernest William) Hornung
They stayed over Monday night, for a hop, and Carl found that the officers and their wives were as approachable as Hank Odell.
"The Trail of the Hawk" by Sinclair Lewis
And you only need buy a few hanks of wool at a time.
"Ruth Fielding At College" by Alice B. Emerson
They usually take the 'rag and a bone and a hank of hair' attitude, and are disgusting.
"An Anarchist Woman" by Hutchins Hapgood
My name's Hank Hudson, and if there's anything I sure do hanker after, it's bacon and eggs.
"The Boy Scout Fire Fighters" by Robert Maitland
Meanwhile Sheriff Hank Fowler had endeavored to trace the thieves who had robbed Mr. Merkel's safe, but there had been no results.
"The Boy Ranchers at Spur Creek" by Willard F. Baker
He'll stick, Hank will.
"Brand Blotters" by William MacLeod Raine
I don't think I was born lucky, Hank.
"Colorado Jim" by George Goodchild
She would not for worlds have Truman Hanks suspect any special interest on her part.
"A Christmas Accident and Other Stories" by Annie Eliot Trumbull
Probably the knots would be enough if straightened out to make a hull hank of yarn, and mebby more.
"Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife" by Marietta Holley
The hanks of human hair forming this garment are from 12.7 cm.
"A Burial Cave in Baja California" by William C. Massey

In poetry:

A twist of twill, a hank of hair,
Fit for the rubbish bin;
How Rosemary with scorn would stare
At its pathetic grin!
Yet Marie Rose can lover it,
And with her kisses cover it.
"Ragetty Doll" by Robert W Service
When mid the scud you see the Cornish lights,
And through the mist you hear faint Devon chimes,
I hank God for memories of those other nights
And days on other ships in happier times.
"To My Son" by Anonymous Americas
"By me bloody yards and me slippery plank,
What is the scent from yon vessel blown?"
"That," quoth the bo's'n, Terrible Hank,
"Is washing powder and eau de cologne."
"Heave-ho, mateys," said Dan, "and away!
I risk no battles on washing day."
"The Battle of Clothesline Bay" by Wallace Irwin
And the others of the nation - all the Johns and Jeremiahs,
All the Peters, Pauls and Paddys, all the Colins and Carews,
All the Richards and the Roberts, and the Hanks and Hezekiahs
Voted for some bloque or other, each according to his views.
"Git-Yer-Gun" by C J Dennis

In news:

It feels like just yesterday that Tom Hanks' son Chet Haze made his rap debut.
Courtesy photo Tom Hanks and Halle Berry in "Cloud Atlas".
Hank and I got back yesterday from Monticello's 6th annual Heritage Harvest Festival, held Saturday near Charlottesville, Va.
Hank Williams & My Honky Tonk Heroes.
Here are the lyrics to Hank Thompson's Wild Side of Life.
Henry "Hank" Aaron receives Honorary Degree from Marquette University.
Father Scott Pilarz, President of Marquette University, and Henry "Hank" Aaron.
Roasted bodies, lost souls horrify in Hanks' WWII series 'The Pacific.
In Seattle, cruise around Lake Union with the Houseboat Lady to see one of the country's largest communities of floating homes, including Tom Hanks's houseboat in "Sleepless in Seattle" (below, in center of photo with flag).
Tom Hanks examines Jim Sturgess.
Q&A with Shelton Hank Williams III.
IBE Consulting Engineers appointed Hank Dahl as a new principal and promoted four other engineers.
DNA tests implicate Hank Skinner in 1993 murders.
New DNA testing further implicates convicted murderer Hank Skinner for the crime, according to the Texas Attorney General.
Tom Hanks and Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas.

In science:

Summary and remarks We have shown that the apparent breakdown of the Luttinger theorem, as reported by Gr¨ober, Eder and Hanke,86) is a direct consequence of the invalidity of the expression for the Luttinger number nl;σ , Eq. (6.231), employed by the authors.
On the Luttinger theorem concerning number of particles in the ground states of systems of interacting fermions
The criterion, 290-Theorem, for universal nonclassical quadratic forms was recently proved by Bhargava and Hanke .
Simple proofs for universal binary Hermitian lattices
We thank Carlos Castillo-Ch´avez, Steve Baer, Hank Kuiper and Hal Smith for support, valuable discussions and encouragement.
A Graphical Approach to a Model of Neuronal Tree with Variable Diameter
However, Hanke et al. (2012) have called this conclusion into question.
Perspectives on Core-Collapse Supernova Theory
Hanke, Drude Weight, Optical Conductivity, and Flux Properties of one-Dimensional Huubard Rings, Phys.
The many-Electron Problem in Novel Low-Dimensional Materials
Hanke, Drude Weight, Optical conductivity and flux properties of the one- dimensional Hubbard rings, Phys.
The many-Electron Problem in Novel Low-Dimensional Materials
Church, K.W., & Hanks, P. 1989. Word association norms, mutual information and lexicography. Proceedings of the 27th Annual Conference of the ACL (pp. 76-83).
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? Semantic Orientation Applied to Unsupervised Classification of Reviews
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Mining the Web for Synonyms: PMI-IR versus LSA on TOEFL
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Mining the Web for Synonyms: PMI-IR versus LSA on TOEFL
Recently, it has been proven that finding the optimal policy for an infinite-horizon POMDP is incomputable (Madani., Hanks, & Condon, 1999).
Restricted Value Iteration: Theory and Algorithms
Madani., O., Hanks, S., & Condon, A. (1999).
Restricted Value Iteration: Theory and Algorithms
Church, Kenneth W.; Gale, William; Hanks, Peter; and Hindle, Donald (1989). “Parsing, word associations, and typical predicate-argument relations.” Speech and Natural Language: Proceedings of a Workshop Held at Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Review of Charniak's "Statistical Language Learning"
Hence, recent research has focused on methods that can exploit structure within the planning problem to work more efficiently (Boutilier, Dean, & Hanks, 1999).
Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning with the MAXQ Value Function Decomposition
Boutilier, C., Dean, T., & Hanks, S. (1999).
Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning with the MAXQ Value Function Decomposition
We still haven’t seen the cutoff expected in our isothermal sphere models and Hank Hoekstra’s result for groups lead me to suspect that we may never see one.
Gravitational Lensing: Recent Progress and Future Goals - Conference Summary