• WordNet 3.6
    • adj hand-held small and light enough to be operated while you hold it in your hands "a hand-held computer"
    • ***


  • Bernard Le Bovier Fontenelle
    Bernard Le Bovier Fontenelle
    “If I held all the thoughts of the world in my hand, I would be careful not to open it.”
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
    “On this tenth day of June, 1940, the hand that held the dagger has struck it into the back of its neighbor.”


In literature:

She held out her hand to him for the first time in her life.
"Robin" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
He held La Valliere's arm within his own, and held her hand in his.
"The Vicomte de Bragelonne" by Alexandre Dumas
Ailsa held out one hand.
"The Triumph of John Kars" by Ridgwell Cullum
David gripped the hand he held and leaned forward to ask Leff for his knife.
"The Emigrant Trail" by Geraldine Bonner
She was standing with one hand on the light switch and the other held Bryce's automatic.
"The Lost Valley" by J. M. Walsh
He held out a brown hand for the coin.
"The Yukon Trail" by William MacLeod Raine
He stopped, and held out his hand.
"The Guests Of Hercules" by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
In his left hand he held them, and the coins brimmed his cupped palm.
"Riders of the Silences" by John Frederick
He had caught sight of her among the olive-trees watching them, with her two hands held flat against her breast.
"The Call of the Blood" by Robert Smythe Hichens
She held in either hand a flower.
"Simon Dale" by Anthony Hope
A man sprang out of the bushes and stood in front of the car like a statue with his hand held up.
"Highways in Hiding" by George Oliver Smith
Trembling hands held it up to the light.
"The Secret of the Storm Country" by Grace Miller White
Then he held one hand before me, palm up, as Lylda had done, and I laid mine in it, which seemed the correct thing to do.
"The Girl in the Golden Atom" by Raymond King Cummings
George held up a warning hand, and the Chief looked up from the weapon.
"The Wonder Island Boys: Adventures on Strange Islands" by Roger Thompson Finlay
He shook her hand, held it a moment, then let it drop.
"Nell, of Shorne Mills" by Charles Garvice
Still to her, her own story held good: but she was softened, and she held out her hand.
"How It All Came Round" by L. T. Meade
He looked at each man in turn; then waved the hand that held his cigar airily towards the ceiling.
"Flamsted quarries" by Mary E. Waller
His right hand held her hand.
"Lady Bountiful" by George A. Birmingham
Aunt Amanda took his chin in her hand and gently held up his head.
"The Old Tobacco Shop" by William Bowen
He took her hands and held them tightly, closely.
"The Double Four" by E. Phillips Oppenheim

In poetry:

I held to you that open hand,
And you should turn away
I hardly know which one of us
Were hurt the worse that day.
"A Woman's Mood" by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward
My God, my everlasting hope,
I live upon thy truth;
Thine hands have held my childhood up,
And strengthened all my youth.
"Psalm 71 part 1" by Isaac Watts
And as Thy name to me became
A treasure in my heart to stand,
So let to Thee my spirit be
A treasure held within Thy hand.
"'Tis Joy To Me" by Shlomo ibn Gabirol
This was in the time of battles,
Battles for the native land;
Whatever was in safe keeping,
Was held by the strong right hand.
"The Prince Of Anhalt Dessau" by Nora Pembroke
'In her hand she held a flower,
Like to this as like may be,
Which, beside my very threshold,
She had plucked and brought to me.'
"A Parable" by James Russell Lowell
Thank and praise to the King’s son Hafbur,
Manly he played and stout!
None might lay hand upon him
While the bed-post yet held out.
"Hafbur And Signy" by William Morris

In news:

That's the message of a campaign involving 36 law enforcement agencies across the greater Sacramento region, including the Davis Police Department, designed to eliminate hand-held cell phone use and texting while driving.
The mother- daughter -duo were all smiles as they held hands and posed for photos on the red carpet together.
Nearly 70 adults and children were on hand for the occasion, held under cloudy skies and the warmest temperatures the area has seen in quite a while.
Hand recount held in Dickinson County.
Seuss, along with Thing One and Thing Two, trick or treat Wednesday afternoon in downtown Camden as businesses handed out candy and held games and festivities for Halloween.
Dubuque bans hand-held cell phone use by drivers.
Dubuque will be the first Iowa municipality to prohibit drivers from using hand-held cell phones while behind the wheel.
Anoka County Sheriff's Detective Mike Lapham said 31-year-old Nick Beheng was launching fireworks from a hand-held mortar tube Saturday when one misfired.
Christie Medical Holdings Introduces Innovative Image Capture Capability on Hand-Held VeinViewer Flex .
Few would confuse the glitz of the Academy Awards with a ceremony held by a folk art s society in Poland, but Hollywood doesn't want anyone else handing out Oscars.
Hand recount held in Dickinson County.
Hand-held cell phone ban nationwide for commercial drivers.
Parliament spotlight on hand-held lasers.
Christie Medical Holdings Introduces Innovative Image Capture Capability on Hand-Held VeinViewer Flex.
4th of NV drivers use hand-held phones.

In science:

On the other hand, we think that quantum mechanics can be generalized, or, and this is probably a more accurate perspective, that quantum mechanics can be recovered from a new physical principle where randomness is held to be a genuine property of nature.
From Knowledge, Knowability and the Search for Objective Randomness to a New Vision of Complexity
The MS is the physical equipment used by a subscriber, most often a normal hand-held cellular telephone.
EPspectra: A Formal Toolkit for Developing DSP Software Applications
Whilst the criterion SM = 1 was satisfied for all but a handful of 2000 samples with N = 20 sites, it held only for about a third of the 1000 samples at N = 40.
Free energy landscapes, dynamics and the edge of chaos in mean-field models of spin glasses
Think of a ruler held up vertically on your finger: this very unstable position will lead eventually to its collapse, as a result of a small (or an absence of adequate) motion of your hand or due to any tiny whiff of air.
How to grow a bubble: A model of myopic adapting agents
Light Field Photography with a Hand-held Plenoptic Camera.
Augmenting Light Field to model Wave Optics effects
Until a few years ago lenders had held the upper hand, but more recently the tide has been turning, nationwide and state by state.
Is There Statistical Evidence that the Oregon Payday-Loan Rate Cap Hurts Consumers?
The Palette can be held or placed on a surface if hands are occupied with a physical model. Interaction elements are then pasted and placed onto the physical model using simple tapping and dragging techniques. To allow recognition of finger action by the system, fingers need to be augmented with a Vicon marker.
Modelling Gesture Based Ubiquitous Applications
On the other hand, the equilibrium moisture content of wood varies inversely with temperature if relative humidity is held constant.
Music in Terms of Science
Provided each term in the sum on the left hand side is of the same order of magnitude I get the standard scaling of the coupling constant requiring that g 2N is held fixed.
Body Fixed Frame, Rigid Gauge Rotations and Large N Random Fields in QCD
On the other hand this allows for the processing of content as it is read and so the full document may not be held in memory after parsing has completed.
Concrete uses of XML in software development and data analysis
On the other hand, the computation of SEDs is more efficient when it is the number of photon packets that is held constant for all wavelength bins.
Radiative transfer in protoplanetary disks
An object held in the hand by a natural actor to operate a user interface.
Working Document on Gloss Ontology
Also one has to be careful while operating this hand held probe.
Bipolar Transistor Tester / Digital IC Tester for Physics Lab
The photographic plate holder is held under two mounting screws on the upper right hand side at the focal plane of the Voigtlander lens.
V.M. Slipher and the Development of the Nebular Spectrograph
On the other hand, it has long been held that they would not be reproducible in pQCD , although a satisfactory (but largely incomplete) description of such asymmetries is provided by a number of non-perturbative approaches.
Factorisation in Higher-Twist Single-Spin Amplitudes